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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raya di Perantauan

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT,

Eid Mubarak everyone!! Kulluamin wa antum bikhair!

Ok, my first Eid overseas (this excludes the ones we had in UK time kecik2 ok :P), or maybe I should say first Eid far away from my parents. Yeah, thats more accurate I think.

Ingatkan takkan nangis hari raya ni Mak Ayah jauh, rupanye nangis jugak. Isk isk. Time ckp ngan Ayah on the phone, mula laaa air mata mengalir. Sedih sgt. Pastu when Aimi pun nak ckp, Ahmad pun nak cakap.. wahh.. rindu giler ngan semua org!

Nenek pulak ckp lama giler bile time call tu. Semua bende die nak cite. Adoi.. rindu rindu. Nenek cek pulak ckp die sedih sbb kakngah takde time raya ni. Aduh, terharu nye.

So how was it? Hmmm.. I'd have to say.. different.

Its very interesting in a way, but Im not at liberty to tell all just yet coz the day hasnt ended. Currently, we are at home, waiting for ppl who said that they wanted to come ziarah raya. The plan was different, we planned to go to the Eid Festival after Zuhur, but Aliya said maybe pergi malam kot -- coz of the guests -- so boleh la tgk fireworks. Haha.

After Subuh this morning, I was so sleepy (from staying up late to make agar-agar -- thats another story), that I went back into the covers. I finally dragged myself out of bed at 6.30 and went to take a shower. To tell you the truth, I have NEVER taken a shower that early in the morning since Ive stayed here. Usually, I only take a shower in the afternoon. And my GOD, it was FREEZING!

Although I showered with hot/warm water, I was shivering my nose off after wards. YaAllah. Tapi untuk pahala sunat mandi Aidilfitri punye pasal, takpe takpe. Redah je lah.

Dah siap2 tu.. terus pegi masjid. YaAllah.. ramai nye orang!!

The view was so.. different. Selalu if in Malaysia, all we see are baju kurungs, and ppl all in white wearing telekungs. But here.. MashaAllah.. it was like a sea of colours. Mostly ppl wore black, but I have to admit, their jubahs were so BEAUTIFUL! Black, but liplap sana sini, cantik sangat! And bukan jenis yg over2 tau (although ade je yg mcm over, but still..).

And to see all the different kind of people, with different skin colours, different language, different cultures, different cultural clothes, different tudungs. And to think that all these different people were united by kalimah Lailahailallah, but still unique in their own special way. It was very eye opening. Now Im going to see cara solat raya in Malaysia as so dull. Serious.

And their expressions.. they were so happy! Gembira dpt jumpa kawan2, semua congratulate the other for completing their fast. It was an atmosphere of celebration.

I felt like watching a movie, feeling so small in such a large Islamic community. They didnt care what you wore, they didnt care where you're from. You're a Muslim, then you are my sister. Terharu sgt lah tengok diorg2 nih.

We prayed outside -- in the cold if I might add -- coz there were too many people. But Alhamdulillah another great experience.

Oh okey, before I reveal the pictures.. I have to confess something. This Eid I think is the eid yang paling aku bergaya. Hahahhahha.. Well, I have to admit that I dont think I'd wear this fashion in Malaysia -- I dont know.. mungkin tak sesuai kot kat Malaysia.

So being overseas, and most of the Muslimah wear it like this here, Aliya kata "jom". Hahhahahahha. So jangan terkejut with my Eid attire okey :P Just a warning.

Ok, so picture time. Im just uploading the pictures with me in them. Aliya punye family Eid pictures, biar Aliya la upload. Kwang3x. Hehhehe.. Ok, so enjoy!!

Solat raya atas jalanraya. You wont see me anywhere here. I was way way to the right.

Below: My Eid Attire! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
Hahahhahahha :P

So, how do I look? Hehhehe. Nampak mcm minah arab tak? :P

A picture with makcik from Africa. Tinggi seh! Most of them were tall and thin. Mcm orang Masai. Makcik ni punye anak were both taller than me! Terkejut!

