Wednesday, August 19, 2009


After months of kononnye 'renovate' my public blog, Ive finally opened it back.

But we fore warned that the design is very very very similar to this blog. There's only about 3% difference. Hahha.. Well ok, maybe 5%.

Sorry la, tapi tgh malas nk pk design lain. Ill do it when I find the inspiration. Kwang3x :P

The topics of discussion over there is gonna be somewhat different, and there might also be the same posts that I put here.

So please feel free to go and visit any time you want. Its public anyhow. Haha.

opps.. I forgot to put the link. Please click here.


  1. y tukar skin lagi mira??? pict byk2 kat atas bukit..nk tgkkkkk

  2. Kuiz Tora Datang Lagi!

  3. pic byk2 atas bukit? what do u mean su?

    tora? ugh. reminds me of annoying adverts time childhood.

  4. ohhhhhhhhhh... hahaha.. okey2.. 'bukit' eh. hehehhe.. ok su, nnt i update pasal trip Mt. Buller ok.


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