Monday, August 31, 2009

Ride of My Life

Yesterday, I somehow or rather felt like being productive. Well, not really. Its just that I had the mood to do a video.

So this is what I came up with. I like the lyrics to this song, and it gave me some inspiration.

Ive been trying to upload it on YouTube, but they keep disabling it caused by "third party copyright". Ugh. So I changed video channels. It might be a little slow, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Just wait for it to finish streaming before playing it.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Good Old Days

Salam Ramadhan everyone!

Today my post will not be regarding pegi jalan2 orait. Hehe. Suddenly I missed just writing for the fun of it. Not coz I went somewhere and wanna tell you guys.

To tell you the truth, I'd like to talk about my old chatting days after SPM. Yeah, I was an active chatter. May it be mIRC or MSN. I was always online just for the fun of talking to strangers. When I think about it now, it was rather dangerous. I remember countless times where Mak and Ayah would always tell me about the dangers of talking and giving out personal information about myself to strangers on the net, about the implications and what it might lead to. But being the stubborn child I was back then, I only took like 30% of what Mak and Ayah said.

Actually, it is dangerous (I wouldnt advise my siblings or any high school kids to even try). But I'd like to think that Allah was there to protect me. Maybe berkat doa Mak ngan Ayah kot. Although I still chatted, I went into channels with school friends -- well, they consisted of peers and juniors from school, boys la majority. I couldnt really call them friends until that time. Yelah, budak sekolah agama, mane ckp sgt with boys. I also like to think that this is how I overcame the 'in-the-cacoon' mentality. It really prepared me when I finally when to university.

Other than those channels (or chat rooms) in mIRC, I went into channels of da'wah. I really dont remember the names of those channels. It was like 7 years ago! But among them were #rhaudah, #taqwa. Hahhaha. (I havent went into 'chatting-mode" for a really really long time). But I did find my way into channels like these. There were weekly tazkirah from someone they call Tok Aki. He was an Ustaz. And the conversations in there always revolved around Islam, fiqh, sirah, and aqidah. Sometimes there were fun 'mengarut' times too.

Listening to my parents advice, I didnt use my real name and I didnt really give out personal information that ppl can use. I only showed them my personality, which shockingly they started to love. During that time, I was one of the youngest chatters in those channels, so they really 'took care' of me. Sgt caring and sangat menjaga kita, tak bagi kite buat benda2 tak elok. I always received lots of advices.

My nickname back then was Faqihah, and they all called me qiha. I referred myself as qiha too. Well, you have to admit, it was a cute name :P Hehhe..

Over time, I had my own little 'family'. Although most of these ppl were in their 20s, 30s and 40s, I had my own Tok, an Abi, lots and lots of pakcik and makciks, abgs and kakak2s. It was very cool. They liked you coz of u, not bcoz of ur looks. They knew you by ur personality, with no judgement of appearance or social standing. It was a very good experience.

Alhamdulillah, even though I was naughty by chatting (well, it was considered naughty during that time la), I met very good and decent people. Like I said, berkat doa Mak Ayah kot. And I have to say that the people I met in chatting are much closer to me than real life friends in certain situations.

There are some whom Ive never met before. Some who I dont even know how they look! But I dont care, coz Id rather know them as them. That is if they didnt pretend la. Yeah, there were always dangers of impostors and ppl lying their ears off. I did have some experience with that, but alhamdulillah, all in all, majority of them are very decent ppl.

For those whom Ive met, alhamdulillah. Tok Aki was really an Ustaz and his wife wore a niqab lagi. Ive met them both. Ive met various ppl from my chatting era, especially the kakak2. Diorg belanja buka puasa sama la, bagi hadiah la, ajak dtg kenduri kawen la. It was very cool. And I had my own little community of friends. Im sure when Mak and Ayah read this, they're gonna flip! Hahaha.. yeah, it was dangerous, I know. But I knew how to take care of myself. You guys taught me well *wink*. I would never go alone.

And till this day, the people whom I still keep in contact, are still good friends of mine. I cant believe its been 8 years. Been thru lots with them. They always update me from time to time.

This post was actually initiated by the 'reunion' of me with one of my 'pakcik's from those old days. He contacted me yesterday. Thru YM.

I once asked this little community of mine, the reason why they chatted in the first place. And most of them had personal problems, marriage problems, where they found talking to someone who doesnt know you, to be their escape route. Or rather an alternative to talk with ppl who know you. It doesnt add the pressure of embarrassments and awkward moments.

Others were bcoz they had a hard time making friends in real life. Like this pakcik of mine. He was a very kind man. Very witty and very caring. Much much later, when I became part of the 'family', I he told me that he actually couldnt walk. He was involved in an accident and he will have to be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. This made me very sad.