Layth amik gambar raya with MakNgah. I like this picture. Cute! Hehhe

Oh ye, Layth pakai baju melayu florescent purple pinkish. Senang nak spot from afar! Hehhehe. But he was so handsome!

The "twins". Pakai lebih kurang sedondon. One of Aliya's friends thought I was her and smiled to me. I smiled back, but dlm kepala "Nape pmpn ni senyum kat aku? Takpelah, senyum je lah balik. Sedekah". Then suddenly when she saw Aliya beside me she said "Oh my God, I thought she was YOU!" Hahhahaha. Oh come on, we dont even look the same!

Afterwards, we went to 'open house' Kak Intan and Kak Wahyuna. It was in the park. All the good pictures are in other ppl's cameras, so takleh nak upload. Maybe later. Ibu (mak kak intan) masak sedaaaaap! Takde la kempunan when Nenek tahun ni masak lontong, coz Ibu pun masak lontong. Yummy!!

All and all, it has been a great day so far. Ill story mory about the Eid Festival later. Eid Mubarak everyone!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Final Days of Ramadhan


Hi y'all. Hows everyone doing? I wonder if anyone is even reading this.

Kinda in a somber mood. Ramadhan has come to its final days :( Or should I say "day". Tomorrow will be the last day of Ramadhan, and Im sad to see it come to its end.

There are some who are too joyous when it comes to Aidilfitri. Although we should be happy and celebrate our success in completing a whole month of fasting, we must also knowledge its ending. Before being too caught up in being super doper happy, we should ask ourselves "Will I be able to go thru this again? Will I have another Ramadhan? Or will this be my last?"

We should also ask ourselves, "Did I use this Ramadhan to its advantage?" "Did I do enough ibadah?" "Was I given forgiveness by Allah Ta'ala?" "Did I get to experience Lailatul Qadr?".

But sadly, some of us have this huge sense of relief that its finally over. Some of us will think, "Yes, dah nak raya. Takyah puasa dah. Penat la puasa sampai sebulan". How sad is that?

Its is sad indeed when the only thing someone gets from fasting is the feeling of hunger and thirst. They fast for the sole purpose of it being Ramadhan, or it being a "tradition" or even more alarmingly, "because if I dont, nnt mak aku bising".

YaAllah, please forgive these poor souls, and give them Hidayah. Lead them to the right path.

Allah S.W.T harams the bodies of His servants from the hell fires, who are happy and excited with the coming of Ramadhan. This is also the case to those who's heart feels reluctant of its leaving. We should ask ourselves, are we included in this group?

No one but Allah S.W.T knows what is to happen tomorrow. No one can guarantee that they will be able to wake up tomorrow. No one can vow that they will be alive when they wake up. It is all in the Hands of Allah.

Having said that, we must also take note of how Aidilfitri is a day specifically for those with taqwa after a month of fasting.

Aidilfitri is also a celebration of Iman; for those who truly understand Islam will feel the true joy of this day.

Allah S.W.T made Aidilfirti as a day of happiness and triumph for those with Iman.

Its sort of 2 feelings at once ey? But who said being a Muslim is easy.

Eid Mubarak to all my family and friends. Mak, Ayah, Aliya, Ahmad, Aimi, Aida. And all my extended family.

To my friends, have a great Eid. Although Eid is a celebration, dont overdo it.

Salam Aidilfitri,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ucapan AidilFitri

Untuk melihat dengan lebih jelas, sila click pada image =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad Day

Yesterday was an awful day. For me la.

I had the worst headache.

Usually, headaches during Ramadhan are caused by dehydration, lack of water and fluids in the body.

So I waited until buka, hoping that it will go away once there was food in my system.

But apparently, it made it worst.

Dahla smlm makan byk, maybe my stomach terkejut kot.

