Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Another sign?

Something happened late last night. Sumatra was hit by an 8.5 earth quake. The tremors and aftershock were so hard that people from Penang, Langkawi, even KL could feel it. In everyone’s mind, the incident of the tragic tsunami came back again.

I was shocked to hear the news that people from Larkin felt it as well. Maybe I was too tired yesterday that I slept like the dead. I certainly didn’t feel anything. Not that I want to that is..

Something funny happened this morning. As usual, I do my wake up call to my friend.

I thought it was a joke when I was told “Semalam ade gempa bumi kat Sumatra”..

In my mind I was thinking “Eh, die ni mamai ke ape ni. Mesti die tak cukup tido ni..”

I just answered okey, never even thinking what I heard was true. The realization finally came to me when Mak came into the room a few minutes after that and repeating the exact news I just heard from my friend.

I laughed to myself after that.

But like I said, everyone’s mind came back to the tsunami incident when they heard the news. No one wants such a tragedy to happen again. Nauzubillahiminzalik..

As I heard the news, about ppl’s experiences, most of them mentioned about their pets acting weird. With the cats that kept meowing, dogs barking all nite, the birds in the trees that kept chirping, even the crickets sounded differently. Just imagine such an incident to happen at midnite. There is nothing weirder than that.

An awakening conclusion, the animals knew what was coming.

Alhamdulillah no one was killed here in Malaysia. But the fate of the Muslims in Sumatra is yet to be certain. Let us all pray for their safety.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Liars and Hypocrites

Let’s talk about liars and hypocrites today. Personally, I hate these types of people. They are just a nuisance to the world. They are the ones who bring trouble and disorder.

Hypocrites are people who are not really themselves. Truthfully, hypocrites ARE liars, and liars ARE hypocrites. These two words cannot be separated.

Ever known someone you think you knew but in the end you found out, the person we claim to know isn’t really that person? Ever had a person lie right in front of your nose with no feeling of guilt or regret? Ever see someone you claim to know as a total stranger to you? How would you feel when you found out that every single word that came out of someone were all lies right from the start?

These types of questions arise due to the existence of hypocrites and liars. Some people pretend they are someone, when they’re not. They wear masks to hide their true self.

Never believe someone who answers “on the way” when you ask where they are. That person is normally late and trying to cover up their tardiness.

Sometimes, you cannot see the real person in someone even after knowing them for more than a year. You’ll get a glimpse of the real person only after the water balloon bursts and water flows all over the place. Then and only then will you see how such a performer they really are. These people should be awarded the best actor/actress in the academy awards. Seriously, they fooled everyone.

I pray that such people will learn their lesson one day. Let them learn the hard way. They deserve every single hurtful, wounding and cruel mishap that happens to them. I pray that whatever cruel and hurtful things they do to others will backfire.

No one is perfect. So someone who pretends they are perfect is the biggest liar of all. An angel by heart? Huh, bite me. Liars like these don’t deserve to have friends. They should be destined to live alone.

Never believe a mirage; never believe in hallucinations because that’s what hypocrites and liars really are; just an illusion of the eye or more specifically; an illusion of free will..

Monday, March 21, 2005

The Quest

During this BTN, we had an assignment which is to go out of the camp and blend into the village. Tugasan kitorg; 1) Cari sejarah kampung, 2) Cari org tertua di kampung tu dan biodatanye, 3) Cari sumber pendapatan, 4) Cari sosiobudaya diorg

It was a fun experience I tell you. The picture below is me with two of my group mates. Tasha and Iwan. Anas was taking the photo. The four of us were assigned to find and interview the oldest person in the village. Penat berjalan.. yaAllah.. dengan panasnye.. But it was all worthwhile. =)

We got the chance to meet Pak Mat, aged 76. A man with a wonderful personality. He was so kind. The most interesting part of the interview was when he told us his experience during the invation of the Japanese.

