Monday, July 25, 2005

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim..

I start this post with Bismillah bcoz this is the first post since I’ve been in KL. For those who don’t know, I am not in KL continuing my journey up the ladder of my life goal. I’m now a second year student, taking Bachelor of Multimedia Technologies (Hons) in Interactive Multimedia Design. It sounds so exclusive doesn’t it? =P

Anyhow, I’ve been here two weeks already. Sorry for not updating, but it’s been kinda hectic. This semester I would be taking 7 subjects which carry 18 credit hours. Until now, I only have one totally project based subject. I know how those would sound easy, but don’t be fooled. Its these kind of subjects which are hard to score.

What actually has been happening here in KL? Not much to tell really. Registration day was a blast! Coz I met up with all my friends whom I haven’t seen in 6 months. There were a lot of hugging and laughing. =) So much fun.

Then came the orientation. It was a relief that the degree students didn’t have to undergo the orientation week again. Fuh.. if not, for sure the OC would ‘bully’ us. But as if diorg berani pun! Haha.. I tagged along supervising the 40 highly potential members of the Orientation Committee. Its always fun watching new faces and making new friends.

The week after that, we were divided into our respected classes. I’m in class One which consists of 50% new external students. Am I unlucky or what! Oklaa.. I can make new friends, but come on laa.. =( Nasib baik Ocha same class with me, kalau tak tercungap-cungap la saye kat situ.

Oh ye, I forgot to mention.. the degree courses, ade yang ade kelas until 8p.m. My God! 8 p.m. ok folks. Thank God I have a car. I pity the ones who have to take the bus. Balik malam2 tuh.

Its just been a week, but I’ve already got 3 major assignments.. Waaaaa… when we voiced objections, guess what the lecturers’ said..? “WELCOME TO DEGREE COURSE” with a mischievous smile. Oh Mannn..!

Pray for me okey.

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