After mkn, I drank Eno, konon nk try get instant results la kan. But nooooo..

Lagi aku nak muntah ade la.

Rupa2nya, sbb angin..

The headache did get worst, and I got nauseated. And since bukan coz pregnant (hahaha), mesti la angin kan.

So I prayed maghrib sitting down, with a plastic dustbin at the side, takut termuntah.

Afterwards, I went to lay on the bed, got myself all covered with tiger balm and rested.

After a while, I got sleepy, so I quickly prayed Isya and tarawikh (sitting down again), took some Panadol and went to sleep. The best remedy for my headaches.

Ah.. wonderful. I prayed so that Allah grant me nikmat kesihatan so that I would be able to do qiam in the morning, and Alhamdulillah Allah granted my prayer.

Thank you Allah.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Extremely Windy

Ive been here almost 6 weeks. Wau, mcm tak caya pulak. Feels mcm kejap je.

Anyway, Ive been here 6 weeks, and today is the hottest day yet. Haha. Its slowly moving into Spring, and the temperature today is 23 degrees. Hahaha. Doesnt sound that hot ey? Well, I would really call it hot, but its the first time I dont need to wear socks! Haha.

I guess, having had temperatures between 6 to 18 degrees for the 6 weeks, it can be considered a vast change.

BUT.. let me tell you..

For the past couple of days, even though its been bright and sunny, the wind.. YaAllah.. tak terkata kuatnya. Its been extremely windy! Wild! Just wild and caotic.

I went to the park with Layth yesterday. Usually, we stay there for more than an hour, walking about, and Layth playing at the Playground. But yesterday, the wind was so strong, I kept looking at the trees and felt shivers run up my spine. Seram seh. Rasa mcm nak tercabut je pokok2 kat situ. Dah la they were huge!

Layth didnt want to get off the swing until I told him "Layth, jom kite balik. Angin kuat sangat la. MakNgah takut". After I said that, he quickly said "Nak aek car" (Nak naik car) and walked to the car with no argument. Good boy la Layth ni :)

Today pulak, I was outside hanging up my laundry when suddenly gushes of wind came to hit me. YaAllah.. mcm dah nak melayang! Terkejut giler. Hahha. And seram at the same time. Its a good thing its sunny, coz kalau tak, itd be scarier.

But at nights, it is scary. Seriously.

Its dark outside, and all you hear is the wind, rattling ur windows. And you know how the dark makes ur imagination run wild! Haha.

AND.. to make matters worst, this sound reminds me of the multimedia animation from the Pompeii exhibition. SANGAT MENAKUTKAN!!

You get this nagging feeling like there's something bad about to happen. Scary!


Just a quick entry.

Did you guys notice that Sept 11 just passed us?

I dont really know how to respond to this tragic incident. We dont know which side to believe.

Knowing America, they have tons of conspiracy theories and the country is literally built with lies. So we dont know which is truth, which isnt.

Then they blame the wrong people.

And start wars where they just shouldnt, just for their own personal gain. Disgusting and animalistic behaviour.

The only tragic thing that happened on Sept 11 is the fact that many innocent died. But they kill more innocent people in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more, on a daily basis pulak tu. Ugh. Lagi teruk!

Other than that, I have no response.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Safari Experience

Im not feeling too well (sakit perut), so Ill just do a photo update eh. Later, when I feel like writing, Ill modify this entry. Here goes..

Aliya brought me to the Werribee Open Range Zoo last Thursday. Its like a safari zoo where they let the animals roam free.

Front Entrance

Zebras! LIVE!

The tour buses -- they go thru the habitats of the animals there. COOL! Seriously.

There was so much Rhino dung -- as you can see in the picture. Haha

More Zebras. They are beautiful creatures arent they. MashaAllah

Off the bus, now on the trail walk. First stop, Monkeys! Haha.

