Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Full of Science

Im sitting here on the bed, and typing away – wondering what on earth I should write about in my blog. It hasn’t been updated for a while, and people are starting to ask me why Ive been rather quiet. Haha.

Aliya just poked her head in my room asking me “Bile nak update blog”. Hahahha. Now that was funny! Hahhaha. What a coincidence that I was just writing an update. Hahhaha.

So ok ok.. Here I go.

Last weekend was a rather busy one. Full schedule. Usually, we’d only go out either Saturday or just Sunday. But this weekend, special. We went out both days.

Ill tell you about them in different posts – memandangkan ppl keep demanding updates :P

Saturday, Aliya brought me to Science Works. I know I know, Ive been here before, BUT.. Ive never ever been in a planetarium before, so pegi la. Haha. And yeah, Im not kidding. Although we have a planetarium in KL, and I lived there for 6 years, I never set foot there. So you cant blame me for being jakon. Haha :P

Before the show in the planetarium started, I went into another show. The Lightning Show. To tell you the truth, it was rather disappointing. I imagined the lightning striking things in the room or something. But it ended up being a rather boring science explanation about sound, with only seconds of unimpressive “light” show at the VERY end of the presentation. Booooringg. Hahha.

But the Planetarium show was something! Its was very impressive I tell you. But like I said, it was my first time :P Hahha. The show was about Our Living Climate, they displayed and explained how the earth first came about (based on science la ofkos), and the creatures that were alive, evolution and today. Then they showed us the planets. Wahh.. this was the MOST interesting part of all. MashaAllah, hebat sungguh kekuasaan Allah Taala.

And the end of the day, I found out something.. I have MOTION sickness. Hahahhahahha

Yeah, although the show was awesome, I felt dizzy and sick afterwards. Wek. Hahhaha

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