Thursday, October 08, 2009

Book Worm

I finally decided to spend my day at the library today. Kinda planned it since last week, but selalu mesti perasaan malas datang melanda. Hahha.

Its such a hassle to 'dress up' when you'd rather spend time under the covers. Haha.

Unlike guys who can just wake up, put on a pair of pants and tshirt, comb their hair, put some cologne on and be on their way to anywhere they please, ladies have a harder time. Especially those who are aurat conscious and choose to follow Allah's commands.

There are advantages being here in Melbourne -- people dont care what you wear, either it be mismatched or not colour coded. People dont care.

Although this is the case, Im not like that. Although they dont 'see' what you wear, Im very much conscious of wearing something appropriate. Ive always been known for it. In Uni, I was known for my smart attire and boot ready (I started the trend at campus you know :P Haha)

Being so, it takes more time *roll-eyes* of course. Im not complaining tau. Haha. Im just saying that it takes more effort to prepare oneself to go out.

The ironic thing about this is, I love going out! Hahahha.

Anyway.. I was bored out of my mind today, so decided to catch up on some reading. Ive kinda been obsessed with the Classics these past weeks. So I wanted to find one of Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, a famous English classic. I have to admit that Ive heard of the title numerous times, but I never tot of reading it. This is of course deminished right after I watched the BBC adaptation of the book.

Wah, terus tersangkut. And since the books are always much better than the adaptations, I just needed to find it and read it. Its very interesting to see how one puts sentences in a book into emotion and feelings on the screen. If they succeed in doing this, then the book must certainly contain much more emotion.

It was a good thing there was a copy of the book at the Coburg Library. I quickly snatched it, found some art books as well, and found myself a table with some privacy.

I spent nearly 5 hours there, and I didnt get up from my seat either. Haha. You dont notice the back pain and stiff neck when you're engrossed in a book. I LOVE libraries. Its such a pity that Malaysian Libraries just suck. If not, Ill definitely become a regular visitor.

Im going back tomorrow. But Ill try to find something more interesting. Im a book worm thru and thru! Haha Yehaaa! :D

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