Lions!! Pergh, this was superb I tell you! The keeper gave a talk about them, made them do some tricks and gave them treats. AWESOME!! And I was in the BEST spot! Hahaha. Seriously awesome. The Lion roared a few times too. First time dgr in real life.

Wild Dogs. They look like hyenas, but they're not. See them all lining up? Its bcoz the Lion roar. They thought there was a kill.

Ignore my silliness. Hahhahaha

Another amazing creature. So beautiful and graceful! (oh ye, we were divided by glass ok :P)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Award

Okey.. so I got an award from my li'l sista. Haha.
Hey, its my first ever award ok :P So Im extra excited >_<

pertama , kena letak 5 fakta menarik tentang pemberi award .
1. Adik bongsu ku yang sangat manja.
2. Seorang yang suka merajuk. haha
3. Aida hantu sotong ngan sausage
4. Aida dah lagi tinggi dari Mak
5. December ni Aida kene tinggal sorang ngan Kakngah sbb yg lain semua gi Australia (kecuali KakCik la)

Next , kena nyatakan 10 fakta diri sendiri. (ugh.. do I have to? *sigh*)
1. Anak kedua dari 5 org adik beradik
2. Dulu terkenal sbgai kakak paling garang (skrg tak dah :P)
3. Suka buat ape2 yang ade kaitan ngan art.
4. I love my privacy.
5. Suka melawa. Hahaha.
6. Gila beli kasut. Tp sbb susah nk cari saiz, jarang la.
7. I think shopping is one of my therapy methods. I like the satisfaction of buying something.
8. Dah tukar favourite colour dari hijau ke merah (or maroon, or ape2 yg sewaktu dgnnya).
9. Suka berangan.
10. HUGE Twilight Saga Fan. Hahaha

Last,beri award ini kepada 10 orang+describe mereka.
1. Uswah - One of my best friends ever!
2. Ismail - My ex, but forever my friend
3. Abidah - Junior sekolah yang paling rapat.
4. Wani - Geng rapat kat JB.
5. Sakinah - Partners in crime. Hahaha. Junior from school.
6. Susantie - Ahli geng Plustick yang paling cantik :D
7. KakLollies - Geng efx2 tp masih contact sampai skrg.
8. KakElisa - Kakak yg rajin reply status kat FB, also geng efx2.
9. Kak Masyitah - sbb jadi antara most frequent visitor and commenter in my blog (thanks akak!)
10. Zakri - Seniour kat sekolah yang juga org yang suka comment kelakar2 kat blog.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

10 last days

This maghrib will be the start of the 10 last nights of Ramadhan. Sedihnye :(

Tonight starts our journey towards trying to obtain the wonders and delights of Lailatul Qadar. Tingkatkan amal, perbanyakkan lagi bacaan Quran, tambah amal semasa qiamullail, dan berzikir. May Allah reward us all.

YaAllah, please let me experience Lailatul Qadar. Please forgive all my previous sins. Please keep me in the right path.

Selamat meningkatkan amal.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hard Decisions

I have to admit that this short change of scenery (as in from Malaysia to Melbourne) has brought me so much good.

Before I came here, I was somewhat depressed. To tell you the truth, this trip was mostly to cure it -- that was MY intention anyway. I needed to get away for a while and think only about myself for a change.

I had some deep thinking to do and its hard when you have so many responsibilities and distractions.

I was also too upset to do any thinking. Its hard to concentrate when you share rooms with ur little sisters -- who can suddenly burst in when ur weeping ur eyes out. Your emotional outbursts get cut short. Haha. It's embarrassing too. They look up to you to be strong and composed when something bad comes ur way. So its very hard to show true hurt when Im hurt. Its hard to think.

So I put it on hold and kept myself busy so that I didnt have to think. But I was like a bubble ready to burst. Anything remotely related to the issue will start the tears rolling. So I avoided any conversations that would lead to it. But again, since ppl didnt know, they always start with the questions. I had to go thru several conversations where I was practically refraining myself and controlling my voice so that ppl didnt notice how upsetting it was so talk about it. Argh! It was nightmare!

