Saturday, October 17, 2009

Being Sentimental

As I go thru my nightly ritual of going to bed tonight, I got this sudden urge to blog.

The lights are already off mind you. But Im sitting on the bed, with the laptop in front of me, in the dark with only the light from the electric heater and the computer screen to brighten my night.

I have my current playlist on to accompany me, and I have a fanfic oredi opened on Chapter 3 for my before bed reading.

I just finished praying Isya' and suddenly realised that tonight is my last night sleeping at Aliya's house. This sad feeling started to creap into me, and the sudden thought of not knowing when Ill be back makes me wanna cry.

Although Im writing this post tonight, it will only be published when Im oredi back in Malaysia. This is becoz I dont wanna spoil this surprise I have planned -- coz my friends whom Im planning to surprise read my blog. So this entry will only appear more than 24 hours after I write it. And you know what..? Im actually having trouble deciding if I should write it in present tense or past tense! Hahahhha. Confiusing btul la. :P

Ok, so before I sleep tonight, I tot (for sentimental reasons) I should put something in ma blog. You know what Im going to miss most about sleeping here? The cool temperature, not sweating while sleeping, the warm feeling being inside and wrapped with the covers, and most of all, the quiet and peaceful sound of the night when I wake up for qiam. No distractions. Its so peaceful not hearing anything but the sound of your heartbeat and reading.

At first, it was rather scary. Sleeping at home used to be so noisy. The constant sound of the kipas or aircond. Rasa mcm secure coz you know ade sounds around you therefore ade people with you. Here, its seriously so quiet. And in the dead of the night, your imagination starts going wild. Haha. It took sometime to get used to it. I used to switch on nasyid or music in very low volumes just to fill the silence.

But as time goes by, Ive gotten used to it. And it makes me wonder, when I get home, if Ill be able to get used to the sounds pulak. Not home as in Johor-- itu mmg definitely la comfortable kan. Dah nama katil sendiri (wau I miss my katil). I meant other places.

My first night in Malaysia wont be at home, itll be at my friend's house. I wonder if Ill be able to sleep tightly.

I guess Im gonna have to wait and see. But bile pk balik, I might be too tired to think about it anyway -- with the jetlag and all -- AND the day filled with activities. Its sure to be exhausting.

Anyhow, as it is my last night in Australia, Id like to wish everyone a very Good Night. Pray for dreams of Heaven. May we be alive in the morning to continue our journey towards achieving Allah's Rahmah and Barakah. Ameen.

Sleep tight everyone :)


  1. hehe..welcome back!!! and thankss a loooottttt!!!! thanks sebab sudi datang kerumah kite ni.. n tepakse makan spageti pedas.. huhu tak sengaje.. org baru belajar masak mmg cemtu.. huhu.. anyway, I'm very very very happy masa nampak awak kat depan pagar rumah kite!!! lain kali datang lagi! (harapnye awak boleh makan masakan kite yang sedap lain kali) huhu

  2. welcome back!

    to homie domie...



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