Thursday, December 30, 2004

My results are out!

This is the time of the semester I hate the most. Results time. Actually, I sort of hate the dreadful anticipation of it all. It would be fun if you're confident with your results, but like many of us, we aren't 100% sure of things. My results used to be taken by mak. She's the one that would take the first look and give the first reaction (either joy or dissapointment). Which includes my PMR and SPM results of course. Oh yeah, since she used to be a teacher at my school, all the results for every subject there is.. hahaha..

So since I was 'left' on my own in KL, I had to do everything on my own.. namely taking my results by myself. hahaha.. I know it sounds funny, but its a whole new experience for me. Dont you just hate that dissapointing feeling of not reaching up to your standards?

What I love about my parents is the fact that they don't mind us not being the best in everything. They don't expect us to be. We are all unique and different, even among our siblings and they love us with every single uniqueness there is. They don't want us to be the same. Being excel in our academic is something they push for, but if we don't live up to their expectations, its okey as long as we've already put in our best effort. That is what's important. Effort.

Ok, I know what you're all thinking.. "stop blabbering already, what about your results?!" hahahha.. okey2, I'll cut through the case. According to a "reliable" source, =) I got the highest CGPA! Yay!!! Alhamdulillah. Its the most wonderful news I've heard all week. Ya Allah, you don't know how grateful I am. Syukur IlaRabbul Izzati. I got the highest, Eila second and Ikha third (the three 'otai's of our batch). Great competition you guys!

Rumor also has it that for this semesters GPA, a BOY got the highest mark. Wau, if that's true then I salute you brother. Being the first ever boy to beat us three. Hehehe.. wau, CONGRATULATIONS dude. This semester was the toughest, I can assure you. I bet you dont believe it yourself do you? =) Better believe it coz I'm gonna to take it back from you if I see you again in the future. Be prepared dude! Whuahahahah (*laughing an evil laugh) ;)

Like I meantioned earlier, this has been a tough semester. One of the toughest. Imagine having tons of assignments to be done in such a short time. Having nearly 4 datelines in a week. Hahahah.. I can't believe I survived that. But I did thanks to You Allah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am so excited, I can't contain myself to just sit in front of the computer and type. I need to DO something. Since the senat meeting just finished yesterday, the oficial results may come out early next month. Fuh, the agony of waiting. So I'll inform you with the updated facts later alrite?

Over and out (with a smile of course)..

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

An inspirational and stimulating Speech

Yesterday I saw a very motivating person give one of the most beautiful speeches ever. I was stunned by the way he spoke beautiful words making the audience gape with awe. Well, most probably it was because of his handsome looks that made people stare.. haha..

He is soOooOooOo HANDSOME isn't he? =) Posted by Hello

Anyhow, let me paste you his speech, then you be the judge.

Today marks a profound mile of bitter sweet memories for us all
As we bear witness to both an ending and a beginning
And while we must continue on
We must also be grateful to have been blessed
With someone who has guided us to where we are today.
When there has been so much love and happiness for someone
It is natural to be reluctant to close such a wonderful chapter in our life.
For moving forward is rarely accomplished without considerable grief and sadness.
And while our sorrow may be profound
The clouds will clear and the sun will shine on us
And in that warm bright light, we will find ourselves a glorious future.
A future of exciting challenges and infinite possibility
In which the horizon will stretch out before us in the heavenly glow
Of the sunrise of our tomorrow

Prince Edvard the 3rd
The Crown Prince of Denmark

So, what do u think? =) Beautiful isn't it?

Monday, December 27, 2004

Amin ya Rabbul Alamin..

Sekiranya kita cinta kepada manusia
Tidak semestinya manusia cinta kepada kita
Tetapi sekiranya kita cinta kepada Allah
Nescaya cinta Allah tiada penghujungnya

Sekiranya kita cinta kepada manusia
Kita akan cemburu kepada orang yang menyintai mereka yang kita cintai
Tetapi sekiranya kita cinta kepada Allah
Kita akan turut menyintai mereka yang melabuhkan cintanya kepada Allah juga

Ya Allah
Seandainya dia adalah jodoh yang ditetapkan olehMu kepadaku
Maka lahirkanlah ke dalam hatiku
Cinta kepadanya adalah keranaMu
Dan lahirkanlah ke dalam hatinya
Cinta kepadaku adalah keranaMu

Seandainya die bukan jodoh yang ditetapkan olehMu kepadaku
Berikanlah ku kekuatan agar pasrah
Dalam mengharungi ujian
Yang Kau beri kepadaku

Ya Allah, jika aku jatuh cinta, cintakanlah aku pada seseorang yang melabuhkan cintanya kepadaMu, agar bertambah kekuatanku untuk menyintaiMu

Ya Muhaimin, jika aku jatuh cinta, jagalah cintaku padanya agar tidak melebihi cintaku kepadaMu

Ya Rabbana, jika aku jatuh hati, jagalah hatiku padanya agar tidak berpaling padaMu

Ya Rabbul Izzati, jika aku rindu, rindukanlah aku pada seseorang yang merindu syahid dijalanMu..

