Monday, July 25, 2005


Friendship week is a usual week practiced by the students of our campus. Usually, it is organized to the end of the semester, but this time its done at the beginning of the semester.

I forgot to mention that my term as a member of the SRC belum habis lagi. And since Bomba tak sambung study, I’ll have to act as a replacement. Pemangku President of the SRC. At first, the post sounded SO HEAVY! But, I must be confident in myself. I must do this task as best I can. With the team behind me, InsyaAllah I can do this.

So our first project is this coming Friendship Week. We’re already busy actually. Last week I think we had 2 meetings already. But disappointingly, only two-three people yang ikut dateline. Haiyaa.. These people like to do things last minute. Don’t they ever learn? Dah 4 semesters pun tak reti jugak. Sabar je la.

Then something happened on Wednesday.. or should I say “incident”. It started like this, last Wednesday we were to have a meeting during lunch hour. The night before, the vice II smsd me and said that he wanted the key for our new MP room tomorrow morning coz he wanted to “hiaskan”.. Since the key that I had was the ONLY key for that particular room, I told him to jaga btul2. This boy selalu cari pasal, so I siap pesan three times kat die. I wanted to trust him, but I still had this reluctant feeling.

Rupa2nya that uneasy feeling ade penyebabnye.. Lahai.. I think you can guess what happened. He locked himself outside. Duh! So, a few hours after that, he smsd me saying he wanted to see me.. “Ade benda URGENT” katanya.

“Kak Miraaaa.. saye terkunci bilik MP tu, kunci die ade kat dalam. Camne ni akak??” YaAllah.. angin btul la budak nih. At that time, I was just so damn irritated. Ape hal budak nih, I don’t get it why he’s the only one yang suka cari pasal. Yang lain okey je, what is wrong with this boy?

So I just said “Akak tak kira awk selesaikan mcmane. Yang akak tahu, 1230 ade meeting”. Then I left him there to deal with the problem himself. He’s old enough to think.

Or so I thought…

Since I was so irritated, I went to En Kasman the Student Activity Supervisor and asked him if this boy came and told him anything. When he said no, I told him what happened. Haa.. you’ll never guess what happened after that. En Kasman put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a familiar bunch of keys. Terkejut jugak, how the heck did En Kasman get those keys. “Mira, saye jumpa kunci ni betul2 kat tombol pintu bilik MP tu. Nasib baik saye yang jumpa, kalau org lain?”


1230 came and I went upstairs to see the door was already opened. When I asked him how he opened it, he said “Saya panjat bumbung tau akak”. Hish, sampai ke situ? I didn’t ask further. At the end of the meeting, he gave out keys to the others. It was kind of a weird gesture so I asked him; “How much did it cost to duplicate the keys?” He answered, “Alah, seringgit lebih je akak”.

The next day, I met syafiq in front of the MP room to settle a few things concerning this coming Friendship Week. So as usual I took out the key En Kasman gave me yesterday and to my surprise, it wouldn’t fit the key hole. “Eh, kenapa nampak pelik je this tombol?” I asked to myself. I tried every single key that was in my bunch of keys but none of them fit.

I asked Syafiq to call the Guard.. Yelah, manelah tahu ade org Admin tukar. Org admin naik atas, even the guard naik, but no one knew anything about the new tombol. Suddenly “this boy” popped into my mind. Terus I called him. “Where are you?! Akak nak kunci bilik. Naik sekarang jugak!”, I said with a high voice. I was starting to become angry.
When he arrived, he opened the door. The first thing that came out of Syafiq and my mouth was “Amboiii.. sukahati je awk tukar tombol eh”. Die boleh tersenyum sipu2 kat situ. Lagi buat mira geram. Then I asked him straight out, “Cuba bagitahu ape sbnrnye jadi semalam?”

I listened to this hilarious tale of him terkunci kat luar coz he wanted to see how the new curtains on the door looked from outside. (EXCUSE ME??) Then he said, bile dah terkunci tu, die pun panjat la bumbung. When he found out the key wasn’t in the room, die pun terpaksa tukar tombol. Ya Allah.. after that I was SO DAMN ANGRY! Boleh lagi die tipu kite bulat2 kat depan mata!

Then I straight away gave him the trashing he deserved. Die sendiri tertinggal kunci tu kat tombol pintu, he can say die terkunci kat luar sbb nak tengok langsir. Can’t you see the way he wanted to save his butt by lying? I actually raised my voice right there n then. I was even surprised at myself. I’ve never been known to marah like that.

Ok, let me list out the contradictions I found in his story;
1) First he said he locked himself outside, sbb nak tengok langsir. If that’s true, then how the heck did En Kasman find the keys at the tombol pintu.. Get the picture?
2) Second, he would be silly to close that door just to see the langsir coz die tak tutup pun boleh nampak.
3) Third, how the heck did he climb the bumbung with his rather large body? Tak ke patah tengkok kalau jatuh? Dan tak logic. Papan ceiling tu bukannye made out of stone. Its just a piece of thin cardboard. Camne pulak boleh panjat??
4) Four, kalau btul die tukar tombol, why the heck didn’t he tell us during the meeting?? Kalau iye pun, bagitahu laaa. Ni tak, senyap je.
5) Five, why the heck did he lie when I asked him how much it cost to duplicate the key??!

I think he thought he could get away with it. But like I told my friends “Sepandai2 tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga”. Allah will always reveal the bad things people do. Don’t think you’ll get away with such things.

I was so angry, to the point I said he was careless, and that I put my trust in him to take care of the key. A key is just a small thing okey. Then I told him, if something so small as a key pun tak boleh nak responsible, how the heck am I supposed to trust him to do something bigger??! Oh God, I totally gave it all out. The thing that made me angrier was the fact that he could lie right in my face. The nerve.

Right now, him and his “gang” of friends duk menjeling2 me. Eh, come on la. So immature la. I don’t give a damn. Such acts, mirrors the fact that he’s still a kid inside and doesn’t wanna grow up. It also shows how much he is still trying to defend himself. Still tanak mengaku salah.

Makes me wonder what other things he’s lied about.

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