Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bad Day

Yesterday was an awful day. For me la.

I had the worst headache.

Usually, headaches during Ramadhan are caused by dehydration, lack of water and fluids in the body.

So I waited until buka, hoping that it will go away once there was food in my system.

But apparently, it made it worst.

Dahla smlm makan byk, maybe my stomach terkejut kot.

After mkn, I drank Eno, konon nk try get instant results la kan. But nooooo..

Lagi aku nak muntah ade la.

Rupa2nya, sbb angin..

The headache did get worst, and I got nauseated. And since bukan coz pregnant (hahaha), mesti la angin kan.

So I prayed maghrib sitting down, with a plastic dustbin at the side, takut termuntah.

Afterwards, I went to lay on the bed, got myself all covered with tiger balm and rested.

After a while, I got sleepy, so I quickly prayed Isya and tarawikh (sitting down again), took some Panadol and went to sleep. The best remedy for my headaches.

Ah.. wonderful. I prayed so that Allah grant me nikmat kesihatan so that I would be able to do qiam in the morning, and Alhamdulillah Allah granted my prayer.

Thank you Allah.

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  1. salam,

    yeah great...hopefully, its not getting worse..haha...

    dah biasa kena. kalau puasa, akan sakit kepala, and then, will continue until tomorrow morning..because? like you already said, kurang ayaq..


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