Monday, July 25, 2005

Black Mondays

Monday. A day which usually brings out big sighs from everyone. Everyone HATES Mondays. That’s why phrases like “Black Mondays” are formed.

It’s been a while, I haven’t really had the time to write, that’s why I type everything and upload it in my blog sekali gus.

Last weekend, I was required to go to a Seminar organized by Kelab-kelab UMNO Luar Negara. A letter was sent to my university, requesting members of the SRC to attend, so 5 of us went. It was held at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. The title of the Seminar was “Agenda Melayu”.

I went there solely to get the experience of meeting Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. Haha.. At least dapat experience. Boleh lah bagitahu org, that I’ve met Najib. =P Oh yeah, did I mention it was on TV as well? Hahaha..

At first, we all tersesat kat DBP tu. Haha.. I didn’t know the way, so just relying on a map drawn by Kak Diela, tawakkal je lah. YaAllah, that’s an experience I’ll never forget. Only the people in the car with me at that time would understand what I mean ;)

Ok, so we arrived at DBP right on time. Dah masuk car park, naik lift. Guess who I saw? AWLA! Hahaha.. Of all the people to bump into. She’s the least expected person for me to bump into coz as far as I know, she’s in Kuantan, rite? Haha.. But it was a pleasurable “bump-into”.

At first I thought she was in KL for the Seminar I was to attend, rupanya she had another program. If I’m not mistaken, it was about Astora Jabat. Kan Awla? How was the programme?

Oh okey, back to my story. We all had to daftar, then went upstairs into the grand hall, which was grand I tell you. Of course la, Najib nak datang.. red carpet and all. All the representatives from IPTs had to sit at the back. We didn’t really have time to mingle about (even though that’s exactly what Ms Put pesan suruh buat).

After 45minutes waiting, finally Najib came, and the ceremony started. His officiating speech was interesting. It had some good points. But generally the seminar was about Melayu. About how we have to stay together and all.

The perasmian was a first for me. It was cool. After Najib’s speech, there was a recitation of a poem, with background music (which was really effective!), then came the pendekar2 bringing the keris to be put on the stage. It was COOL!

There were a lot of cameras there, from TV3, etc. We all found ourselves sitting up straight and smiling every time the cameras focused our way. Malu la kalau tiba2 masuk TV nampak tengah tido! Hahahah..

From my experience doing to seminars like this, usually the most interesting part is the sesi soal jawab. And from my experience also, usually it’s the IPT Students yang suka tanye soalan2 maut ni. But shockingly, this time most of the questions and comments came from the “veterans”.

Anyhow, kitorg semua bangga when the menteri Pengajian Tinggi mentioned our University during his forum speech. Bangga la kejap =P. Rupanya dah famous UNIKL nih. Hehehe..

The seminar was supposed to end at 6.30p.m. But we all went back during lunch. The forum before lunch had relevance to us as students, but after looking at the agenda, after lunch there’d be a forum on economy and politic. So we all decided to go back rather than indulge ourselves in the political issues.

Although setengah hari je pegi, we still consider it as experience. =).. walaupun mengelat sikit. Hehehe..

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