Although there was the possibility that this was just bull, I was very naive and trusting back then. I took heart with his condition, and kinda helped him heal.

When I attended a #rhaudah gathering that one time, I found out that he wasnt the only one in a wheelchair. Another kakak was in one too. YaAllah, kesian btul. And he wasnt lying to me. He was in a wheelchair.

But I never treated him differently. I knew that being in such a condition, I didnt think he would appreciate being treated differently. The awkward conversations, etc2. Oh, u know what I mean. So I was still the crazy silly little girl I was in the chat rooms. I also found that these ppl were true as they were online. Very very decent ppl. Alhamdulillah.

And I did help this pakcik of mine heal. He called me his "sweet little sister". Later, I learned that he moved on with his life. He got married (I was invited, but I didnt go. I dont remember why, but there was a reason), he returned to work and has been happier since.

Yesterday, he contacted me back after so long. His first news was.. "Qiha, skrg I can drive all by myself! I dont need a driver anymore! :D Now I can drive all the way to Melaka, N9, Johor all by myself! ". YaAllah, he sounded so happy -- well thats how I inteprated his writing la. Alhamdulillah.

Teachers you to always be grateful doesnt it. And also not to judge someone from the outside.

Its a great feeling isnt it when you know you helped someone. A great feeling indeed. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah for letting me go thru this experience.

Which is why I was SO ANGRY when I heard that this certain female sebarkan fitnah about me having an 'affair' with someone on a wheelchair. Aghhhhh! I felt like walking right to her and punching her right in the face, with hope that Id brake her nose.

Ade ke patut. Takpe, biar die tanggung dosa sendiri. Not my problem anymore.
*ish tgh Ramadhan ni. Sabar Amirah, sabar. Nnt kurang pahala puasa.

Again, thank you Allah for taking care of me and letting me stay on the right path.

p/s: this chatting community reminds me of the little group we used to have in efx2. KakLollies, KakElisa, Mr Mosh and many others. I miss that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st Day Ramadhan Overseas

Yup yup. For those who didnt know where I am (kantoi, dah lama tak baca my blog :P), I am not in Malaysia ok folks. Right now Im in the land of the Crocodile Hunter, having my first ever Ramadhan and InsyaAllah Eid away from my parents. Boo Hoo :(

Well, practically I was away from home studying for the last 6 years, and I rarely came back during Ramadhan anyway, but it will be the 1st Eid ever without my parents. I wonder how that's gonna turn out. Good thing Im with Aliya. Ade la jugak family around.

Anyway, anyway.. I wanted to update a bit about how we celebrated the coming of Ramadhan. Of all the things to do on the first day of fasting.. we went to Cape Schanck and had to climb more than 100 steps of stairs!! Crazy or whaat? Hahhahha..

Actually, Aliya brought me to this place called Cape Schanck about an hours drive from Coburg to look at this (pic below). *This post is gonna have lots of pictures in it tau. So bare with me.

Tadaaaa... Magnificant isnt it? MashaAllah..

It was freezing cold! You can see from Layth's expression how cold it was. I had to switch coats with Aliya coz she wore 3 layers of clothing, whilst I just wore 2. Since her coat was much thicker than mine, it suited me perfectly. Fiuh. Seriously sejuk. And later Aliya said "memang la sejukk. Its the most southern part of Australia, and its sea connects to the South Pole." Which also means that the cold wind was from the South Pole too! Hahhaha.

It was a breath taking view. Simply wonderful. I could sit here all day if not for the cold.

These are the steps I was talking about. We didnt feel how many there were on the way down. Nak baik balik tu yang sakit. Hahha.
* Look at Layth's hands. He had them in his pockets while going down the stairs! It was so cute!

Another breath-taking view. Tgk Layth, he was more interested with the kids behind us.

Ok, so we arrived at the tip of the cliffs where we could go down to the sea. I didnt upload the pictures of the path, but the tip (if you look at the pic with Aliya and Layth above), the tips is the rock that's junting out on the left of the picture. Sorry, mls nak upload lain :P

So here I was at this.. what do you call it.. teluk eh? Anyways, it was beautiful. I wanted to test the coldness of the water, so pegi la dekat sikit. After a few attempts from different angles, tibe2 the waves came crashing to the shore and sikiiiiiiit lagi nak kene me. YaAllahhhhhh.. menjerit aku. After that, I terus gave up. It was too scary!

Here's the view from the other angle of the tip. It looked much safer, but it was too far down (as in malas nak naik tangga tinggi tu balik). AND if you look really really close, you can see the 'path' & stairs from the top of the cliff all the way down in this picture. Tengok kat atas belah kiri. Can you see it?

