Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Matter of Choice

Sometimes I'm so unjust.

Call it partial, biased, prejudiced. Whatever you like.

But to face the facts, I choose who is permitted to give advice to me. I select whom I feel comfortable giving me advices. I decide who has the right.

I also segregate what type of advises people are allowed to give me. In this, I mean in what matter or concern they are rightfully experts on.

So if I suddenly burst upon receiving any instruction, this means that I find you have no right to do so, or are giving advices in the wrong category.

This is both my weakness and my trait. It's my stand point, it's what I think.

We are all but humans. Im sure you guys understand what I mean.


  1. hhmm... tak faham,if u r referring to the last post, i'm sorry if u r offended in any way, it was not an advice, just sharing experience:)

    lps ni xle komen la, nnt trsalah tulis :P

  2. hahaha.. you dont need to understand la kak masyitah. It isnt related to anything. It was just a general entry. Tibe2 terpk. Hehhehe..

    eh jgn la tak comment, I live for comments! :D Hehhe.

  3. kenapekah kak myra?sorry kalau ade tersilap tulis di mane2! ^_^ miss u!

  4. miss u tooo myra...bila nak blk? nov ek?

  5. haha btul2... kite ni agak keras kepala juga,...so tak sume org bagi advices, kite boleh terima.. kene tgk sape org tu, n what type of advices yg dia bg.. kalau silap orang bg, mmg sakit hati aje.. hahaha

  6. Haha.. entry ni takde kene mengena ngan korang laaa. Hahha.

    Wani: balik bulan ni InsyaAllah *wink*

    Uswah: Haaaaaa.. akhirnye ade org paham. Hahahhaha.


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