Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Worth It

I just needed to upload this. Haha.

Ok, so remember my favourite white pants? The one I ruined when I stupidly decided to wear to the Tulip Festival. The one that got covered by mud at the bottom, with splashes right to the knees?

If you dont know, here's a recap. This is how it looked on the day of the trip.

Awful right? I kept saying to everyone how its not going to come off, of how impossible this is going to be. How I ruined it for life. How sad I was to lose my favourite pair of pants.

Well.. after approximately 11 days, this is how it turned out.


Not bad ey? Hehhehe.. I was so HAPPY! I soaked it for more than a week -- I changed the water every day okey :P. Haha. I soaked it in Napisan, more Napisan, Bleach, Soap, Bleach again, then soap again.

I scrubed one side of the pants one day, then did the other one the next, repeatedly for more than 3 times. Fiuh, it was HARD work.

But seeing the end results, Im extatic!!! YAY!!! I have my white pants back!!! :D
*jumping for joy*


  1. tp ada nmpk lagi stain tu sket..hahahaha

  2. laaa.. memang laaaa hahhaha

  3. haha . okeoke laa tuh . good job :D

  4. tahniiiiiaaaaahhhhhh kakmyraa!!!!!!!!!!tak sangka.kiranya boleh putih balik la kan.kalau rendam lagi seminggu, boleh ilang lagi kut sikit2 tu.tapi tak elok kalau rendam dalam bleach lelame kan. nanti senang reput. agaknye laaa..

  5. biasanya rendam lelama blh menyebabkan kain reput... mmmmm

  6. wah wah wah!!! awak berjaya!!!!!! congrats!!! dah putih kembali seluar itu!!


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