Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Weekend of Sincerity

Well, so now everyone knows the real reason why I didn’t come to the Ihtifal.. tough. Hey, its not the boys, just a few of the girls whom I used to label as “my friends”. But I did buy the ALUMNI contribution books, which is so cool if I might add =). Good work Zaid. I’m sure most of the parents would really appreciate such measures as my mum and dad did. They certainly loved it.

I wonder how the teachers took it. Hahhahahaha.. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read a few of the stories. The one Faiz wrote nearly brought my mum to tears.

A note to Zaid: Ever thought about doing “Supernatural events at SMIH”? hahhahaha

Anyhow, since I didn’t go to Ihtifal, what did I do during the weekend? Hmm.. I didn’t practically sit around at home reading a good book (which doesn’t sound too bad when I think about it) but I went to KL like I told everyone. Yes I did tell everyone that I wasn’t able to make it to Hari Ihtifal coz I had to go to KL. But that trip wasn’t that important. I could have postponed it any day. But I didn’t.

At least I spent my weekend with sincere and thoughtful people. Ms Put, Kakaput, Kak Alin and Qauthar; a portion of my second family in UNIKL.

Thank you guys for making my weekend a memorable one. The talks, laughs and conversations were just worthwhile. Hope we’ll be able to do it again some other time (with a wink). There were still a few unfinished business wasn’t there..? Hehehhe..

I found true and sincere friends here in UNIKL. I actually see their sincerity. It just hurts to find out that the people u thought as friends during ur school days just befriended you because you were a teacher’s daughter. It hurts.

I don’t regret my decisions. It is what made me who I am today. Thank you Allah for always guiding me. It is tribulations such as these that make me stronger inside.