Walking in the hot sun Posted by Hello

These old folks are the ones who experienced the horror of war. They are the ones who truely feel the meaning of independence. I saw pakmat's eyes water when he told us his story. If he were my grandfather, I'd just hug him all I want.

The quest taught me a lot, about appreciating others. I also saw the true meaning of team work from my group members.

We won the quest. Our group arrived back at the camp an hour before anyone else. It was a pleasure seeing the faces of the facilitators. Tercengang diorg. Hahhaha.. Our group held on to strategy. That's the main key, planning ahead and strategy =)

Our group didnt have to walk to far bcoz kitorg tumpang an army truck sampai ke pekan. Then we headed off to the farthest village coz all the other villages were taken by other teams. It was certainly our day that day coz all the people we asked were whom we wanted to meet. First, we asked a lady riding a bicycle, rupanye die ni lah anak pada org tertua kat kg tuh. Our luck indeed. =)

As we headed to the farthest village, we stopped at a pondok polis. There and then he helped us locate the "org kuat" kg tu. Meaning the real person whom we should be looking for. Dengan baik hatinya, anak Raja Kassim ni datang ambil a few members of our group from the pondok polis to his house. After interviewing PakMat, me and the other three headed back to camp on foot. We were required to be in camp before 1 p.m.

On our way back, we all bumped into our other members riding an unser belonging to anak Raja Kassim nih. Last2, everyone jumped into the van and he sent us back. That's the reason why we arrived an hour before all the others.. hehe.. naughty2.. =)

Like I said earlier, strategy ;) *wink

The other groups semua angin je.. of course la.. we were the last group to leave the camp, but we went to the farthest village, BUT we were the first to arrive back.. hahahhaa..

It was a great experience =). One I will never forget..

Biro TataNegara

Fuh, its been a while for me sitting in front of this computer and surfing the net. Life has been hectic lately. For two weeks, my life has been a blur with everything around me passing by as fast as the race cars on the F1 circuit. Two weeks back, I was busy with the INATEX Exhibition, for one week, i didnt even get the chance to sit in front of the computer for pleasure. No emails were written, no chatting around with my friends, no updating my blog. INATEX finished on saturday. The day after that, I had to rush off to KL bcoz on monday I had to attend a BTN course. Fuh, what a life.

I'm not gonna talk about the INATEX Exhibition, it'll just give me a headache. So I'll tell you all about the BTN course that I attended. This course is for all the JPP (JawatanKuasa Perwakilan Pelajar) of UNIKL, meaning that all the JPP members from each branch campuses were gathered under one roof. Other than getting sores all over my body, (hey, even walking hurt.. we were all walking like robots..) the experience was totally exciting.

I was lucky to be in a group of wonderful individuals.. Here's a picture of my group. From the left, top Nabil from MIMET, Roy from MIMET, Nizam from MFI, Apek from MFI (Tok Penghulu Kem). The one in the yellow shirt is Raja Kamarulzaman, orang kuat Kg Permatang Pasir, Jugra. Beside him is Anas from MICET, then Helmi from MSI (Pen. Penghulu Kem) and Iwan from IIM. The girls are Beba from MICET, Kak Nazilah from MIMET, me (of course =P), Kak Ila from IIM and Tasha from BMI. The one who isnt in the picture is Faisal from MSI. This is one of the best groups I've ever been in. Mantap. We even got the award for "Kumpulan paling berdisiplin"! hahaha.. what a laugh.

The best group I've ever been in =) Posted by Hello

It was an honour when I was elected the Penghuluwati of the camp. It gives you a good feeling inside when people put their trust in you. Wau.. to become a leader in a big camp like this.

The course became a wonderful experience due to the participants. They are the ones that made it interesting. A small task can become an exciting task when we see it in a positive way. Kalau dari awal tanak terima, sampai bile lah bende tu jadi tak seronok.

What I can conclude from this course is that this group of participants are the best. How did they put it..? Oh yeah, "To make the best, better" That's the motto of the camp.

I'll tell you more when i have the time. Seminggu takde kat office, berlambak keje. See ya later =)