And yeah, we had to climb back up. YaAllahhhhh.. mengah tau tak. I dont know how many steps there were, but boy it was so high! Layth didnt want to walk, so Aliya had to carry him. Hahahha.. Kesian giler. But once we got to the steps, he walked by himself coz he has this fasination with going up and down stairs. Good thing too.

When we finally reached the top, we were panting like dogs -- with our toungues out. Hahahaha.. Dah la puasa!! Hahaha.. That made up my exercise for the week :P Hehhe..

Anyway, here's my "overseas" shot. Hehhehehe..


Ok, next stop.. The actual plan was to pray at this picnic area, then go home. But somehow or rather, we missed the junction (it was closed anyway) and Aliya decided to go stop at this Maze place along the way back. So we stopped there, prayed on the stoned-covered parking lot, then Aliya said "kite masuklah maze ni". Wah.. An unplanned treat! Haha..

This was the first time I went in an actual adult size maze. I dont remember if I suddenly had been in one before. Mane lah tahu time kecik2 kan. But mazes are so pretty. Ok ok, they are pretty from the top and scary when ur in them :P

Being in THIS maze reminded me of the scene from HP the Goblet of Fire, where the hedges ate ppl up and closed around you. Hahhaha.. me and my imagination!

Other than mazes, this 'park' also had wetlands, giant games and bird watching. I also think the ppl who made this park are a little sarcastic in their funny department. Just read below to understand what I mean. Hehehe..

Sarcastic and reverse psychology ek. Hehhe. But funny nontheless.

Ok, 3 words.. BIG CHESS SET!! Woohoooo!! hahha. Layth had a blast with this.

Here's another mini maze. Hehhehe.. Yg ni best coz you can see where the path to the centre is. Hehhehhe..

Below is Aliya & Layth beside the wetlands.. actually I dont know what it is. Lalang kot. Lalang pun boleh nampak cantikkan. Hehhe..

Ok, last picture.. my other overseas picture :D

I hoped you enjoyed the pictures. I actually wanted to do a post about something else I did yesterday, but since I havent written about this one, I tot maybe I should do it first. Hehhehe.. Ok, wait for my next post ok. :D

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ahmad's Hutang

Ok, Ahmad tagged me in July. So this is sort of membayar hutang la ni. Haha

1. What is the most important thing in your life?
- Being happy

2. What is the last thing you bought with your own money?
- I dont have any own money :P
ok ok.. emmm... paid AUD12 to enter Boneo Maze

3. Where do you wish to get married?
- Where ever my family is

4. How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
- Hopefully in the next couple of years. Ameen

5. Are you in love?
- Right now? Sure. I love my family and friends :D

6. Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
- Alamaro (The expert in Italian Cuisine)
The Steak Fungi was heavenly!

7. Name the latest book you bought.
- Wau, this is hard.. I think it was a Jane Austin Book

8. What is your full name?
- Amirah Dayana Azlan

9. Do you prefer your mother or father?
- I love them both. Muahx2 to my parents! :D

10. Name a person you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
- To list a few: Rasulullah, DSAI, my future husband.
If I were being naughty, Id like to meet face to face with: RP, TL, SM, Fav Author, Fav Band, Fav MU players. Hahhaha.. this list can go on and on babeh :P

11. Christina or Britney?
Hmm.. both were bad chicks. But in the current situation, maybe Britney. I like her songs pre-disturbed mom. The best of two evils. Haha

12. Do you do your own laundry?
- Yup.

13. The most exciting place you want to go?
- Again, to list a few: Makkah, Madinah, Palestine, UK, Paris, Vancover, Japan, Korea.

14. Camera or MP3 or handphone?
A DSLR would be nice. But you cant survive without handphones now.

15. 3 things I say too often?
- Sabar je la.
- Ceh.
- (...) giler. -- as in ________ giler.

16. Book I read recently.
- Eclipse by Steph Meyer (for the hundrenth time) Hahaha

17. 4 songs I could listen over and over again.
- Asmaul Allah - Sami Yusuf
- Tika Dinihari - Devotees
- Destinasi Cinta - Mestica
- Here by Me - 3 Doors Down

18. 3 things I learned last year.
- Life is hard
- Life doesnt always turn out the way you want
- You dont determine ur life. You can try, but it all depends of what Allah allows.

19. 8 people I tag.
- Hmm.. anyone can do this if you want.

My Mt Buller Experience

So ok, I better start writing about my snow trip before it gets too old. Haha.

Last weekend.. (or was it the other weekend).. haha. ok, the weekend before Ramadhan, we (as in Me, Aliya, Layth, Kak Intan and Her Mom) went on a snow trip on the top of Mount Buller. We hoped for a sunny day, but being in Melbourne -- with its unpredictable weather, it was raining along the whole journey. Boo Hoo..

