Thursday, October 15, 2009

Medieval Sunday Cont' (Modified)

Ok so as promised, (although a day late -- I didnt have the mood to write yesterday) here's some explanation about what else happened on our trip.

I have to admit that Ive always found past eras fascinating. Although the medieval time was somewhat scary (I just realised this to tell you the truth), I cant deny my fascination. Its just so different from what we see today. Im also amazed by how people lived back then, how they coped, how the survived.

But there are things which Im appalled at -- this being how they tortured people. Oh my God! Its ghastly! And shocking and repulsive and horrifying! Seriously!

I went into one of their display rooms, which displayed torture tools. This isnt the wax torture chamber ok, that one was dreadful! These were just the tools.

Among the few things that I remembered was this huge iron boot. At a first glance, it looked too big for wearing. But as I read the description, it made my eyes widen with horror! They used to put a persons foot in there and add in hot boiling oil along with it. This -- as the description explained -- was to make the prisoner feel pain so that they will confess whatever they were accused of. Oh my God.

There was also this iron mask with a long tube-like hole at its mouth. At first, it reminded me of the story "The Man in the Iron Mask". But its use was nothing compared to what they did in that story. THIS iron mask (as explained) was fastened to a person's head which forced it's mouth to be opened. Then they would torture this pitiful person by inserting hot oil in their mouth -- burning his tougue. Can you just imagine? Kite ni, minum air teh panas sikit dah terbakar lidah, apetah lagi HOT oil (which maintains the high temperature longer than water). YaAllah, zalim giler!

There were so many more gruesome things they had, but as I read on, it got more and more awful, so I stopped looking at the displays. But it was nothing short of sheer brutality and sadism. It was as if these people spent their time thinking about ways to inflict the most pain in people.

The was torture chamber looked like a nightmare! It reminds me of all the punishments Allah has promised to those who are disobedient to His commands. It looked like Hell on earth. In fact, it might have been just that during that time. A place absolutely no one wanted to end up.

Here are a few other torture tools they had:

Did I mention that this HURT? Lenguh tak terkata. Baru pakai for like 2 minutes to take a picture and ur back feels terrible once you try to stand back up. But in the picture, I was just pretending :P Haha.

Layth was playing with this. Only after wards did I find out it was the torture tool where they strapped a person's hands on one end and his feet on the other, then they streeeeeeeeeeeetched him out. Ugh. But for those who have this desire to be taller (or 'loooonger') can always try this method :P Hahhaha.

Here's me and Layth on this cute beautiful little meadow behind a chappel. When I think meadow, it reminds me of Edward & Bella's meadow :P Hahahhahaha (sape tak paham angkat tangan! :D)

The knights of the round table. Did you know that people used to say the round table was 'evil' and was formed by witchcraft? Hahhaha. Its just round la dude. Duh.

Here's Layth enjoying himself in the stone maze. Did I mention.. eh wait.. I think I oredi wrote about the maze in my previous entry :P Haha.

We had lunch under the shade. It was bright and sunny, but cold. Everytime the wind came, I shivered. Haha. Comel je gambar ni, Layth tgh semangat buat peace :D Hehe

Kryal Castle had several 'demonstrations' thru the day. I was actually looking forward for the Jousting demonstration, but as it turned out, they changed it to a whipping demo. Haha. Oh okeyyyyy.. tak kesah laa. Haha. But me and Aliya were a wee bit disappointed.

After lunch, we went to the 'arena' to watch the demonstration. Below: Me and Layth on the very top step of the 'arena'. We just tot the scenery was awesome *wide-grin* so we took pictures to wait for the show to start.

Here's a long distance picture of the 'show', which although funny, could have been much much better. They acted out -- the girl was accused of witchcraft. Although it was seriously unrealistic, the girl's screams were scary! Hahha. And they actually had fun with it. I laughed throughout the show. Hahhahah.

Anyway, talking about this castle, they should have made it better. In fact, they could! The place has polential, but they didnt use it to its advantage. Since Aliya and I have been reading a lot about this era (history, storybooks, novels, just plain information), we came up with all sorts of things they could have done, and could attract MORE people. Not to mention money worthy. When we went in it was like "Ni je untuk 20 bucks?".

I think the management of the place should read more. And be more creative. They could even take Sovereign Hill as an example! Now THERE's an interesting place to go visit.

But in the end, Aliya concluded that maybe they didnt put much effort into Kryal Castle coz it wasnt their (meaning Australia's) history. I have to admit, it was funny listening to them conversing the medeival language in an australian accent. Hahhahha.

Again, they could have made it much better.

I love horses, but I have this slight fear of animals -- mainly bcoz they are so unpredictable. AND they can bite! Yikes :P

All in all, we had a great time. Thanks Aliya! Love you lots and lots. Kesian Aliya, byk habis duit bawak me jenjalan merata. But it did me good. Thank you sis *hugs&kisses* =)


  1. *angkat tangan* - ape meadow tu ek? haha

    wahhhh seram gile benda2 utk torture org tu!! kite paling takut tgk cite yang ade torture2 org kejam2.. cite2 zaman dulu banyak camtu.. seram sgt!! and war sgt seram utk kite sebab banyak torture!

  2. i actually studied the Dark Ages during primary school. satu term buat pasal itu aje. sbb tu mcm biasa je kot tengok tortures tuh. plus i was quite big masa kita gi madame tussauds dulu so i remember it .. there was an exhibition from the tower of london (was the old dungeon dulu).

    baca cerita Henry VIII pun dah tau how bad it was during the day. if the QUEEN could be executed without much evidence then apatah lagi commoners e.g. the serfs yg tak lebih dari property aje. kuda pun lagi valuable dari serfs..bygkan.

    tau was the Islamic influence that made them come from the Dark Ages into the Renaissance.


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