Thursday, October 05, 2006

Different minds think alike? Really?

We were in History lecture the other day, discussing about the multiracial community in Malaysia. During this lecture, our lecturer En Hamdan asked us about what type of topics the Malays, Chinese and Indians in Malaysia talk about when they are in a group. Malays will always talk about politics, Chinese about business and economics, while Indians.. Well, I kinda forgot what they talk about. Hehhee.. Anyhow, this is true. Weird kan? I thought that the races were divided during old days before Merdeka. Tengok2 sekarang pun ade jugak.

Anyway, this got me thinking. What do guys and gals usually talk about when they are in their groups? Hmm.. Lets see.. I asked around.. Me and Kak Di (who is kak put by the way) asked a few boys about what they’d normally discuss among the boys. ONE: Cars/Motors. TWO: Games. THREE: Football. FOUR: Work. FIVE: Cool Gadgets. Hmm.. Did you notice that they don’t talk about us girls?

The topic of discussion among girls.. ONE: Boys. TWO: Guys. THREE: Fashion. FOUR: Boys again. FIVE: Guys again. Hmmm… Well girls..? What’s this?

It kinda comes to a shock that the main topic of discussion among a group of girls would be about the opposite gender. It wont really matter what the topic is, but it would certainly evolve around guys. Haiyaaa.. Ape nak jadi nih?

That was a quick survey done by me and a few friends. Anyone have any other opinions on this? Do tell..

P/s: we are talking about the majority of people here.. don’t take this survey too seriously =P