Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oh Mannn... Do I really have to?

Oh mann.. so sorry to all.. I havent the time to update this blog of mine. Malas pun ade la jugak.. Maybe after this la kot. There's a list of things of what's been happening in the previous months;

1) I got elected as the Vice President I of the Student Representative Council (Campus)
2) I was interviewed by the Karangkraf crew to be put into a magazine.. (I was featured in this month.. Managize ape ekk..? Hahah.. I'm not telling =P)
3) I got busy with finals
4) I went home for the preparations for Aliya's Wedding
5) Aliya got married
6) Went back to Kelantan for the other side's kenduri
7) Had to go to KL for "Kursus Induksi JPP" at Morib for three days
8) Was elected the Exco Kepimpinan dan Latihan for the Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar of the whole University
9) Had only one day rest, then had to go for "Kursus Induksi AJK Orientasi" for 4 days
10) Had one day rest again, then the Orientation Week started that lasted nearly a week
11) I got my results.. Guess what I got.. =) 4 Flat maaaa.. Terkejut beruk!
11) Then class started..
12) Went for first MPP Meeting
13) So today is today.. as I am writing here in my blog

There are so many things that have happened that I dont think this blog would fit if I wrote about it. Nak ceritakan tu macam malas je.. lagipun some of the things are kinda private. Oklah, lenkali la ekk