Thursday, October 29, 2009

Transition Period

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Heya everyone! :D Yeah, Im finally blogging again. Sorry for the nearly 2 week absence. Lots have happened.

One of them being my body taking a week to get over its jet lag. Haha. Lama ek. I kept falling asleep at 9p.m. and waking up way early in the morning. Haha

Two, the process of getting used to the temperature of home again. Hehhehe. Ngade2 ek. But I had a constant headache for more than 3 days coz of the heat. Nasib baik ade aircond, kalau tak, my head would have burst of a heat stroke.

Anyway, this is just a short entry. Ill write again another time. Tmrw maybe. Haha.. we'll see. I just needed to write something, anything so that people will stop getting worried where Ive been. Hehhehhe.

Ok, laters y'all :D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Being Sentimental

As I go thru my nightly ritual of going to bed tonight, I got this sudden urge to blog.

The lights are already off mind you. But Im sitting on the bed, with the laptop in front of me, in the dark with only the light from the electric heater and the computer screen to brighten my night.

I have my current playlist on to accompany me, and I have a fanfic oredi opened on Chapter 3 for my before bed reading.

I just finished praying Isya' and suddenly realised that tonight is my last night sleeping at Aliya's house. This sad feeling started to creap into me, and the sudden thought of not knowing when Ill be back makes me wanna cry.

Although Im writing this post tonight, it will only be published when Im oredi back in Malaysia. This is becoz I dont wanna spoil this surprise I have planned -- coz my friends whom Im planning to surprise read my blog. So this entry will only appear more than 24 hours after I write it. And you know what..? Im actually having trouble deciding if I should write it in present tense or past tense! Hahahhha. Confiusing btul la. :P

Ok, so before I sleep tonight, I tot (for sentimental reasons) I should put something in ma blog. You know what Im going to miss most about sleeping here? The cool temperature, not sweating while sleeping, the warm feeling being inside and wrapped with the covers, and most of all, the quiet and peaceful sound of the night when I wake up for qiam. No distractions. Its so peaceful not hearing anything but the sound of your heartbeat and reading.

At first, it was rather scary. Sleeping at home used to be so noisy. The constant sound of the kipas or aircond. Rasa mcm secure coz you know ade sounds around you therefore ade people with you. Here, its seriously so quiet. And in the dead of the night, your imagination starts going wild. Haha. It took sometime to get used to it. I used to switch on nasyid or music in very low volumes just to fill the silence.

But as time goes by, Ive gotten used to it. And it makes me wonder, when I get home, if Ill be able to get used to the sounds pulak. Not home as in Johor-- itu mmg definitely la comfortable kan. Dah nama katil sendiri (wau I miss my katil). I meant other places.

My first night in Malaysia wont be at home, itll be at my friend's house. I wonder if Ill be able to sleep tightly.

I guess Im gonna have to wait and see. But bile pk balik, I might be too tired to think about it anyway -- with the jetlag and all -- AND the day filled with activities. Its sure to be exhausting.

Anyhow, as it is my last night in Australia, Id like to wish everyone a very Good Night. Pray for dreams of Heaven. May we be alive in the morning to continue our journey towards achieving Allah's Rahmah and Barakah. Ameen.

Sleep tight everyone :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Medieval Sunday Cont' (Modified)

Ok so as promised, (although a day late -- I didnt have the mood to write yesterday) here's some explanation about what else happened on our trip.

I have to admit that Ive always found past eras fascinating. Although the medieval time was somewhat scary (I just realised this to tell you the truth), I cant deny my fascination. Its just so different from what we see today. Im also amazed by how people lived back then, how they coped, how the survived.

But there are things which Im appalled at -- this being how they tortured people. Oh my God! Its ghastly! And shocking and repulsive and horrifying! Seriously!

I went into one of their display rooms, which displayed torture tools. This isnt the wax torture chamber ok, that one was dreadful! These were just the tools.

