Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1st Day Ramadhan Overseas

Yup yup. For those who didnt know where I am (kantoi, dah lama tak baca my blog :P), I am not in Malaysia ok folks. Right now Im in the land of the Crocodile Hunter, having my first ever Ramadhan and InsyaAllah Eid away from my parents. Boo Hoo :(

Well, practically I was away from home studying for the last 6 years, and I rarely came back during Ramadhan anyway, but it will be the 1st Eid ever without my parents. I wonder how that's gonna turn out. Good thing Im with Aliya. Ade la jugak family around.

Anyway, anyway.. I wanted to update a bit about how we celebrated the coming of Ramadhan. Of all the things to do on the first day of fasting.. we went to Cape Schanck and had to climb more than 100 steps of stairs!! Crazy or whaat? Hahhahha..

Actually, Aliya brought me to this place called Cape Schanck about an hours drive from Coburg to look at this (pic below). *This post is gonna have lots of pictures in it tau. So bare with me.

Tadaaaa... Magnificant isnt it? MashaAllah..

It was freezing cold! You can see from Layth's expression how cold it was. I had to switch coats with Aliya coz she wore 3 layers of clothing, whilst I just wore 2. Since her coat was much thicker than mine, it suited me perfectly. Fiuh. Seriously sejuk. And later Aliya said "memang la sejukk. Its the most southern part of Australia, and its sea connects to the South Pole." Which also means that the cold wind was from the South Pole too! Hahhaha.

It was a breath taking view. Simply wonderful. I could sit here all day if not for the cold.

These are the steps I was talking about. We didnt feel how many there were on the way down. Nak baik balik tu yang sakit. Hahha.
* Look at Layth's hands. He had them in his pockets while going down the stairs! It was so cute!

Another breath-taking view. Tgk Layth, he was more interested with the kids behind us.

Ok, so we arrived at the tip of the cliffs where we could go down to the sea. I didnt upload the pictures of the path, but the tip (if you look at the pic with Aliya and Layth above), the tips is the rock that's junting out on the left of the picture. Sorry, mls nak upload lain :P

So here I was at this.. what do you call it.. teluk eh? Anyways, it was beautiful. I wanted to test the coldness of the water, so pegi la dekat sikit. After a few attempts from different angles, tibe2 the waves came crashing to the shore and sikiiiiiiit lagi nak kene me. YaAllahhhhhh.. menjerit aku. After that, I terus gave up. It was too scary!

Here's the view from the other angle of the tip. It looked much safer, but it was too far down (as in malas nak naik tangga tinggi tu balik). AND if you look really really close, you can see the 'path' & stairs from the top of the cliff all the way down in this picture. Tengok kat atas belah kiri. Can you see it?

And yeah, we had to climb back up. YaAllahhhhh.. mengah tau tak. I dont know how many steps there were, but boy it was so high! Layth didnt want to walk, so Aliya had to carry him. Hahahha.. Kesian giler. But once we got to the steps, he walked by himself coz he has this fasination with going up and down stairs. Good thing too.

When we finally reached the top, we were panting like dogs -- with our toungues out. Hahahaha.. Dah la puasa!! Hahaha.. That made up my exercise for the week :P Hehhe..

Anyway, here's my "overseas" shot. Hehhehehe..


Ok, next stop.. The actual plan was to pray at this picnic area, then go home. But somehow or rather, we missed the junction (it was closed anyway) and Aliya decided to go stop at this Maze place along the way back. So we stopped there, prayed on the stoned-covered parking lot, then Aliya said "kite masuklah maze ni". Wah.. An unplanned treat! Haha..

This was the first time I went in an actual adult size maze. I dont remember if I suddenly had been in one before. Mane lah tahu time kecik2 kan. But mazes are so pretty. Ok ok, they are pretty from the top and scary when ur in them :P

Being in THIS maze reminded me of the scene from HP the Goblet of Fire, where the hedges ate ppl up and closed around you. Hahhaha.. me and my imagination!

Other than mazes, this 'park' also had wetlands, giant games and bird watching. I also think the ppl who made this park are a little sarcastic in their funny department. Just read below to understand what I mean. Hehehe..

Sarcastic and reverse psychology ek. Hehhe. But funny nontheless.

Ok, 3 words.. BIG CHESS SET!! Woohoooo!! hahha. Layth had a blast with this.

Here's another mini maze. Hehhehe.. Yg ni best coz you can see where the path to the centre is. Hehhehhe..

Below is Aliya & Layth beside the wetlands.. actually I dont know what it is. Lalang kot. Lalang pun boleh nampak cantikkan. Hehhe..

Ok, last picture.. my other overseas picture :D

I hoped you enjoyed the pictures. I actually wanted to do a post about something else I did yesterday, but since I havent written about this one, I tot maybe I should do it first. Hehhehe.. Ok, wait for my next post ok. :D

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