Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hamzah Asadullah

I am currently actively developing an original module for ABJZ's 29 hour programme. Which has me searching for appropriate nasyeeds and videos to be used.

So I found this nasyid from InTeam about Hamzah Asadullah. I cried my eyes out the first time I heard it. I dunno why, but it just got to me. I might have been in a vulnerable state of mind during that time, but still.. it really got to me. Pilu might be the right word to use.

Being so, I searched YouTube for any videos, coz I wanted to post it here. But all I came up was this silly video of a guy recording half of himself singing (very soulfully and enthusiastically, if I might add) to InTeam's version. I found it weird and bengong. So I downloaded the mp3 and did one myself.

Layth and I watched the cartoon movie of Prophet Muhammad the other day on YouTube. So I downloaded the part with Perang Uhud and Perang Badar. Did cutting here and there, added lyrics and wallaahh..

Hope you enjoy it. A tribute to Hamzah Asadullah.


  1. wahhhhh.......

    hahaha...great great...nak video die..beli kat mana eh?

    cerita prophet Muhammad tu kat mana beli? tak pernah lak nampak. english ke arab?

    saladin ada ke?

  2. ana tgk kat youtube je. Tak tahu la pulak nk beli kat mane.

    English. Tp mungkin ade yg dlm bahasa Arab.

    Bukan Saladin. Saladin ni org msia yg buat, and pasal Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi. AND cartoon die lagi hebat.

  3. waah ! aida baru belajar pasal hamzah tadi . haha .

  4. dah jumpa. download guna rapidshare! haahhaahhaahahah......

  5. kartun muhammad tu kita ada la dekat bahasa melayu punya version la...


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