Among the few things that I remembered was this huge iron boot. At a first glance, it looked too big for wearing. But as I read the description, it made my eyes widen with horror! They used to put a persons foot in there and add in hot boiling oil along with it. This -- as the description explained -- was to make the prisoner feel pain so that they will confess whatever they were accused of. Oh my God.

There was also this iron mask with a long tube-like hole at its mouth. At first, it reminded me of the story "The Man in the Iron Mask". But its use was nothing compared to what they did in that story. THIS iron mask (as explained) was fastened to a person's head which forced it's mouth to be opened. Then they would torture this pitiful person by inserting hot oil in their mouth -- burning his tougue. Can you just imagine? Kite ni, minum air teh panas sikit dah terbakar lidah, apetah lagi HOT oil (which maintains the high temperature longer than water). YaAllah, zalim giler!

There were so many more gruesome things they had, but as I read on, it got more and more awful, so I stopped looking at the displays. But it was nothing short of sheer brutality and sadism. It was as if these people spent their time thinking about ways to inflict the most pain in people.

The was torture chamber looked like a nightmare! It reminds me of all the punishments Allah has promised to those who are disobedient to His commands. It looked like Hell on earth. In fact, it might have been just that during that time. A place absolutely no one wanted to end up.

Here are a few other torture tools they had:

Did I mention that this HURT? Lenguh tak terkata. Baru pakai for like 2 minutes to take a picture and ur back feels terrible once you try to stand back up. But in the picture, I was just pretending :P Haha.

Layth was playing with this. Only after wards did I find out it was the torture tool where they strapped a person's hands on one end and his feet on the other, then they streeeeeeeeeeeetched him out. Ugh. But for those who have this desire to be taller (or 'loooonger') can always try this method :P Hahhaha.

Here's me and Layth on this cute beautiful little meadow behind a chappel. When I think meadow, it reminds me of Edward & Bella's meadow :P Hahahhahaha (sape tak paham angkat tangan! :D)

The knights of the round table. Did you know that people used to say the round table was 'evil' and was formed by witchcraft? Hahhaha. Its just round la dude. Duh.

Here's Layth enjoying himself in the stone maze. Did I mention.. eh wait.. I think I oredi wrote about the maze in my previous entry :P Haha.

We had lunch under the shade. It was bright and sunny, but cold. Everytime the wind came, I shivered. Haha. Comel je gambar ni, Layth tgh semangat buat peace :D Hehe

Kryal Castle had several 'demonstrations' thru the day. I was actually looking forward for the Jousting demonstration, but as it turned out, they changed it to a whipping demo. Haha. Oh okeyyyyy.. tak kesah laa. Haha. But me and Aliya were a wee bit disappointed.

After lunch, we went to the 'arena' to watch the demonstration. Below: Me and Layth on the very top step of the 'arena'. We just tot the scenery was awesome *wide-grin* so we took pictures to wait for the show to start.

Here's a long distance picture of the 'show', which although funny, could have been much much better. They acted out -- the girl was accused of witchcraft. Although it was seriously unrealistic, the girl's screams were scary! Hahha. And they actually had fun with it. I laughed throughout the show. Hahhahah.

Anyway, talking about this castle, they should have made it better. In fact, they could! The place has polential, but they didnt use it to its advantage. Since Aliya and I have been reading a lot about this era (history, storybooks, novels, just plain information), we came up with all sorts of things they could have done, and could attract MORE people. Not to mention money worthy. When we went in it was like "Ni je untuk 20 bucks?".

I think the management of the place should read more. And be more creative. They could even take Sovereign Hill as an example! Now THERE's an interesting place to go visit.

But in the end, Aliya concluded that maybe they didnt put much effort into Kryal Castle coz it wasnt their (meaning Australia's) history. I have to admit, it was funny listening to them conversing the medeival language in an australian accent. Hahhahha.

Again, they could have made it much better.