Yeah, you'd be surprised. Im sure you are. But thats how it was. I was suffering and needed to get away.

Only now am I telling you all this because Ive finally done some serious thinking. Ok ok, I only started this thinking process 2 weeks after arriving, mostly during Ramadhan - with hope that no influence of syaitan will cloud my judgment. I guess, with time in my hands and privacy in my room, I finally found the courage to open my pandora's box and let it all loose. It was hard. It took more than a fortnight to find that strength.

I dont think Im ready to share with the world yet what this issue is about. Maybe later when Ive really gotten hold of myself.

This post is practically a shout to everyone that Im healing. Or in the process of healing. Its been good for my soul. Especially this Ramadhan. AND.. I can cry my eyes out whenever I want. Haha.

But, thinking about how there's only a few days left of Ramadhan is making me sad again. Ive never felt this sad before. Oh how I wish it were longer.

Thats all for now. Till I write again.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Austen Frenzy

I know my previous entry has been somewhat morbid and pitiful. Im not sure if it is a reflection of my mood or anything, I found that I needed a little cheering up. So what better to cheer ones self than some Jane Austen! Haha.

Ok, I quoted that from the Jane Austen Book Club. Which I found I am bound to enter. Haha. Ok, now Im practically talking (or writing) like them! hahha.

It is indeed an embarrassment to admit that Ive only had the chance to read one of the novels, Pride and Prejudice. And I also have to confess that it has always been one of my guilty pleasures to read, watch and listen to the language and ppl during that era in England. Its utterly fascinating! All proper with the utmost decorum. Posh and sensible. Hahahhaha.

I do plan to read all of Jane Austen's novels. I have 3 already, but have only read one. Although it excites me to read them, I also have difficulty understanding them sometimes. The language is so high standard! It took more than 2 weeks for me to finish Pride & Prejudice. I usually read right before bed, so it was rather hard to sleep when your brain is actively trying to ascertain the meaning behind a conversation. Hahahaha.

Now I understand why some people are so reluctant in reading something they dont understand that well, eventhough it is said that the best way to learn a language is by reading. I now know how people feel when they are told to open a dictionary if they dont know the meaning of a word. Haha. Although, now there's a thing called Google! :P

Anyway, back to the cheering up. This sudden feeling to have some little Jane Austen started when I watched a movie on TV last Friday. It was called Bride & Prejudice, an English language movie of an indian family where the storyline very much resembled (and of course was based on) Jane Austen's book. It was hillarious!! Hahahaha. I couldnt stop laughing. Ms "Lalita" (who is supposed to be Elizabeth) was played by Aishwarya Rai! Hahaha. But I was so tired, and I fell asleep during commercials. This lead me to go watch the rest of the movie on YouTube.

There've been several versions of this story. Ive watched the 2007 version of Pride and Prejudice millions of times -- oh you know, the one with Kiera Knightley as Ms Eliza Bennet and Matthew MacFadyan as the infamous Mr Darcy.

The first time I watched this movie a few years back, I didnt really understand what they were talking about! They talked too fast! But how they portrayed the love story was so beautiful, I Googled it and found the quotes in the story. And my God, it was superb when I watched it back. Since then, its been one of my favourite movies of all time. I especially love the confrontation scenes between Lizzy and Mr Darcy. Although at a first glance Matthew MacFadyan didnt really fit the role of Mr Darcy, but I grew fond of him after I read the book and again watched the movie. Haha.

But I did stumble upon the 1995 version of P&P on YouTube, with a much handsome Mr Darcy played by Collin Firth. I started watching it yesterday, but I found it rather dull -- except for Collin Firth :P Haha. So I stopped half way. Wouldnt want to ruin my view of P & P. The 2007 version is by far the best so far.

