Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Medieval Sunday

This is what we did on Sunday =)

Aliya, Layth and I went to Kryal Castle, A Tudor themed Castle of the 14 to 16 hundreds.

Although from the look of things, the castle doesnt seem that old. Rupanye mmg they built it from scratch, just to make it another tourist attraction.

Kryal Castle is located in Ballarat, about 1 and a half hour from Coburg. You can practically see the castle from the freeway. Its splendor can be seen from afar, since it was on a hill. My first thought went seeing the castle was "Wau.. So this is how it was during that time. With all the fields surrounding it". In my head, I kept remembering all the things Ive ever read about this era, all the novels. Especially from "A Kingdom of Dreams". Haha.

That ofkos was before I found out they made it from scratch! Hahaha

The castle included "museum' parts, where they displayed past medical equipments, terrible torture tools (this was gruesome!), a horrible wax torture chamber (it gave me goosebumps. I didnt even enter the whole way. Wouldnt want to get any nightmares. Aliya je berani masuk), past weapons, a knight chamber, oils and ointments chamber.

There were also an armory, King's chamber, chapel, humorous graveyard, a stone maze, a couple of towers, and a jousting "arena". Although it seems like there was lots of thing, I think they could have certainly done a much better job at it. Enough of that, Ill write about it later *wink*.

Anyways, as always, picture entries are more fun! :D

We actually took this picture on our way out, but I tot I should put it the first, so that you'll be able to understand where we went. Hehe.

Front entrance of the Castle. A young lady was so kind to take this for us.

One of the things Id like to do before I die is to learn how to ride again. But before that can actually happen, kuda tipu pun jadi laa. Hahha.

Oh and daymmn it was high! Haha.

Ive been catching up with my Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy for the past week. And this part of the display kinda caught my eye. A ship's wheel! Hahhaha. And I never expected it to be so big!

Minature ship

There are more pictures, but I found that byk sgt la pulak. So Im dividing them into another post.

Layth wanting to do what ummi and me were doing. Haha

We went up a tower, about two stories high. But were disappointed with what we found up there. Haha. Again, they could have done much much better. But we did get the chance to see the surrounding area of the castle. AND I got to take this picture :D

Me and Layth went into this stone maze. As you can see in the picture above, it was kinda big. But what I found out was, the maze just went round and round. And whatever path you choose to take when the path is divided, is that you end up at the same point you started! Hahahha.

So basically, you'd have to to thru the WHOLE paths before you can come out. Hahhahahahhaha. Kurang asam betul. Haha. But I certainly had a laugh.

Here's me and Layth at the centre of the maze. I later found out that if I went into the maze thru the "out" path, Id be in the middle in just a few seconds! Hahhaha

Budak hensem :)

The weather was totally nice that day. Cool yet sunny. Which explains the nice pictures :D

Alamak, blur la pulak muka Layth. Maybe bcoz he was forced to sit on me to take a picture. Hehehe.

Ok, last picture for this post. Us on the drawbridge. Picture taken with tripod. Hehe.

More pictures later *wink*


  1. perghh lawa giler gambar...love it when the weather is nice hee hee

  2. kak...myra kan mmg ada skill amik gambar..=)
    best nyer korg jln2...hehe

  3. Aliya: nice weather always brings out beautiful pictures. Especially when the sky is super blue. Gorgeous.

    Wani: Haha. Ye ke Wani *sipu2 malu* :P Haha

  4. Lagipun, semua gambar yg ade ana tu Kak Aliya la yang amik. Hahha. So I cant claim the pictures turned out great bcoz of me. Haha


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