I love horses, but I have this slight fear of animals -- mainly bcoz they are so unpredictable. AND they can bite! Yikes :P

All in all, we had a great time. Thanks Aliya! Love you lots and lots. Kesian Aliya, byk habis duit bawak me jenjalan merata. But it did me good. Thank you sis *hugs&kisses* =)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have some awesome news! Hahha.

Ive been checking my weight for the last couple of weeks, and I am happy (ecstatic actually) to announce that I have now lost over 10 kg! Yay!!! Hahhahahha.. (must be the depression :P)

Sebelum ni naik turun the difference. Now it sort of maintains the same, and hopefully goes down as time goes by. Hehe

Alhamdulillah. Akhirnya ade results.

Im so happy! :D

Now, the hard part is maintaining it more. Hmmm..

No FairyTale

Hmm.. this is what happens when people keep asking me to update my blog. Sekali update, berlambak terus. Haha.

When I switched on the computer today, I had no idea what to write about. In fact, as Im currently typing, I still havent a clue. But I felt like I needed to vent out. I havent figured out what's bothering me yet, but as I write, Im sure it'll come out soon enough. Ive always wrote from the heart and I'll not be stopping anytime soon.

The 2 and a half months Ive spend here has certainly been good for me. Im smiling more. Sincerely if I might add. I laugh more, and I talk my heart out more. Unfortunately, Aliya la jadi mangsa. Haha.

After 2 months, I no longer feel the need to cry myself to sleep anymore alhamdulillah.

But having settled my emotional state here, I have to admit that Im dreading coming home. Its not that I dont miss my family. I miss Mak's cooking, Ayah's jokes, Aida's laughs and Ahmad's clowning. Aimi, well she hasnt really been home that much before pun, so she's always missed no matter what.

Im dreading coming back to reality. Here, I dont have to deal with anything that much. In fact, all I do is think. When I come home, it would be action time. And having had a bunch of bumps along the way, I dread what is to come my way.

Ive made lots of mistakes, wrong decisions. As my return date looms closer, the consequences of those wrong decisions start haunting my dreams at night. Hasty climbs have sudden falls. I learnt that the hard way.

When I come home, I'll need to do some deciding. And that is freaking me out. Im scared out of my wits.

Suddenly I am reminded of a vaguely similar post I did the last time I was about to come back home from Australia. Last year. But that was in my old blog. I think I had nearly the same feeling. But this time around, it's 10x that feeling. Back then I was clueless. Now..? I dont know. Just scared I think.

I'll also be bombarded with questions. No doubt about it. And let me assure you that I'll be keeping my distance from public gatherings for a while. Im not looking forward to the questions that people are certainly going to ask me. I dont think Ill be able to get away from those. Im dreading the hurt it will cause me each time such questions are asked, and a long explanation is required. Im hyperventilating just thinking about it. Ugh.

To those who know my situation, Id really really really appreciate it if you dont ask questions I dont wanna hear. I'll tell you in my own time ok. Be patient. I will tell you. Just dont ask me first.

This isnt a fairytale. This is something called life. Who said it was going to be easy.

6 Hari dlm Syawal

Sudahkah anda menunaikan puasa 6?

Tinggal brape hari je lagi bulan Syawal. Baik cepat, sebelum peluang untuk lengkapkannya hilang begitu sahaja.

Sesunggahnya Rasulullah telah mengajar kita bahawa dengan melengkapkan puasa di bulan Ramadhan dan menambah lagi 6 hari puasa di bulan Syawal, ganjarannya adalah sama seperti kita berpuasa sepanjang tahun.

Takkan kita nak lepaskan peluang keemasan ni mcm tu je?

Ayuh kawan2 yang belum settle puasa 6 Syawal. Jangan lalai dan jadikan alasan open house sebagai sebab tak "sempat" nak puasa.

Tepuk dada tanya Iman -- Mana lagi penting, amalan bekalan akhirat atau kepuasan nafsu perut.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Medieval Sunday

This is what we did on Sunday =)

Aliya, Layth and I went to Kryal Castle, A Tudor themed Castle of the 14 to 16 hundreds.