I was still not satisfied, I still needed cheering up. So I found the next movie adaptation of another book, Emma.

This story was rather funny. I think it was intended to be a comedy -- this version anyway. But Ill have to read the book first to really capture the essence of the story.

I found myself laughing at the silly imaginations of the young girls in this story. Being a girl myself, I have to admit, we do get carried away sometimes. Haha. Jeremy Northam as Mr George Knightley was what captured my interest in the story. Haha.. always the heros huh? Not really. I liked his character. And also the romantic storyline of two great friends finally finding out they love each other. Oh.. and as I watched this movie, it reminded me of another movie I rather enjoyed, Clueless. Rupanye mmg they made it based on Emma anyway. Haha. Who knew!

When the movie finished, I was just about to stop, when my eyes saw "Mansfield Park" in the related videos section. Bestnyer!!! Ive never read the story, I didnt even know what it was about.

But it has been famously circulated that all Austen's stories are just wonderful, so I couldnt resist the temptation to continue with my Austen frenzy!

Mansfield Park. What a wonderful and beautiful story! Simply captivating. Sweet and romantic. With of course some shocking twists here and there. But overall, wonderful.

Its starting to become one of my favourites. This movie version anyway. Haha. I found another much recent one, but havent watched it. Nnt la.

I love the intensity of Fanny & Edmund's friendship and how it progresses as they grew up together. Jonny Lee Miller as the ever so charming Edmund. Fanny by Frances O'connor's performance is to be praised too.

Ok, next.

I wanted to watch Persuasion first, but from the summary I read in Wiki, it was said that Northanger Abbey was Gothic so I watched that one first. Im not very fond of anything Gothic. So it was best to put that out of the way. Haha.

It was rather scary. But funny.

Catherine's character was very.. hmm whats the word to use.. eager? Haha. AND she had this wild imagination which was brought up by her wild fascination towards mystery and Gothic books.

She had very vivid day dreams about the stories she reads. And she kept coming up with these ridiculous conclusions. It was hilarious! Haha.

I have to admit, its one of my least favourite stories. But enjoyable nonetheless. It just happens that I love the others much more! :P

Aha.. now comes the eager awaited Persuasion.

The first time I heard about this story (I mean book) was in the movie The Lake House. And since it was the heroin's favourite book, I found myself curious to find what the story was about.

But I didnt know who the author was. Imagine how shocked I was when I found out it was one of Jane Austen's famous stories.

Another beautiful masterpiece. Another one which may become a favourite.

The story of love found, but then love separated by wealth and class, finally found again after nearly 8 years.

They were separated bcoz of the reluctance of Anne's family (bcoz of wealth and position in society) to accept WentWorth's proposal when Anne was 19 years old, breaking his heart in the process. Wentworth was called to service the navy and left with a broken heart & spirit. He was devastated.

But Anne still loved him and still blamed her family for robbing her of her happiness. Anne never accepted anyone else after that. After 8 years, Wentworth (who was now a Captain and had immense wealth) came back, but full of resentment. You can read or watch the movie to find out the rest of the story. Haha. Or you can go read the summary at Wiki :P Hehe.

Last story, Sense and Sensibility.

The only previous version I knew about this movie adaptation was the one with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson.

AND of course Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon. I didnt find it very entertaining. Especially with the awkward Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars. Haha.

So I was very pleased to find a newer version! Hehe. Anything would do other than Huge Grant. Haha. I have nothing against him, but he just doesnt fit the role.

This BBC version is much much better. I love it!! Go watch it on YouTube.

And Colonel Brandon.. Yay!! He doesnt look so old! He's supposed to be only 35 in the story. So Alan Rickman really really didnt seem right.

Im still watching. Ive only reached the part where Willaby sends a letter to Marianne stating that he hoped that he didnt convey any wrong feelings about loving her. Ahh..

