Friday, March 02, 2012

The Journey of a Lifetime

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

I write this post accompanied by a very humble feeling. To tell you the truth, I have been putting off actually writing about it. But I guess, as "the day" is coming just around the corner, before I get too busy to blog and tell the whole world, I might as well write it now.

Don't fret, I am not writing about getting married. Hehe. Sometimes I find it astonishing at how people straight away conclude that we are getting engaged or getting married whenever we say that we have good news. I dont like it when people make it the centre of their lives, as if that accomplishment is the most important thing a person must achieve.

I guess I am writing this from the perspective of a lass who is not yet married. Maybe those who have had the blessing of being married, they might want to differ. But to me, in life, there are a lot more things to look forward to. Like now.

 Alhamdulillah, in a few days (this Sunday to be exact), my family and I will be going for Umrah. *yeah, that was the big news people keep pestering me about.

I have to be truthful when admitting that although this journey to the land of our Prophet, his mosque, the Kaabah, Masjidul Haram, etc is a journey every single Muslim always dreams of going on, I am a little scared.

Yes, I'm scared.

Because for me, as a person who has never set foot on the Holy Lands of Makkah and Madinah, and a person who has only seen pictures, seen videos and documentaries on this centre of the Islamic World, to actually go there and be there is... I have no words to explain my feelings (and Im not even there yet).

And from the perspective of Islamic teachings; I have been exposed to the Islamic way of life even before I was born. When I finally came out into the world, I was introduced to Allah and Nabi Muhammad. I was brought up in a blessed family who practices Islam every single second and in every single action. I was brought up with values of Islam, the akhlak and the beliefs.

I was put into an Islamic School from primary, right till secondary. And I am blessed and grateful that I now live in a community that values Islam and actually makes it a way of life rather than just a typical religious belief. I am now in a biah solehah, where people love each other because of Allah, we support each other for Dakwah, we live together with the same goals, which is to gain Allah's Redha and Barakah, which in the end will lead us ALL to Jannah. I am blessed with that.

So when this sacred journey is just within your grasp, it makes you think. I am scared because, even though I know Islam is the right path, the right teachings, the right way to life live, actually going to Makkah and Madinah will confirm every single thing that I have learned and practised.

Being within close proximity of Kaabah our Qiblat, and visiting Rasulullah's resting place, with all the places of his existence, it will CONFIRM everything I have been taught throughout my life. I have no idea how I will feel actually being there. Even now, I have this overwhelming feeling of unreality. I dont think I have the right words in describing this nagging feeling, this fuzzy and mushy feeling inside me.

Apart from being scared, I am extremely excited. I am hoping that this journey will make me a better Muslimah, a better practising Muslimah, a better appreciative Muslimah. I pray to Allah, that this journey will bring nothing but good to me and my family, and bring a good impact on our lives in the hereafter. I pray this journey will bring me so much closer to Allah in more ways than one.

So dear readers, please pray for us. Pray that we go in peace, pray that we safely go and safely return. Pray that we'll be able to do our best Umrah, and that Allah accepts our ibadah, no matter in what format. Pray for our health and our strength :)

So, to end this, I guess I have to mention the fact that this blog will be a little 'quiet' in the next 2 weeks. If I find the time and the opportunity, I might do a 'live' feed on what's going on over there. Don't count on it too much, but I promise to try.

I might do some updates in the next few days, which are unrelated to this trip, I hope I'll be able to. So again, thank you to everyone who are loyal readers. I appreciate your support so much.

Be the good in the world. Don't forget that.