Although from the look of things, the castle doesnt seem that old. Rupanye mmg they built it from scratch, just to make it another tourist attraction.

Kryal Castle is located in Ballarat, about 1 and a half hour from Coburg. You can practically see the castle from the freeway. Its splendor can be seen from afar, since it was on a hill. My first thought went seeing the castle was "Wau.. So this is how it was during that time. With all the fields surrounding it". In my head, I kept remembering all the things Ive ever read about this era, all the novels. Especially from "A Kingdom of Dreams". Haha.

That ofkos was before I found out they made it from scratch! Hahaha

The castle included "museum' parts, where they displayed past medical equipments, terrible torture tools (this was gruesome!), a horrible wax torture chamber (it gave me goosebumps. I didnt even enter the whole way. Wouldnt want to get any nightmares. Aliya je berani masuk), past weapons, a knight chamber, oils and ointments chamber.

There were also an armory, King's chamber, chapel, humorous graveyard, a stone maze, a couple of towers, and a jousting "arena". Although it seems like there was lots of thing, I think they could have certainly done a much better job at it. Enough of that, Ill write about it later *wink*.

Anyways, as always, picture entries are more fun! :D

We actually took this picture on our way out, but I tot I should put it the first, so that you'll be able to understand where we went. Hehe.

Front entrance of the Castle. A young lady was so kind to take this for us.

One of the things Id like to do before I die is to learn how to ride again. But before that can actually happen, kuda tipu pun jadi laa. Hahha.

Oh and daymmn it was high! Haha.

Ive been catching up with my Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy for the past week. And this part of the display kinda caught my eye. A ship's wheel! Hahhaha. And I never expected it to be so big!

Minature ship

There are more pictures, but I found that byk sgt la pulak. So Im dividing them into another post.

Layth wanting to do what ummi and me were doing. Haha

We went up a tower, about two stories high. But were disappointed with what we found up there. Haha. Again, they could have done much much better. But we did get the chance to see the surrounding area of the castle. AND I got to take this picture :D

Me and Layth went into this stone maze. As you can see in the picture above, it was kinda big. But what I found out was, the maze just went round and round. And whatever path you choose to take when the path is divided, is that you end up at the same point you started! Hahahha.

So basically, you'd have to to thru the WHOLE paths before you can come out. Hahhahahahhaha. Kurang asam betul. Haha. But I certainly had a laugh.

Here's me and Layth at the centre of the maze. I later found out that if I went into the maze thru the "out" path, Id be in the middle in just a few seconds! Hahhaha

Budak hensem :)

The weather was totally nice that day. Cool yet sunny. Which explains the nice pictures :D

Alamak, blur la pulak muka Layth. Maybe bcoz he was forced to sit on me to take a picture. Hehehe.

Ok, last picture for this post. Us on the drawbridge. Picture taken with tripod. Hehe.

More pictures later *wink*


Im just uploading some pictures that I took and think they're awesome (if I can say so myself :P) Hahha. Enjoy!

Oh ye.. and tell me what you think *wink*

So, any comments? :D

Full of Science

Im sitting here on the bed, and typing away – wondering what on earth I should write about in my blog. It hasn’t been updated for a while, and people are starting to ask me why Ive been rather quiet. Haha.

Aliya just poked her head in my room asking me “Bile nak update blog”. Hahahha. Now that was funny! Hahhaha. What a coincidence that I was just writing an update. Hahhaha.

So ok ok.. Here I go.

Last weekend was a rather busy one. Full schedule. Usually, we’d only go out either Saturday or just Sunday. But this weekend, special. We went out both days.

Ill tell you about them in different posts – memandangkan ppl keep demanding updates :P

Saturday, Aliya brought me to Science Works. I know I know, Ive been here before, BUT.. Ive never ever been in a planetarium before, so pegi la. Haha. And yeah, Im not kidding. Although we have a planetarium in KL, and I lived there for 6 years, I never set foot there. So you cant blame me for being jakon. Haha :P

Before the show in the planetarium started, I went into another show. The Lightning Show. To tell you the truth, it was rather disappointing. I imagined the lightning striking things in the room or something. But it ended up being a rather boring science explanation about sound, with only seconds of unimpressive “light” show at the VERY end of the presentation. Booooringg. Hahha.