But as our family always say "Think Positive!", so we went all the way to the top anyway. Ahaa.. did I tell you what we drove to the top? Tadaaaa...

The Nissan X-Trail

This is a VERY cool car I tell you. Its a good thing Im familiar with driving big cars (as in SUVs or MPVs) so it wasnt that scary to drive. In fact, it was AWESOME! Hahhaha.. All new cars are awesome arent they. I had the chance to drive back down and back home. Awesome I tell you, just awesome.

So Aliya took the driver's seat all the way to the top. It was a 3 1/2 hour journey. Fiuh! But I didnt get any shut eye coz I was too excited. Bayangkanlah, I havent touched snow (may it be real or artificial) for 16 years! I dont even remember how it felt like, or how cold it really is. So you cant blame me for being so jakon. Haha.. Anyhow, the scenery throughout the 3 hour journey was great too. Why? Bcoz its always an eye opener to look at spectacular scenery that is different from the ones in Malaysia. Tak kesah la hutan ke ape. Hehe..

The trip to the top of the mountain took about 45 minutes. And it was so foggy that I had goosebumps. It was still raining and we couldnt see anything! Ok, that was a little exxagerated, but we could only see 1-2 metres away. So Aliya drove real slow and real carefully. I cant believe how they drive buses all the way to the top, the roads were so narrow!

But alhamdulillah we arrived safely to the parking lot. It was still raining a bit, but dah alang2 sampai tu, pegi je la kan. You wont see how strong the winds were and how foggy it was from the pictures. Coz pictures can be deceiving -- also with the right shutter spead it wont really show now would it :P

Aliya had prepared me with 5 layers of clothing. I only wore 3 layers in the car coz it was getting hot and that doesnt really go well with my body. I was starting to get a headache from the heat. So when I came out of the SUV, I was smacked with ice cold wind right in my heiny. Hahahahha. YaAllah.. tak terkata sejuknye. Aliya said it was 8 degrees. But I highly doubt that the wind was that tempreture. So we all covered up, and I wore all 5 layers right there and then. And I was STILL freezing. Hahahha.

My nose hurt too. Which explains why I was all covered up, looking like I was wearing a niqab. Hehehe. I think I was more excited than Layth. Die buat muka 10 sen je. Hehhe.

So we took the free shutter bus up to the villiage and again it was SO foggy, it was scary riding that bus. I felt myself shiver everytime it took a turn on the narrow road. But we arrived safely alhamdulillah (obviously :P) and the clock tower showed 3 degrees. Hahahhaha.. YaAllah, sakit dada aku.

We settled our lunch and solat first before heading to the snow. Ok, pictures pictures!

You can see my excitement! Hahahha and my obviously cheaky face.

But it was awesome holding snow in ur hands. But mind you, make sure you wear water proof gloves ya. If not, u'll feel the cold right to the bone. Hahha.

From left: Ibu, Kak Intan, Me & Layth

I wanted to build my very own snow man, but Layth kept destroying it. So I made a small one instead. Kecik pun kecik la. As long as dpt buat snow man. Hehhe..

Me with my very own miniture snowman :D
(Layth destoyed it right after this picture was taken)

The cold was both great and agony. Haha. But my nose didnt hurt that much anymore, so I took off the 'niqab'. It was a good thing Layth was excited too. If not, I would look like an idiot being the jakon one. Hahhahaha :P

I know it looks like Aliya yang terlebih excited, but Layth was having so much fun, he didnt even want to look at the camera! Haha

So ok, this picture really shows my jakon-ness. Hahhaha. But notice the background? See what I meant by it being really really foggy? Thats exactly how it looked to us.

Even with the awful weather, ppl were crazy enough to come all the way to the top of Mt. Buller to play snow. Opps.. us included :P Haha

I wanted to do a snow angel, but it was too cold! And our butts will go numb if we sat on the snow for too long. Haha. So we just took this picture.

If it were a fine day, this is what Mt. Buller would look like.

I would have seen the spectacular view from the top of the mountain.

Id also get to ride the ski lifts -- which Ive been dying to go on.

We'd also have awesome pictures.

But you know what? All that didnt really matter. I had a wonderful time and Id love to go again someday. It was a great experience, a trip Ill never forget :D Thanks Aliya!

On the way back, I drove. And we took another route home. This is what we came across.

Remember the terrible bush fires that struck Australia earlier in the year? Well we took that road by accident and it was very creepy.

This was basically what it looked like to us.

It was only 4pm, but the sky suddenly started to darken. I tot it was bcoz of the short day span in winter, but as it turned out, we were on the highway thru the destroyed lands caused by the bush fires.

