Monday, November 08, 2004

Cewah.. hari ni ade function kat hotel..

Of all days, hari ni jugak ade function kat Prescot Inn Hotel. Tengah sibuk2 mcm ni, waktu tu lah nak kene ade function. Tensyen betul lah. Ok, it's not good to complain too much. Better stop. Kene redha lah. Actually, the reason I started this post with a big sigh is because the 2 thick documentatiooooon hari tu kene reject. Waaaaaaaaa... sedihnye. I thought I'd be able to forget about it after dah hantar, rupanye tak. Anyhow, me and fad have to alter balik sikit hari ni and then terus hantar. I've gotten sick just looking at it.
That's the bad news for today. The good news is about the function this evening. Actually, we have a function gathering all the new batch of JPP and all the award winners from this semester. Which includes the winners of the cyberjaya competition, and animation competition peringkat negara that UNIKL sent. We actually won one gold award and one bronze. Terrer jugak students kat sini ek. Oh, not forgetting the canselor and president award recipient during the graduation. Lahai, dah dapat dah waktu graduation, nak sijil lagi ke.. hehe.. cukup2 lah award. Nanti tak terkejar nanti. =P
We also have to angkat sumpah today. Just imagine, I became the Vice President of UNIKL IIM just a few weeks ago, hari ni kene angkat sumpah, then another 1 month to go, dah kene pegi practical. Sound funny kan? Anyhow, I still have to fulfill my responsibility as the VP eventhough dah pegi practical. Looks like I have to come to KL a few times during my 4 month period of practical. Hmm.. Not complaining, mind you =)
So, what else shoud I write? Oh yeah, two more days till balik kelantan for raya. Can't wait! Kaklong, first time raye without us. tak bestnye.. jadi balik mesia tak nanti? Balik laaaaa... k? =)