Ill finish it soon. And then my Austen frenzy will be completed, ready to be repeated again when needed :D

So anyone else an Austen fan? hehe

Friday, September 04, 2009

Layth's pillow

Ok, these pictures are taken due to the request of Abidah, who keeps telling me take a picture if Layth sleeps on me. Hahahha..

As you can see, this is practically how he goes to sleep. No need to dodoi2kan.

When he's sleepy, he just climbs on me, put his head on my shoulder and suddenly get really really heavy after a few minutes.

But Ill have to wait a while before putting him down, kalau tak nnt terjaga balik and the whole process starts all over again. Hahha.

But I really dont mind. Coz its so cute! Hehhehe.

There was one time that he slept on me for 2 whole hours!

I oredi put him down on my bed, but after half an hour, he woke up crying -- with his eyes still closed ok.

I picked him up, but he pushed me away. I put him down, he wanted to be picked up. Last2 tu, I concluded that he might have had a nightmare and dodoikan die ngan selawat.

He stopped crying, and fell back to sleep, but he wouldnt let me go. Sampai la 2 hours, when he woke up. My back was killing me and I had stiff shoulders! But no matter, anything for my favourite nephew (I mean only nephew. For now) Hehhe.

Oklah, I better try to put him down. And yeah, I wrote this with Layth sleeping on my shoulders ok. Terrer tak. Hehehhe.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hamzah Asadullah

I am currently actively developing an original module for ABJZ's 29 hour programme. Which has me searching for appropriate nasyeeds and videos to be used.

So I found this nasyid from InTeam about Hamzah Asadullah. I cried my eyes out the first time I heard it. I dunno why, but it just got to me. I might have been in a vulnerable state of mind during that time, but still.. it really got to me. Pilu might be the right word to use.

Being so, I searched YouTube for any videos, coz I wanted to post it here. But all I came up was this silly video of a guy recording half of himself singing (very soulfully and enthusiastically, if I might add) to InTeam's version. I found it weird and bengong. So I downloaded the mp3 and did one myself.

Layth and I watched the cartoon movie of Prophet Muhammad the other day on YouTube. So I downloaded the part with Perang Uhud and Perang Badar. Did cutting here and there, added lyrics and wallaahh..

Hope you enjoy it. A tribute to Hamzah Asadullah.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

US and Checkered Trousers

Salam Ramadhan everyone!

Dah mlm ke 13 Ramadhan ni. So camne tilawah? :P

Anyways, I tot Id just do a quick entry. Im pretty sure I forgot to mention that Ayah is currently in US for a week. Work stuff. I wonder what he has to do waay way over there in the most hated country in the world. Hehe. Although like Aliya said, "if you dont go to the slump areas, insyaAllah selamat". But you cant help be to worried. According to the TV, US isnt a very safe country. This might only be a close-minded view point, or maybe even a bias perspective from someone who hates the country (:P). But still, sape suruh portray it like that? Sendiri punye salah.

Oh ye, Ayah.. bring me back something cool! Hehhehe.

Okey, being a quick entry, it is also a random one.

If you read my entry about Pompeii the other day, you'll know that I went to the Museum. This is the view that greeted me at the entrance.

Well okey, so of course there'd be school children at the Museum. Being school trip season and all.

But just LOOK!

To be more specific, look at the UNIFORMS! Hahaha..

I can accept the green sweaters -- well, it is winter.

And checkered clothing are the thing right now -- thanks to RP and TL. Haha :P

But come on, blue checkered trousers?!!

Hahhahahahha.. Takleh terima laaaa.. I would NOT be caught in checkered trousers in public. What I dont understand is, kenape tak buat skirt ke. I saw other school groups jugak, boleh je buat skirts.

Or better yet, kalau nak sgt buat trousers, just make it a plain dark colour like the boys wore. Ni bagi the girls the ugly trousers. Ugh.

Hahhahahaha.. I couldnt stop chuckling to myself. And I couldnt resist taking a picture too.

There, didnt I tell you it would be random? :P