It was a very sad and horrifying thing to see. We were in the SUV, but the black colour of the trees that were eaten by the flames was way way up. About 4-5 metres kot. Scary kan. You can just imagine how big and how high the flames were.

All along the way, we could see the destruction the bush fires made. Subahanallah, sgt menginsafkan. Although most of the trees were black in colour, they were starting to heal. There were little greens starting to grow. A sign of hope.

After the creepy forest road, we arrived at a road where you could see the horizon. Very very nice. And we stumbled across lots and lots and lots of vine yards. Ceh. Tmpt buat wine rupanya. Ntah2 thats the reason behind the bush fires tak.


So we arrived home at around 7. It was oredi dark by then. Solat, had dinner and went straight to bed with dreams of holding snow again. Haha.

All and all, a great and unforgettable experience. Alhamdulillah

Friday, August 21, 2009

Kesedihan dalam Gembira

Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

Dalam kegembiraan kita semua menyambut Ramadhan yang penuh barakah ini, kami semua telah digemparkan dengan berita kembalinya ibunda tersayang Kak Has ke rahmatullah pada jam 3 ptg tadi.

Kami semua merasai kesedihan yang tak terhingga dengan berita ini. Ibu kak has juga bagaikan ibu kami semua.
YaAllah, Kau tempatkanlah roh Mama dalam golongan yang sentiasa dibawah RahmatMu YaAllah. Berkatilah hidupnya, ampunkanlah segala dosa-dosanya, permudahkanlah segala urusannya. YaAllah, halalkanlah makan minumnya dan segala hutangnya didunia ini YaAllah. YaAllah, kami amat menyayangi Mama, kau berilah ketenangan padanya dan jauhkanlah Mama dari segala azab kubur. Engkaulah Tuhan yang Maha Pengasih dan Maha Pengampun. Perkenankanlah doa kami Ya Allah, perkenankanlah doa kami Ya Allah. Amin, amin ya Rabbal Alamin.
Kak Has, kami sentiasa bersama akak. We love you and we will always be here for you.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Welcome Back Ramadhan

Salam semua. Hey everyone =)

Hope everyone is happy and healthy where ever you may be in the world.

So tinggal brape hari lagi nak masuk Ramadhan. Ape khabar semua? Dah prepare diri ke blum? Harap2 dah. Puasa dah abis ganti ke? Kalau tak sempat takpe, bile bab ganti puasa ni, takde syarat yg kata kene habiskan ganti sblm Ramadhan seterusnya. Ganti puasa boleh bawak ke tahun2 seterusnya. Tp yang penting kene la ganti. Itu sbb org selalu ckp kene ganti sblm Ramadhan akan dtg, kalau tak, makin bertambahlah hari2 untuk ganti tu.

Alhamdulillah, dah setahun berlalu. So mcmane dgn diri kita? Ade perubahan tak? Harap2nya semua berubah ke arah yang baik InsyaAllah *wink*

Selamat kembali ya Ramadhan. Kami semua merinduimu. Inilah masa terbaik untuk kite perbanyakkan amalan. Ini jugak masa yang paling best untuk repair hubungan kita dengan Allah. Ini lah masanya kite tidak diganggu oleh bisikan2 syaitan yang selalu ada untuk menyesatkan kita.

Kawan2 yang di sayangi kerana Allah, isilah bulan ini dengan amalan. Perbanyakkan ibadah malam, banyakkan bersedekah. Semoga semua amalan kita jadi penebus dosa2 kita untuk bekalan akhirat insyaAllah. Tp ingat, tiada satu amalan baik pun yang diterima Allah jika solat 5 waktu kita tak tunaikan. Semuanya sia-sia sahaja. Solatlah amalan pertama yang akan dihisab kelak. Jika lengkap amalan solatnya, barulah dilihat amalan2 lain. Tak bermakna kalau kite akhlak baik, kite byk sedekah, kite tolong org miskin, kita buat charity work byk2 kalau solat kita tak cukup, sbb Allah tak tengok pun semua tu. In fact, puasa kita yang sampai sebulan ni pun tak dikira.

Bulan Ramadhanlah bulan paling istimewa. Semua ibadah dan amalan kita dpt pahala yang berganda berbanding bulan biasa. Tp ingat, bila pahala berganda, amalan yang berdosa pun berganda dosanya.

Carilah nikmat Lailatul Qadar.

Wahai saudara2 ku seIslam, ambillah peluang ini sebaik2nya. Doa agar Allah sentiasa menetapkan hati2 kita dalam agamanya dan sentiasa di siratul mustaqim. Agar kita akan berada dalam golongan yang terselamat pada hari qiamat nanti.

