Monday, August 31, 2009

Ride of My Life

Yesterday, I somehow or rather felt like being productive. Well, not really. Its just that I had the mood to do a video.

So this is what I came up with. I like the lyrics to this song, and it gave me some inspiration.

Ive been trying to upload it on YouTube, but they keep disabling it caused by "third party copyright". Ugh. So I changed video channels. It might be a little slow, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Just wait for it to finish streaming before playing it.


  1. best la lagu ni? sape nyanyi?

    inspiring! insyaAllah, ada rezekinya, kat mana2 pun:)

  2. John Gregory yg nyanyi. Found it watching "What a Girl Wants".

    Thanks Kak Masyitah :)

  3. waaah ! best2 . haha . er .

  4. mira....i x leh nk load..huhuhu...haaachum....i selsema...aiyokk

  5. takleh nak load? why?
    Laa.. selsema? Syafakillah. Sedih je tak sehat time Ramadhan ni. Susah nk buat amal. Get Well soon Su! :D


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