Friday, July 01, 2005

Surprise Letter

Oh yes, something exciting happened yesterday. As I arrived home from the ALUMNI AGM, mak presented me with a big envelop which I saw was from UNIKL (due to the logo on the envelop.. duhh! =P)

At first, terkejut jugak. Surat ape lagi UNIKL nak bagi nih. I thought diorg dah bagi dah every borang that I needed to fill in. So with dread, I opened it. And to my surprise… jeng jeng jeng.. it was about my convocation. Yahoooo! Hehehehe..

Inside they sent all the details about this gala event. And you wanna know something?? Guess where they’re gonna do it? STADIUM PUTRA BUKIT JALIL!! Oh mann..!

These people are crazy. Haha. Actually, I heard about that rumour a few months back, but I didn’t really put my hopes up too high, coz sometimes UNIKL nih ckp je lebih. Hehe.. and that’s from my personal experience. So when this letter came, I was so shocked coz these guys were serious. Wauu.. Bukit Jalil??

Anyway, they also included invitations. Usually only two people can enter the grand hall, but this time they gave four passes. Hehe.. sape mira nak ajak sekali nih? =D hehe.. But opps.. I forgot to say, my rule is Family ONLY. =P Aliyaaa.. tanak balik ke for my convo?? Heheheh..

They also included a pass for parking, and details for my convocation robe. Fuh.. Suddenly it became so real. I’m graduating!! Hahaha.. Bestnye!

Yesterday Aishah asked me about my convo, and as it turns out, I’m the first person to graduate from my batch of girl. How cool is that?? =)

I just can’t wait. Wooo. Wooo.. calm down. Hehehhe..

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