But the Planetarium show was something! Its was very impressive I tell you. But like I said, it was my first time :P Hahha. The show was about Our Living Climate, they displayed and explained how the earth first came about (based on science la ofkos), and the creatures that were alive, evolution and today. Then they showed us the planets. Wahh.. this was the MOST interesting part of all. MashaAllah, hebat sungguh kekuasaan Allah Taala.

And the end of the day, I found out something.. I have MOTION sickness. Hahahhahahha

Yeah, although the show was awesome, I felt dizzy and sick afterwards. Wek. Hahhaha

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Book Worm

I finally decided to spend my day at the library today. Kinda planned it since last week, but selalu mesti perasaan malas datang melanda. Hahha.

Its such a hassle to 'dress up' when you'd rather spend time under the covers. Haha.

Unlike guys who can just wake up, put on a pair of pants and tshirt, comb their hair, put some cologne on and be on their way to anywhere they please, ladies have a harder time. Especially those who are aurat conscious and choose to follow Allah's commands.

There are advantages being here in Melbourne -- people dont care what you wear, either it be mismatched or not colour coded. People dont care.

Although this is the case, Im not like that. Although they dont 'see' what you wear, Im very much conscious of wearing something appropriate. Ive always been known for it. In Uni, I was known for my smart attire and boot ready (I started the trend at campus you know :P Haha)

Being so, it takes more time *roll-eyes* of course. Im not complaining tau. Haha. Im just saying that it takes more effort to prepare oneself to go out.

The ironic thing about this is, I love going out! Hahahha.

Anyway.. I was bored out of my mind today, so decided to catch up on some reading. Ive kinda been obsessed with the Classics these past weeks. So I wanted to find one of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, a famous English classic. I have to admit that Ive heard of the title numerous times, but I never tot of reading it. This is of course deminished right after I watched the BBC adaptation of the book.

Wah, terus tersangkut. And since the books are always much better than the adaptations, I just needed to find it and read it. Its very interesting to see how one puts sentences in a book into emotion and feelings on the screen. If they succeed in doing this, then the book must certainly contain much more emotion.

It was a good thing there was a copy of the book at the Coburg Library. I quickly snatched it, found some art books as well, and found myself a table with some privacy.

I spent nearly 5 hours there, and I didnt get up from my seat either. Haha. You dont notice the back pain and stiff neck when you're engrossed in a book. I LOVE libraries. Its such a pity that Malaysian Libraries just suck. If not, Ill definitely become a regular visitor.

Im going back tomorrow. But Ill try to find something more interesting. Im a book worm thru and thru! Haha Yehaaa! :D

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tag! Ur It!

Huh, now Im "it". I didnt even know we were playing! But since I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, it seems that I am now tagged. (Im just playing around here ok guys :P)

In truth, I was blog hopping and tagged. So here goes. Before that, I'm going to continue the cruel tradition Ismail started, and tag EVERYONE reading this entry. Ha ha.

Do a simple summary on 2 new or old TV shows ur currently watching and list 10 of ur favorite TV shows in no particular order.

So for my two TV shows Im currently watching:

1. Two and A Half Men

Since Australian TV has very limited choices, and since they have a weird obsession with this series, I find myself watching it almost everyday.

Its hilarious! Although very much obscene in language at times, but the things these two brothers go thru are just down right silly. And to add to the duo, is the little nephew who I think has a really thick head. He says the darnest things!

Do watch it, its a blast. But I dont recommend it for younger children.

2. The Big Bang Theory

Personally, I think this series should get an award! Its AWESOME! Hahhaha.