Janganlah kita mensia-siakan masa yang dianugerahkan untuk kita ini. Isilah Ramadhan dgn sebaiknya sbb tahun depan, belum tentu kita dapat menikmatinya lagi.

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan yang penuh barakah ni. Semoga kita semua menggunakan masa ni dengan sebaik-baiknya InsyaAllah.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After months of kononnye 'renovate' my public blog, Ive finally opened it back.

But we fore warned that the design is very very very similar to this blog. There's only about 3% difference. Hahha.. Well ok, maybe 5%.

Sorry la, tapi tgh malas nk pk design lain. Ill do it when I find the inspiration. Kwang3x :P

The topics of discussion over there is gonna be somewhat different, and there might also be the same posts that I put here.

So please feel free to go and visit any time you want. Its public anyhow. Haha.

opps.. I forgot to put the link. Please click here.


I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It has made me cry numerous times. Please listen to it.

When I listen to this song, it makes me miss Rasulullah so much and wish that he is still here with us. Its very sad to see how chronic the Muslims are today. We are in a time where humans are no longer afraid of Allah, in a time where humans no longer know what is right from batil. We are surrounded by ppl who no longer know what is pahala and what is sin. There are even "nonpracticing Muslims", and they are even proud of it! YaAllah.

It makes me miss our Prophet more and more. How I just wish he was here to help us all unite and come back to Allah. But once I thought that thru, I realised that is exactly what we are here for.

But it doesnt leasten my yearning for him to be here with us. Enjoy the song, and may it bring you what it has brought me, InsyaAllah.

Feed Your Soul.. Pray!

We have come so consumed by our chaotic lifestyles that we rarely ever have a moment to think about how we are living our lives, or reflect upon our actions.

We feel discontent and unhappy with our lives, feeling hopeless and in despair.

To counter this condition, Muslim have been instructed to give up basic desires during the days of an entire month to help re-energise their minds, bodies and souls.
It is also a time to reflect upon the previous year and prepare for the next, hopefully with a purified soul and fresh, optimistic outlook on life.

The month of Ramadhan however, is not the only opportunity Muslims have to strengthen their relationship with Allah. Every day, at five separate times, Muslim have been instructed to stop whatever it is they are doing, purify their bodies and hearts with Solah (prayer).

Solah is one of the fundamental pillars of the Islam, distinguishing it from all other religions.

For Muslims, prayer is sanctuary from the hectic pace of this world. Without prayer, a Muslim has no link with Allah and their sorrows and fears fall only on the helpless ears of others.

Next post: Why should I perform Solah?

Welcoming Ramadhan

Alhamdulillah, there are only a few days left till Ramadhan. Let us welcome this holy month with open arms and with high hopes. Let us fully use this time to gain as much pahala by doing ibadah and to obtain Allah's maghfirah InsyaAllah.

Here is a nasyid welcoming Ramadhan. Enjoy =)

Welcome Ramadan
by Zain Bhikha

Welcome o ramadaan
Your are honoured
O month of the qur'aan
It is ramadaan

O one who sleeps
Stand up and declare
The oneness of Allah
The oneness of Allah

O one who fasts
Stand up in prayer at night
And Allah will forgive
And Allah will forgive

Welcome o ramadaan
Your are honoured
O month of the qur'aan
It is ramadaan

O you believe
Give charity
For the pleasure of Allah
For the pleasure of Allah

O you who believe
Read the qur'aan
Every night of ramadaan
Every night of ramadaan

Welcome o ramadaan
Your are honoured
O month of the qur'aan
It is ramadaan

O you who believe
Look out for the night
Most blessed of all nights
Most blessed of all nights

O you who believe
Take hold of this night
And lament to Allah
And lament to Allah

Welcome o ramadaan
Your are honoured
O month of the qur'aan
It is ramadaan

O you who believe
At the end of Ramadaan
Don't weaken your iman
Don't weaken your iman

O you who believe
Give thanks to Allah
For the month of Ramadaan
For the month of Ramadaan

Welcome o ramadaan
Your are honoured
O month of the qur'aan
It is ramadaan

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Under New Management

Naaaahh.. Not really. I just modified the design.

If you notice, there are a few things I havent upgraded yet.

That is due to the fact that I lost ALL my previous coding, and it made me cranky. Ugh.

Anyhow, I hope this design is orite. I couldnt find my enthusiasm back after I lost everything when my laptop suddenly restarted. So you'll have to bear with this design until I get my mojo back.

Oh yeah, I have a headache too. I need sleep.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Akan Datang

Akan Datang

My Mt. Buller Snow Trip. Yehaaaaaa!! :D

Thursday, August 13, 2009

For Mak & Ayah

Im feeling a little sentimental at the moment.

