Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Feed Your Soul.. Pray!

We have come so consumed by our chaotic lifestyles that we rarely ever have a moment to think about how we are living our lives, or reflect upon our actions.

We feel discontent and unhappy with our lives, feeling hopeless and in despair.

To counter this condition, Muslim have been instructed to give up basic desires during the days of an entire month to help re-energise their minds, bodies and souls.
It is also a time to reflect upon the previous year and prepare for the next, hopefully with a purified soul and fresh, optimistic outlook on life.

The month of Ramadhan however, is not the only opportunity Muslims have to strengthen their relationship with Allah. Every day, at five separate times, Muslim have been instructed to stop whatever it is they are doing, purify their bodies and hearts with Solah (prayer).

Solah is one of the fundamental pillars of the Islam, distinguishing it from all other religions.

For Muslims, prayer is sanctuary from the hectic pace of this world. Without prayer, a Muslim has no link with Allah and their sorrows and fears fall only on the helpless ears of others.

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