Thursday, July 20, 2006

A question to Ponder

Today, in Psychology class our lecturer gave us a question to answer. His habit would be that at the end of each class, he’ll ask us to take out a piece of paper, he’ll ask a question and we’d have to write our answers and submit them to him for his reading. The question today was interesting.

“Do you think the person you are today is influenced by your family?”

Interesting ain’t it? =) It certainly made my hand write. The people around me were all questioning themselves what to write. In my opinion, if your answer to the question is yes, then it would be really easy to elaborate coz I’d say that they’ll be writing honestly. The problem would come to those who are not aware of their surroundings, or somewhat in a troubled family. That would be hard. The people who’d answer no would also be difficult to answer honestly. Since the papers we submit are required to write our names, maybe some are too ashamed to write honestly. There are so many factors.

“What was my answer?” I hear you ask =) Hehe.. Truthfully, I wrote 2/3 of the whole A4 paper. I love my family dearly and I could have written longer if Ju didn’t mention the fact that my answer was kinda long.

Well, all I can say is Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for giving me such a loving family. They are my motivation, my inspiration and the very definition of undying love.

Mixed Feelings

As I walk into the new building at Vision City, I find myself remembering our beloved late Ms Puteri Zalina Addnan. At the moment, I am writing bcoz of her, while listening to the song that reminds me so much of her. Each lyric, each note, each melody.

Moving into the new building does bring lots of feelings.

Excitement, enthusiasm, sadness, anger and loathing. All mixed up together creating what I would call an unstable individual. It kinda dangerous bcoz one day it might just blow right in my face.

It is exciting to finally walk into the new building that we have been promised since I was still in diploma.. I feel enthusiastic to start a new semester, wanting to work as hard as I should and bring my grades up.

But sadness comes into the picture where I will no longer be able to tag along and have laughs with Ms Put. It’s so sad to start afresh with no one there to brighten your day when it becomes blue. Walking into the HEP Office, no longer with the purpose of just saying hi or wanting to ask if everything is ok. I no longer have the enthusiasm to take note what is happening around me, the activities going on, the actions to be taken into account.

I’m angry becoz there are so many changes made by certain individuals which I know would never have happened if she was still here with us. She was an influential person, so now that she’s no longer with us, people just change things. She fought for the students, the students loved her. Now that she’s gone, there’s no longer a force to help us fight.

Its sad to walk around the corridors never being able to meet her kind smile or hear her cheerful laugh. Its also saddening to know for a fact that she’ll never be able to experience this new building she fought for so much.

Ms, I miss you so much. My prayers are always with you.

Friday, July 07, 2006

New semester.. Here we all come..

Hmm.. another semester coming up. In a few days time, I'll be back in my daily routine, which wont really be routine anymore considering the new building and all. It will be a new experience, new time tables, new schedulles, new knowledge. I better prepare myself.

The new building is way cool. But I'm just dreading the management part of all of it. In my point of view, this new building (the interior I mean) is mainly to accomodate the staff. Meaning that, when the people incharge made plans for this building, I dont think they took into account the facilities for the students. Pdahalkan, its a UNIVERSITY for crying out loud! Their main purpose is to make the students comfortable to STUDY, not prioritize the staff.

The classrooms are way small. Tempat duduk tak best langsung. Tak selesa langsung. How do they expect us to LEARN in such an atmosphere. I just think that they should have thought about the students before anything else. The labs are small too. They shouldnt have taken too much space for silly things like "having lecturers on each floor". I know they have a good reson behind this, but come on laa. At least make the classrooms big. A waste of space in my opinion.

I can only complain. Hey, that's one of the reasons why I took up blogging. So I can nag constantly =P Maybe I'm just complaining coz I find myself wondering where the heck we're goona have our exams. Where?? Maybe the university is crazy enough to rent PWTC for it. I donno. They are crazy enough to do that sort of thing. I know.

Whatever. All I know is that the people up there just had their minds in making a comfortable atmosphere for their staff (and themselves of course), with absolutely no consideration about their main clients (the students) when planning for this new building.

Hmm.. what a waste.

Monday, July 03, 2006

On the look out


Missing persons section

We are trying to find our long lost friends
Kamal and Amirul, same age as me and Aliya

Used to share a house in Woking Surrey, UK in front of the
Train Track in 1989

Whoever finds anyone matching these discriptions
please contact this blog owner.

Here are a few pictures of the missing persons

Thank you for your cooperation