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin..

This is a poem written by Aminah Qutb dedicated to her husband. The actual verse is in arabic and this is the translation. It's a beautiful peom so let us all place it in our hearts so that we will forever remember that The Al-Mighty's love is far greater than human love.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Sister sister

I have been blessed with having a sister, who is also my best friend. With just 1 year and 10 months separating us, she has been spared the obligation of calling me 'kaklong' or kakak =p So, she calls me 'Aliya' just like my friends would.

We fought a lot when we were kids... (yup, the traditional hair-pulling, face-scratching cat fights) and we got into a lot of trouble. While she was a timid and obedient kid, I was boisterous and rebellious. It was mostly my fault that we got in trouble, really. (Remember how mad Mak was coz we threw raisins into the toilet? And how we played Houdini and I couldn't get out of the box?)

Despite our fights, we knew each other so well that there was no need to apologize to each other. We've never said sorry to each other all our short life. There was no need. :-)

I guess she waited until her teens to show her streak of rebellion. And I waited 'til my teens to show an ounce of obedience. Looks like we changed personalities!

Amirah & Aliya on Bukit Cerapan, UTM

She looks like Mak and I look like Ayah... she's 4cm taller than me... but people still insist on thinking that we're twins!

Luv ya heaps, sis.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

My chance of a Lifetime!

A week after my exams, the Student Affairs Manager (Ms Put) called me up to say that the Student Council need to go to an important dinner. I've learned long ago to expect the unexpected from UNIKL. Hahaha.. anyway, since the holidays have started, some of the SRC had already gone home so there were just a few left. I went of course.. =P

Anyhow, the dinner I'm talking about on 7th December is called "Majlis Mesra AidilFitri bersama Pemimpin Perwakilan Pelajar anjuran Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia". Since our president didnt attend this gala event, I got the shock of my life when the organisers wanted me to sit at the VIP table to represent UNIKL. Oh my God! You'd never believe how shocked I was.

Till today, I still dont believe that I sat with all the presidents of the universities in Lembah Klang. It was such an honour. The presidents that were there were from UM, UIA, UiTM, UniSeL, UTM KL, IMU and UKM. I am alhamdulillah in good terms with the representative from UM and UTM. Like I said, such an honour.

Now, I actually feel pitty to all the people who used to think I was a nobody. Huh! Serves you right! I even met with the president from YOUR university, so dont judge a person just because you think you know them. You dont.
Being in UNIKL has taught me a lot. New experiences, new and true good friends, and just a whole lot of wonderful memories. I can truely assure you that I have not regretted my decision to come here till this day forward. Never.

A wonderful dinner with the Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia Posted by Hello

Top left pic: Me with my friends (Diana, Kak Lydia, Me and Qauthar)

Bottom left pic: Me sitting at the VIP table with the representatives from UTM, IMU and UM.

Right pic: Me getting a token of appreciation from the Jabatan Penerangan Malaysia

Like I said, a wonderful dinner I'll never forget =)

Monday, November 08, 2004

Cewah.. hari ni ade function kat hotel..

Of all days, hari ni jugak ade function kat Prescot Inn Hotel. Tengah sibuk2 mcm ni, waktu tu lah nak kene ade function. Tensyen betul lah. Ok, it's not good to complain too much. Better stop. Kene redha lah. Actually, the reason I started this post with a big sigh is because the 2 thick documentatiooooon hari tu kene reject. Waaaaaaaaa... sedihnye. I thought I'd be able to forget about it after dah hantar, rupanye tak. Anyhow, me and fad have to alter balik sikit hari ni and then terus hantar. I've gotten sick just looking at it.
That's the bad news for today. The good news is about the function this evening. Actually, we have a function gathering all the new batch of JPP and all the award winners from this semester. Which includes the winners of the cyberjaya competition, and animation competition peringkat negara that UNIKL sent. We actually won one gold award and one bronze. Terrer jugak students kat sini ek. Oh, not forgetting the canselor and president award recipient during the graduation. Lahai, dah dapat dah waktu graduation, nak sijil lagi ke.. hehe.. cukup2 lah award. Nanti tak terkejar nanti. =P
We also have to angkat sumpah today. Just imagine, I became the Vice President of UNIKL IIM just a few weeks ago, hari ni kene angkat sumpah, then another 1 month to go, dah kene pegi practical. Sound funny kan? Anyhow, I still have to fulfill my responsibility as the VP eventhough dah pegi practical. Looks like I have to come to KL a few times during my 4 month period of practical. Hmm.. Not complaining, mind you =)
So, what else shoud I write? Oh yeah, two more days till balik kelantan for raya. Can't wait! Kaklong, first time raye without us. tak bestnye.. jadi balik mesia tak nanti? Balik laaaaa... k? =)