Its basically about a group of 4 geeks/nerds who work at MIT and have very high IQs, but are geeks to the core when it comes to comic book characters. So the story is about how they see life, and how they deal with "life challenges" as they think is the right way. ITS AWESOME I tell you.

For those who love sarcastic humour and comic books/fictional & science fiction characters, this is DEFINITELY for you. Seriously.

So here's my top 10 favourite TV shows:

1. Brothers & Sisters
Its about this very large family who have drama in all their lives, but stick together no matter what.

2. 7th Heaven
Also a family series. Loved it since I was little.

3. Grey's Anatomy
I dont know why, but I love watching the theatrics in this particular TV series.

4. Gossip Girl
The lives of the teenage elite group in Manhattan. Haha. Weird huh? I just love the cast.

5. Prison Break
I used to think this was genius! It still is, but Im disappointed with the ending.

6. Big Bang Theory
Yeah, this is definitely in the list. I should have put it way up, but this list isnt based on order of likeness, so no matter :P

7. Charmed
I used to like this. It was very different. Interesting in a way. Haha

8. CSI: NY
I used to like all CSI, but my favourite is now New York.

9. Oprah
Believe it nor not, sometimes the issues are very interesting. They can bring you to tears.

10. One Tree Hill
Ive havent the time to watch the whole seasons yet. But I used to like it back when it first aired.

There are dozens more, but this list always change. Some I used to like, but dont like anymore (got bored with it), others that are great, but dont cut the list. Hahhaha.

Ok, for those yg tgh takde keje, go ahead and do the tag. AND.. go watch Big Bang Theory! Hahha

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Matter of Choice

Sometimes I'm so unjust.

Call it partial, biased, prejudiced. Whatever you like.

But to face the facts, I choose who is permitted to give advice to me. I select whom I feel comfortable giving me advices. I decide who has the right.

I also segregate what type of advises people are allowed to give me. In this, I mean in what matter or concern they are rightfully experts on.

So if I suddenly burst upon receiving any instruction, this means that I find you have no right to do so, or are giving advices in the wrong category.

This is both my weakness and my trait. It's my stand point, it's what I think.

We are all but humans. Im sure you guys understand what I mean.

Worth It

I just needed to upload this. Haha.

Ok, so remember my favourite white pants? The one I ruined when I stupidly decided to wear to the Tulip Festival. The one that got covered by mud at the bottom, with splashes right to the knees?

If you dont know, here's a recap. This is how it looked on the day of the trip.

Awful right? I kept saying to everyone how its not going to come off, of how impossible this is going to be. How I ruined it for life. How sad I was to lose my favourite pair of pants.

Well.. after approximately 11 days, this is how it turned out.


Not bad ey? Hehhehe.. I was so HAPPY! I soaked it for more than a week -- I changed the water every day okey :P. Haha. I soaked it in Napisan, more Napisan, Bleach, Soap, Bleach again, then soap again.

I scrubed one side of the pants one day, then did the other one the next, repeatedly for more than 3 times. Fiuh, it was HARD work.

But seeing the end results, Im extatic!!! YAY!!! I have my white pants back!!! :D
*jumping for joy*

Monday, October 05, 2009

Mon ami

Aku tahu la aku jauh.

I know Im practically the farthest away, but it hurts when people dont tell me stuff and only know months after wards. From another source pulak tu.

The saddest news was that one of my friends got married and tak bgtahu langsung. Ape tah lagi jemput. Takde sape pun kawan2 kite yg die jemput. Sedih giler la. Dah la rapat since awal2 diploma.

Apela nk jadi ngan kawan aku sorang ni. Kenape la die menjauhkan diri dari semua org.

I hope you're happy Fairuz. Best of luck to you and your new wife.


By the way, mon ami means my friend in French.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Small but HUGE!

I kinda got some shocking news this morning. I was still in bed (opps, kantoi.. hahha), but hey come on, its Saturday :P. Anyways, I was still in bed when Aliya knocked on my door saying that Mak suruh reply sms.

So I got out of the covers -- it was cold -- and tried to find my hp under the mess on the desk. haha.

