Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quick Updates

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim..

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

Heya everyone. I guess this is my 1st post of the new year. Sorry folks. I havent been in the blogging mood for quite a while. No, Im not depressed or anything. Im just tired a lot and have nothing to write about.

Well ok, thats the understatement of the year, but most of the things happening, I dont see the need to share with the rest of the whole world. Although this blog is for free expression --NOT first impressions-- I think I need to make some adjustments to the member of viewers.

I think I need to limit those who can read my blog to a minimum, to those who really really really know me, rather than those who will be judgmental.

So everyone can come visit my public blog after this, which I will InsyaAllah keep up to date.


Ok, so this new year.. I havent officially listed out my new year resolutions yet. If I have any, Im keeping them to myself. Looks like Im becoming a more private person. Haha. We'll see how long that lasts. Although, it might just be caused by the mood Im in.


Oh yes.. I seriously forgot to update everyone about Wani. She gave birth to my 'anak sedara', named Faqihah Amni. *Sigh* I just love the name Faqihah. It was my chatting name dulu2. Some of my friends still call me Faqihah (or qiha).

I was planning to name my future daughter Faqihah, but no worries. Hehehhehe.

Si Amni ni rupa sama cam kakak die Pipah. Hehe ciut miut.

Me and Abidah went to visit her the other day. As well as to wish her happy birthday. Sorry Wani lambat sambut and lambat ziarah. Baru sampai balik ke JB that week.

Tak sabar nak jenjalan and lunch ngan korang lepas ni. Hehe.


Next, I missed a few birthdays. Well, I missed mentioning them in my blog.

1st is Layth, my little (alamak dah tak little dah) marshmallow. Hehhehe. Dah besar dah my favourite nephew ni.

Layth is now 3 years old. Besau dah. Hehe.

AND he has started play school, yehaaaaa!

Takpe Layth, nnt ada fulus, ade masa, Mangah dtg lagi eh.

Miss you, muah2!! *hugs & kisses*

2nd is Kak Put. Happy Belated Birthday akak!

May this birthday bring you closer towards Allah's Taufiq and Hidayah.

I found this old picture of Kak Put. Hehhee.. Akak, jgn marah eh mira post gambar ni. Hehhehe..

Sorry I havent been there to celebrate your birthday. Nnt kirim salam kat Mama eh. Ade rezeki kite jumpa.

And last of all, ma sista.. Aliya. Hehhe..

Hepi Besday!! Muah2x.

Hari tu dah bagi birthday wish kat sms, so rasa mcm takyah ulang kot.

Oh ye, happy starting working! Tmrw kan?

Jgn pengsan kat tengah2 shift! hehehehe.


Ok, so what else have I been up to.. lets see..

1. Kempen Jom Jadi Bijak (JJB) -- nak tahu, kene pi tengok blog JJB kot. Mcm tak kuasa nak ulang balik ape yg tulis kat sane. Hehe.

Just click here if you wanna know what I mean.

2. Keindahan Bersama Mu (KBM) with Kelab Remaja JIM (KRJ) Johor

As fasi eh. Hehhe.. again, tengok video je la.

Haha.. kalau tengok betul2, mesti nampak me a few times :P


Im just doing some quick and short updates here, so bare with me ok. hehe.

I have an interview tmrw. *yikes* Please pray for me.