Friday, July 01, 2005

Back to School

I can’t believe 6 months have already passed. I’ve been staying in JB for 6 months mann! Wau.. it feels so short. However, the things that happened during those 6 months have had a huge impact in my life. But if I was given the chance, I wouldn’t change anything. Especially the breakup.

So here I am today writing on my last day staying home. Tomorrow we’re all off to KL. The whole family is coming along as well to send me. Just a family thing =). And also because someone has to teman me drive all the way to KL. Hehehe.. But still, its just wonderful that everyone cleared their schedules to send me all the way back to face yet another journey. Haha.. Except Aliya of course.. Duh!

Right now, sbnrnye I’m in the process of packing. Truthfully, I just started packing yesterday. I know, I know.. last minute btul packing. Saje je sbnrnye. Somehow, I felt reluctant to bring out the huge suitcase and pack all my clothes. I’m only half finished and the cupboard is already looking empty. The rest to just Aimi’s clothes.

Sedih tu sedih jugak. And the room is now so damn messy. My doing of course. Hehehhe.. I brought out all the boxes, files and documents. So right now I’m sorting them all out. Stuff to bring along, stuff to recycle, stuff to keep in mind, and also stuff to throw out. Hehehe.. During the whole sorting out, I found quite a few things. All my former notes. Even from semester one! And also my exam papers, quizzes and test. Wah.. bangga btul bile tgk balik my marks. Alhamdulillah, I never thought I’d get this far.

Oh I better get back to packing. I have to finish before my sisters get back from school. Kalau tak, habis makin sepah bilik nih. I’ll get back when I feel tired sorting things out =)

Over and out.

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