Ive been browsing for new nasyid songs to be used for a programme, and I stumbled across some very good ones. Listening to all these ibu & ayah songs, made me suddenly miss my parents who are thousands of miles away. Anyhow, here are some songs dedicated to my beloved parents.

This first nasyid has always been used in our programmes. I cry every single time I listen to it. No exceptions.

For Ayah:

This one is for Mak:

Love you guys so much. Muahx2
Im feeling a little sentimental at the moment.

Ive been browsing for new nasyid songs to be used for a programme, and I stumbled across some very good ones.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Picture Time!

Picture time folks. Just a brief picture post about whats been happening. Although it doesnt really tell you anything. Haha. Just bear with me ok.

This was my scones meal at KLIA. Yummy yummy

Budak comel ni tgh ade 'peace' craze. Ade camera je nak buat peace. Walaupun tak jadi. Hehhe

In front of the emm.. ape ek nama die, tak ingat. But sort of like the Eye on Malaysia

The name says it all. It was VERY cold here. Very windy.

You know the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Well, this was sort of like that, only its for Australian stars. I looove Cate Blanchett! Oh you know... Galadriel in LOTR. She's an awesome actress.

Ok, this one is especially for Ismail. Hahaha. Sorry, personal joke :P

I couldnt resist taking this one. Who doesnt love the beautiful Nicole :)

Ok, last picture. Look at him eat that thing! Semangat giler!! Hahha CUTE

Iced Water

Hey all. Sorry for not updating. Been busy and freezing my ears off. Haha.

Guess what. If I dont take a shower today, it would be exactly 3 days since I bathe. Hahahhahahahahhahahaha.

Ok, before you go and judge me, it is my duty to inform you that it is FREEZING over here. And its getting colder by the day. Its been extremely cold the past few days, Layth pun Aliya tak bagi mandi. Although Aliya does, coz she needs to go to the Hospital. I cant imagine how showering at 7 in the morning feels like, when showering at 1 in the afternoon pun sejuk giler.

I constantly wear gloves in the house now. Yesterday, was worst! It rained all day! You cant imagine how cold it was sidai baju kat luar. Grrrrrr.. Im starting to shiver just remembering it. Hahhaha.

Ambil wuduk 5 times a day is also a chore. Haha. Ok, imagine this. Even though you take wuduk with hot water, it starts to wear off once you take ur feet out of the warm water. THEN it starts to tingle like you just put ur feet in a bucket of ice water! Hahahhahaha. It hurts, mind you. Really hurts.

So if you wanna know how cold it is here, why dont you try putting ur feet in ice water. Once you've done that, come and 'complain' to me. Hehhehe..

Monday, August 10, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine

You HAVE to watch this! Its SO CUTE!! Hhahahha.. Oh come on, dont be so serious, have a laugh. Hahhahahha. Watch this and tell me what you think *wink*

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Soap

Hey ho everyone. Day three in Melbourne. Still cold and freezing. Frankly, I think its getting colder by the day. Sorry I havent been online or on YM lately. Rasa mcm malas pun ade. Maybe as time passes, Ill get the hang of the fact that even though its dark outside, its only 6 pm. Hehhe.. Anyhow, the days are shorter too. Kejap je dah petang. Btul la Aliya ckp, its easier to puasa in winter.

Talking about days, I switched on the tv today and taddaaaa.. Ade Days of Our Lives! Hahhahahahha.. of all the soap opera yang ade, yg ni yg di tunjuk. Hehhee.. I didnt think Id be watching this again. Lawak la.

With all the Stephano's drama, being the villian and being able to 'control' people. Then with Melaina who's the obsession of Stephano, and John who Melaina really loves yada yada yada.

Pelik btul la cerita ni. This person falls in love with this person, with all the revenge and dengki sini sana. Pening btul.

I wonder where in the 'series' Australia is airing on TV. I certainly have no idea. Hahhahha..

I just hope I dont get hooked like I used to time cuti SPM dulu. Hehhe

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Assalamualaikum wrt wbt.

Heya all. Im officially writing from my sister's house in Melbourne Australia at the moment.

Yeah, Im all the way here. I apologise to those whom I didnt inform. It was actually a spur of the moment decision, and I didnt have enough time to tell everyone. Those whom havent had time to visit my blog for a while might have missed the news in some previous post. And those who havent gained my permission to read obviously la tak tahu la kan.

So here goes. Its very cold over here. Its the middle of winter. I di sambut by an 8C temperature! hahaha. Keluar2 je airport, the wind blew at my face, so I received the cold air straight in the face! haha.. sejuk giler!

Im currently wearing gloves while typing, coz I just washed my hands and they're starting to feel like just being dipped in ice water. hahahha.

