Friday, July 01, 2005

12.. 11.. 10.. and counting..

In another 10 hours, I’ll be on my way back to the-ever-busy-and-noisy-KL. Well, a part of me has this huge enthusiasm to go back. The other half just dreads it.

I haven’t really finished packing my stuff.. Never knew I had tons of things!

Aimi keeps repeating “Alaa.. lepas ni kakngah dah takde dah” and every time she says that, my gutt hurts. As much as I’d love to see my friends and hang out, I’ll still be missing my family and the times we all share together, walaupun only at home.

I’ve been living back home for 6 months and everyone has gotten used to the routine. I don’t know how it’ll go without me. I know Aimi and Aida are gonna miss me menyakat diorg. I also selalu bawak diorg jalan2, and belanja stuff which I know they won’t get to buy with mak =P. So I think they’ll miss those kind of things.

Every time before going to sleep, after the lights are already turned off, I always get in bed next to them and main geletek2. Hehehe.. it’s fun you know. Well, for me anyway; coz I’m doing all the tickling. =P

And I really love the conversations we all have during the half an hour drives’ back from fetching them at school. The laughs, jokes and sharing of secrets. =)

I know the whole family is gonna be sending me to KL, but yet again I dread the time when they’ll start their journey back to JB and leave me. It’s still gonna feel sad; just like the time they left after seeing me settled in the hostel during semester 1. I hate that feeling. I’ll always have unshed tears; which I’ll straight away wipe before anyone sees them.

It’s a good thing I’ll be staying in nenek’s house. I just hate hostels. Seriously. I’ll definitely think again if I was offered. No way. I value my privacy so I don’t think I’ll be able to settle in comfortably. Once is enough. I have so many experiences to last a lifetime! < -- Just being over dramatic =P

I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update my blog in KL. It depends on how busy I’ll be. But since my laptop has a wireless connection, maybe I’ll be spending more time in restaurants with the facilities for me to eat while surfing. And its gonna be free as well.. hehe.. Cool!

Please pray for me. I need all the support I can get. =) I hope the journey I am about to start would be as wonderful and serine as it was before. InsyaAllah it will give me more experiences and make me stronger facing the tribulations that are heading my way. Ya Allah, I need Your guidance every step of the way.

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