Bukak msg, terkejut. Mak asked if I applied a job at DRB HICOM, coz they called for an interview.

My only reaction was ...Whaaaaaaaaattt?!

I certainly didnt want to get my hopes up. Pelik pun ade coz I didnt apply. So I asked Ayah. Rupanye Ayah yg hantar my resume! Hahahhaha..

YaAllah.. terkejut nye. DRB HICOM is a very large company. Eventhough I wont be able to attend the interview (coz its on the 8th), this news has certainly made my day.

Like Ayah said, the fact that I was short-listed is proof that I have job potential. Wau.

And yeah, my self esteem is pretty low at the moment, so like I said, this CERTAINLY made my day :D Im smiling from ear to ear and giggling like a little girl. Hehhehhe.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tulip Festival

So ok. My sister (Aida) has been telling me to upload the pictures oredi. Haha. So here goes.

I went with Kak Intan and her Hubby, Ibu (Mak Kak Intan) and Kak Wahyuna. It was superb I tell you! Since I absolutely ADORE real flowers, this was a very big treat for me :D

The weather forecast said rain that day. It also sort of rained the other two days before that. But we were hoping for a miracle and sunlight -- being in Melbourne with its unpredictable weather, it wouldnt be surprising. Sikit pun jadi laa.

It didnt rain the whole journey, until ofkos the last few kilometres before we arrived! Adoiii.. Sbr jela. hahahha. Along the journey, Kak Wahyuna also mentioned that it was going to be extremely COLD there (it was in the outskirts), so they all pakai 3-6 lapis baju. I was like.. "whaaaatt?!".. ape taknye, I only had 2 lapis on. Keluar2 kereta.. yaAllahh.. SEJUK GILER!! Hahhahahahhahha.. AND it didnt help that is was wet and raining. Hahhahahha.

I was wearing my new shoes okey. And the ground was all wet and muddy. Ewww! Abis kasut baru. But it was a good thing I didnt wear my other shoes. They were WHITE, and it would have been disaster I tell you. But sadly, my WHITE pants (waaaaaaaaa.. nyesal pakai seluar putih) mmg teruk la. Horrible. I dont think Im going to be able to get the stains out. Isk isk :(

Anyways, I think Ill just post the beautiful pictures to explain the situation. Oh ye.. Ive been trying to upload the pictures at my usual image uploader, but diorg tgh update the site, so quality yang I upload ni tak brape best. Maybe Ill change them later. Tengok la kalau rajin :P

Bergambar bersama Ibu. My pose was like "Welcome to the Tulip Festival!" Hahha

Surrounded by yellow tulips. Tersangatlah cantik! MashaAllah.

This is a weird picture. As you can see from the sky, it was very dark. But this picture had some sunlight in it! Hahha.. that bcoz, now and again, when the clouds moved, the sun came out :D

Think PINK!
Purple and bright red! YaAllah, lawa sgt!

By this time, our shoes (and I mean EVERYBODY) dah mcm ape je. Last2 tu dah tak larat nak jaga dah. Tak kuasa nak layan jaga seluar. Buat bodoh je. Hahhaha.

Cover album! :D

Bersuka ria! Ni idea Ibu la ni! Hahhaha

I LOVE this picture. Tengok colours die! Awesome!

Main sorok2 with the tulips

Takhta Fairy Princess. Hahhaha Over la posing! :P

The dutch dancers. Kitorg pelik betul tengok semua penari tua2. But I guess maybe thats bcoz org2 muda semua tak minat kot. Pity ey?

Picture op! Im a sucker for ppl in costume. Hahha

Ok, this is the weirdest tulip Ive ever seen. Berbulu! Hahha

Berposing with Ibu -- to those yg tak tahu, Ibu ni mak Kak Intan tau! Hehhe

Ok, last picture:

Hahahhahha.. lawak kan? I HATE the ear rings. Buruk!

All in all, I had an awesome time! Thanks kak intan, kak wahyuna! :D