Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have some awesome news! Hahha.

Ive been checking my weight for the last couple of weeks, and I am happy (ecstatic actually) to announce that I have now lost over 10 kg! Yay!!! Hahhahahha.. (must be the depression :P)

Sebelum ni naik turun the difference. Now it sort of maintains the same, and hopefully goes down as time goes by. Hehe

Alhamdulillah. Akhirnya ade results.

Im so happy! :D

Now, the hard part is maintaining it more. Hmmm..


  1. wahhh...TAHNIAh....
    ana jer risau tak turun2 nih nnt...=(

  2. haha..


    kalau kat malaysia, mesti turun 5kg after ramadhan,

    and gain another 10kg after syawal. haha..

    anyway, good for you. after the question, how to maintain the weight, the next one is, how to maintain weight in Malaysia. haha..i think that more difficult. haha...

    anyway, good luck, and may ALLAH help you make the best decision..

    the best decision for this time, with this amount of knowledge...insyaALLAH..

  3. congrats!! bestnye turun byk!akak naik je memanjang:p

  4. yeeeee haaaa
    turun sbb kebuluran kat sini..aliya tak bagi cukup makan.. ngehehehee

    blk msia jgn melantak pulak..tau la ada satay..isk isk jeles

  5. WAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! 10kg!!!!!!!!!!!! gile lah!! terenye!!! congrats2!!

  6. Wani: Ala, anti punye kes lain. Dalam perut ade org, nnt dah bersalin kat menyusu, senang turun! :D

    Zakri: Hahahhahahhahha. Yeah well, hopefully boleh la insyaAllah.

    Kak Masyitah: Thanks akak *wink*

    Aliya: Hahahhaha.. yeah, temptations. First day jgn terus melantak dah la.

    Uswah: Yay! Best kan? :D Sukaaaaa sgt! Hehehe


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