Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Mt Buller Experience

So ok, I better start writing about my snow trip before it gets too old. Haha.

Last weekend.. (or was it the other weekend).. haha. ok, the weekend before Ramadhan, we (as in Me, Aliya, Layth, Kak Intan and Her Mom) went on a snow trip on the top of Mount Buller. We hoped for a sunny day, but being in Melbourne -- with its unpredictable weather, it was raining along the whole journey. Boo Hoo..

But as our family always say "Think Positive!", so we went all the way to the top anyway. Ahaa.. did I tell you what we drove to the top? Tadaaaa...

The Nissan X-Trail

This is a VERY cool car I tell you. Its a good thing Im familiar with driving big cars (as in SUVs or MPVs) so it wasnt that scary to drive. In fact, it was AWESOME! Hahhaha.. All new cars are awesome arent they. I had the chance to drive back down and back home. Awesome I tell you, just awesome.

So Aliya took the driver's seat all the way to the top. It was a 3 1/2 hour journey. Fiuh! But I didnt get any shut eye coz I was too excited. Bayangkanlah, I havent touched snow (may it be real or artificial) for 16 years! I dont even remember how it felt like, or how cold it really is. So you cant blame me for being so jakon. Haha.. Anyhow, the scenery throughout the 3 hour journey was great too. Why? Bcoz its always an eye opener to look at spectacular scenery that is different from the ones in Malaysia. Tak kesah la hutan ke ape. Hehe..

The trip to the top of the mountain took about 45 minutes. And it was so foggy that I had goosebumps. It was still raining and we couldnt see anything! Ok, that was a little exxagerated, but we could only see 1-2 metres away. So Aliya drove real slow and real carefully. I cant believe how they drive buses all the way to the top, the roads were so narrow!

But alhamdulillah we arrived safely to the parking lot. It was still raining a bit, but dah alang2 sampai tu, pegi je la kan. You wont see how strong the winds were and how foggy it was from the pictures. Coz pictures can be deceiving -- also with the right shutter spead it wont really show now would it :P

Aliya had prepared me with 5 layers of clothing. I only wore 3 layers in the car coz it was getting hot and that doesnt really go well with my body. I was starting to get a headache from the heat. So when I came out of the SUV, I was smacked with ice cold wind right in my heiny. Hahahahha. YaAllah.. tak terkata sejuknye. Aliya said it was 8 degrees. But I highly doubt that the wind was that tempreture. So we all covered up, and I wore all 5 layers right there and then. And I was STILL freezing. Hahahha.

My nose hurt too. Which explains why I was all covered up, looking like I was wearing a niqab. Hehehe. I think I was more excited than Layth. Die buat muka 10 sen je. Hehhe.

So we took the free shutter bus up to the villiage and again it was SO foggy, it was scary riding that bus. I felt myself shiver everytime it took a turn on the narrow road. But we arrived safely alhamdulillah (obviously :P) and the clock tower showed 3 degrees. Hahahhaha.. YaAllah, sakit dada aku.

We settled our lunch and solat first before heading to the snow. Ok, pictures pictures!

You can see my excitement! Hahahha and my obviously cheaky face.

But it was awesome holding snow in ur hands. But mind you, make sure you wear water proof gloves ya. If not, u'll feel the cold right to the bone. Hahha.

From left: Ibu, Kak Intan, Me & Layth

I wanted to build my very own snow man, but Layth kept destroying it. So I made a small one instead. Kecik pun kecik la. As long as dpt buat snow man. Hehhe..

Me with my very own miniture snowman :D
(Layth destoyed it right after this picture was taken)

The cold was both great and agony. Haha. But my nose didnt hurt that much anymore, so I took off the 'niqab'. It was a good thing Layth was excited too. If not, I would look like an idiot being the jakon one. Hahhahaha :P

I know it looks like Aliya yang terlebih excited, but Layth was having so much fun, he didnt even want to look at the camera! Haha

So ok, this picture really shows my jakon-ness. Hahhaha. But notice the background? See what I meant by it being really really foggy? Thats exactly how it looked to us.

Even with the awful weather, ppl were crazy enough to come all the way to the top of Mt. Buller to play snow. Opps.. us included :P Haha

I wanted to do a snow angel, but it was too cold! And our butts will go numb if we sat on the snow for too long. Haha. So we just took this picture.

If it were a fine day, this is what Mt. Buller would look like.

I would have seen the spectacular view from the top of the mountain.

Id also get to ride the ski lifts -- which Ive been dying to go on.

We'd also have awesome pictures.

But you know what? All that didnt really matter. I had a wonderful time and Id love to go again someday. It was a great experience, a trip Ill never forget :D Thanks Aliya!

On the way back, I drove. And we took another route home. This is what we came across.

Remember the terrible bush fires that struck Australia earlier in the year? Well we took that road by accident and it was very creepy.

This was basically what it looked like to us.

It was only 4pm, but the sky suddenly started to darken. I tot it was bcoz of the short day span in winter, but as it turned out, we were on the highway thru the destroyed lands caused by the bush fires.

It was a very sad and horrifying thing to see. We were in the SUV, but the black colour of the trees that were eaten by the flames was way way up. About 4-5 metres kot. Scary kan. You can just imagine how big and how high the flames were.

All along the way, we could see the destruction the bush fires made. Subahanallah, sgt menginsafkan. Although most of the trees were black in colour, they were starting to heal. There were little greens starting to grow. A sign of hope.

After the creepy forest road, we arrived at a road where you could see the horizon. Very very nice. And we stumbled across lots and lots and lots of vine yards. Ceh. Tmpt buat wine rupanya. Ntah2 thats the reason behind the bush fires tak.


So we arrived home at around 7. It was oredi dark by then. Solat, had dinner and went straight to bed with dreams of holding snow again. Haha.

All and all, a great and unforgettable experience. Alhamdulillah


  1. akhirnya!!! hahaha
    last weekend la kita gi. rasa cam dah lama ek?

  2. NEXT! (citer semalam plak)
    aliya duk tunggu citer awak je sbb aliya malas nak tulis kat blog sendiri hahaha!

  3. hahhaha.. sbr je la!


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