Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tag! Ur It!

Huh, now Im "it". I didnt even know we were playing! But since I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, it seems that I am now tagged. (Im just playing around here ok guys :P)

In truth, I was blog hopping and tagged. So here goes. Before that, I'm going to continue the cruel tradition Ismail started, and tag EVERYONE reading this entry. Ha ha.

Do a simple summary on 2 new or old TV shows ur currently watching and list 10 of ur favorite TV shows in no particular order.

So for my two TV shows Im currently watching:

1. Two and A Half Men

Since Australian TV has very limited choices, and since they have a weird obsession with this series, I find myself watching it almost everyday.

Its hilarious! Although very much obscene in language at times, but the things these two brothers go thru are just down right silly. And to add to the duo, is the little nephew who I think has a really thick head. He says the darnest things!

Do watch it, its a blast. But I dont recommend it for younger children.

2. The Big Bang Theory

Personally, I think this series should get an award! Its AWESOME! Hahhaha.

Its basically about a group of 4 geeks/nerds who work at MIT and have very high IQs, but are geeks to the core when it comes to comic book characters. So the story is about how they see life, and how they deal with "life challenges" as they think is the right way. ITS AWESOME I tell you.

For those who love sarcastic humour and comic books/fictional & science fiction characters, this is DEFINITELY for you. Seriously.

So here's my top 10 favourite TV shows:

1. Brothers & Sisters
Its about this very large family who have drama in all their lives, but stick together no matter what.

2. 7th Heaven
Also a family series. Loved it since I was little.

3. Grey's Anatomy
I dont know why, but I love watching the theatrics in this particular TV series.

4. Gossip Girl
The lives of the teenage elite group in Manhattan. Haha. Weird huh? I just love the cast.

5. Prison Break
I used to think this was genius! It still is, but Im disappointed with the ending.

6. Big Bang Theory
Yeah, this is definitely in the list. I should have put it way up, but this list isnt based on order of likeness, so no matter :P

7. Charmed
I used to like this. It was very different. Interesting in a way. Haha

8. CSI: NY
I used to like all CSI, but my favourite is now New York.

9. Oprah
Believe it nor not, sometimes the issues are very interesting. They can bring you to tears.

10. One Tree Hill
Ive havent the time to watch the whole seasons yet. But I used to like it back when it first aired.

There are dozens more, but this list always change. Some I used to like, but dont like anymore (got bored with it), others that are great, but dont cut the list. Hahhaha.

Ok, for those yg tgh takde keje, go ahead and do the tag. AND.. go watch Big Bang Theory! Hahha


  1. do u remember.. at d ending of a NY-Miami crossover, as H n Mac were about to part, Mac turned as someone was talking 2 him. N before he got d chance 2 say farewell, H wasn't der anymore. mcm Batman plak.

    d redhead is a menace ^_^

  2. ngah, BBT menang award outstanding achievement in comedy...and sheldon lak mng individual achievement in comedy...hahaha best3..


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