The flight was awesome I tell you. My previous experience wasnt that great, but this one totally made up for that one. I slept like a baby. Cewah. Although this might be due to the fact that I didnt get enough sleep before.

My weekend was such a rush. I finished packing only on friday night. Since I had an ABJZ programme that weekend, I was swamped with all sorts of stuff to settle other than packing. I had to pack, to settle items for a slot in the programme, prepare myself since I had to give a slot during the programme myself, and I had to complete a video clip to be used. This lead to me not getting any sleep on friday night. Haha.

I actually finished everything a couple of hours before Subuh, but thinking about it, I thought that it would be better to just stay up rather than sleep the last few hours. Ive never been good at handling lack of sleep, so better not take the few hours and wake up with a headache and a foul mood. The very next day, I drove to Benut with a fellow facilitator.

I specifically requested to attend this 29 hour abjz programme, coz it was unique in a sense that 50% of the students were anak org asli. The programme was interesting mind you. I might tell you all about it another time.

So the programme finished at around 1.15p.m. And since the programme was in Benut, the journey back home was about an hour. Arrived home at about 2.30p.m. and finished whatever was left of packing. My flight from JB to KLIA was at 6.40, so I had to be at the airport an hour before that. I had some time to spare so Ayah told me to get some shut eye.

After arriving at the airport just on time -- haha -- I went to check-in. Had some drama there. Fiuh. I was also starving, so pegi mkn. There was also some drama with Mak's videocam and my laptop, but I wont go into that. Last2, I went in 10 minutes before take off. Cuak kejap when Ayah said that entah2 gate dah tutup dah. But rupanye mmg they didnt call the passengers in yet coz security at the departure lmbt sgt, so if lambat pun the security will be blamed, not the passengers. So I kissed my parents, my siblings and went in. Flying kissed them at the escalator and set off. THIS flight was awesome coz I sat alone. It was also very smooth.

I arrived at KLIA at about 7.50p.m.. I just sat down and switched on my phone, tibe2 ayah call. Terkejut jap. He told me about the transfer desk and all. But I waited for a while for my friends to call or sms. Coz if they came, I had to go outside. I not, I could just go straight to the international departures. I waited for quite a while, but since they didnt really mention anything about coming, takkan nak call tanye pulak. Nnt diorg takde plan nk dtg, kan malu. Hehe. SoI decided to just go to transfer.

Just when I arrived at the international terminal, tibe2 dpt msg from my friends kata they got my msg late. Laaa.. kawan2 aku dtg rupanye. Laaa.. tu la, lenkali kalau org tu kene transit, bgtau la kalau nk dtg. Takleh surprise2. Hehehhe.. but I love my friends for the thought. Terharu sgt. Thanks guys! Although I dont know who really came, tak sempat nk tanye.

As I waited for the flight, my stomach was growling. Lapar. haha.. So I stopped at The Coffee Bean which was in looking distance from my gate. Duduk la situ mkn scones. I didnt plan to drink any coffee, but dpt free so minum je la. Usually coffee refrains me from sleeping, but it didnt work this time around. Maybe bcoz I was too tired and sleepy.

As I went into the gate, I was preparing to sms Ayah to say that I was going in oredi, when tibe2 Wani call. Wahhhh.. terkejut beruk aku. Haha.. Thanks Wani!! Muahx2. Then they started to call the passengers in, I was one of the last coz my seat was at the front of the aircraft.

Again, the flight was awesome. Ahh, best best. Tenang aku tido. The Select TV (this is the options in our personal tv screen in the plane) didnt have any technical difficulties (like last time) and the food was devine and heavenly. Mewah betul mknan MAS.

And, like I said, I slept like a baby. Harap2 I didnt snore or anything. I usually snore when Im ill or too tired. So hopefully not. My slumber was disturbed once when the chinese lady beside me wanted to go to the toilet -- oh yeah, I got the aisle seat, which I prefer compared to the middle seat. Other than that, the service was very satisfactory Alhamdulillah.

Since I didnt bring any food with me, the customs was also very smooth sailing. Kalau tak, mesti mcm2 hal. So I went out of the arrival hall and tried to call Aliya like she told me to. Rupanye tak cukup 10cents. Hahha.. so dpt sms je. I thought of so many ways how to contact Aliya, tp tak berjaya. Last2 tu terduduk la kat situ, tak tahu nak buat ape.

Tibe2, ade org pegang dari tepi. Aliya!! Hahhahaha.. terkejut jap. Wah, lega pun ade coz I didnt know what else to do. So we went home, Aliya cooked breakfast and she went off to the hospital.

Ill tell you what happened on the first day at home with Layth in another post. Hahha.

Thats all for now. Ill write later! Over and out.