Friday, September 11, 2009

Safari Experience

Im not feeling too well (sakit perut), so Ill just do a photo update eh. Later, when I feel like writing, Ill modify this entry. Here goes..

Aliya brought me to the Werribee Open Range Zoo last Thursday. Its like a safari zoo where they let the animals roam free.

Front Entrance

Zebras! LIVE!

The tour buses -- they go thru the habitats of the animals there. COOL! Seriously.

There was so much Rhino dung -- as you can see in the picture. Haha

More Zebras. They are beautiful creatures arent they. MashaAllah

Off the bus, now on the trail walk. First stop, Monkeys! Haha.

Lions!! Pergh, this was superb I tell you! The keeper gave a talk about them, made them do some tricks and gave them treats. AWESOME!! And I was in the BEST spot! Hahaha. Seriously awesome. The Lion roared a few times too. First time dgr in real life.

Wild Dogs. They look like hyenas, but they're not. See them all lining up? Its bcoz the Lion roar. They thought there was a kill.

Ignore my silliness. Hahhahaha

Another amazing creature. So beautiful and graceful! (oh ye, we were divided by glass ok :P)


  1. wah!! lawonye zebras!!!!!!!!! mashaAllah!!!!!!
    oh gambo last terkejut sikit kite! rupenye ade glass! hahaha

  2. hahaha patut amirah tak yah tulis ada glass kat situ. biar kasi saspen semua org!

  3. mesti awak edit gambar2 ni!! i don't remember me being particularly good at taking photographs. hahaha. nampak sungguh professional plak gambar2 ni..false hopes!

  4. Hahhahaha.. aah laa. Patut jgn tulis ade glass ek. Adoi.. terlepas! Hahhaa.

    Zebra mmg lawa! And imagine yg setiap strips diorg tu lain2, sama mcm finger print kite. Hebatkan? MashaAllah.

    Aliya: hahahhaha. aah, mmg la me edit. Although the weather was nice that day, tak panas sgt, tak sejuk sgt, the sky was a little dull, so ambik gambar mmg takkan cantiknye. Dah edit, kan lawa! Hahha

    Photography is more about angles. Kalau crop btul, cantik la. The shutter speed semua tu the next step. So ur getting there! Haha

  5. bestnye....nih tak sabo2 nak gi nih...


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