Saturday, July 30, 2005

Convo.. here we come

I can’t believe there’s only two weeks to go till my convocation. With everyone talking about it here and there, I find myself having butterflies in my stomach as days pass by. I can’t really explain how I feel, coz it’s a new wondrous feeling. I’ve never felt like this before. It feels like something from deep inside, just ready to burst with excitement. It’s just like being a small kid, anxious to open a birthday present to see what’s inside.

My friends and I have already settled our Convo fees. Plus the fees for our exclusive robes. I first felt this excitement feeling start when me, Ju and Fad went to pay up at the HQ office the other day. It suddenly seems so real. I donno why I never thought it WAS real before.

Oh God, you do not know how eager I am. With the Convo being at Bukit Jalil and all. Best giler! Heheheh.. Sorry, just being silly.

Anyway, as I told you guys a few posts back, I already have a special baju kurung just for this gala occasion. I called mak yesterday, terlupa nak bagitahu yang my baju dah siap kat tailor and she had to pick it up. Rupanya mak dah ambik dah pun. Fuhh.. legaaa, coz the receipt was with me. Takut tailor tu tak ingat yang mane. =P

Then I found out that I don’t have a tudung to match my new baju. Alaaaa..
Hehe.. you know how girls wanna look their best! Macam tak tahu pulak =P

I want my Convo to be perfect. =) hehe.. I have a new baju, new tudung (which I have to buy in two weeks) and new SHOES! Yeaaahhh.. Thanks Aliya for the new boots. Sorry you had to go all over Melbourne in search for it. I owe you one. Eh, but wait, we’re EVEN! ;) *wink. I haven’t seen the boots yet, but thank you anyway. I hope it didn’t cost that much. Hehe.. You know me and my expensive taste. =P

Oh I just can’t wait. I donno why ramai yang not as enthusiastic as me. When I say “eiii, seronoknye nak konvo!” They’ll dampen my spirits with something like “Ala, awk boleh la nak seronok, pointer tinggi”. Laaaaaaaaaa.. sbr je la.

It’s not like they’re gonna announce your pointer on the stage. (I don’t think they’re gonna announce our NAME for that matter) We’re going up there as graduates, no matter how high or how low our pointer is. Convocation is OUR day. A day to celebrate US. You should be HAPPY. Not think negative like that. I don’t get la these people.

Seriously, these are the times that people can’t wait for in life. =) Getting a scroll after years of fighting up the ladder of success. All worthwhile.

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