Monday, September 07, 2009

Austen Frenzy

I know my previous entry has been somewhat morbid and pitiful. Im not sure if it is a reflection of my mood or anything, I found that I needed a little cheering up. So what better to cheer ones self than some Jane Austen! Haha.

Ok, I quoted that from the Jane Austen Book Club. Which I found I am bound to enter. Haha. Ok, now Im practically talking (or writing) like them! hahha.

It is indeed an embarrassment to admit that Ive only had the chance to read one of the novels, Pride and Prejudice. And I also have to confess that it has always been one of my guilty pleasures to read, watch and listen to the language and ppl during that era in England. Its utterly fascinating! All proper with the utmost decorum. Posh and sensible. Hahahhaha.

I do plan to read all of Jane Austen's novels. I have 3 already, but have only read one. Although it excites me to read them, I also have difficulty understanding them sometimes. The language is so high standard! It took more than 2 weeks for me to finish Pride & Prejudice. I usually read right before bed, so it was rather hard to sleep when your brain is actively trying to ascertain the meaning behind a conversation. Hahahaha.

Now I understand why some people are so reluctant in reading something they dont understand that well, eventhough it is said that the best way to learn a language is by reading. I now know how people feel when they are told to open a dictionary if they dont know the meaning of a word. Haha. Although, now there's a thing called Google! :P

Anyway, back to the cheering up. This sudden feeling to have some little Jane Austen started when I watched a movie on TV last Friday. It was called Bride & Prejudice, an English language movie of an indian family where the storyline very much resembled (and of course was based on) Jane Austen's book. It was hillarious!! Hahahaha. I couldnt stop laughing. Ms "Lalita" (who is supposed to be Elizabeth) was played by Aishwarya Rai! Hahaha. But I was so tired, and I fell asleep during commercials. This lead me to go watch the rest of the movie on YouTube.

There've been several versions of this story. Ive watched the 2007 version of Pride and Prejudice millions of times -- oh you know, the one with Kiera Knightley as Ms Eliza Bennet and Matthew MacFadyan as the infamous Mr Darcy.

The first time I watched this movie a few years back, I didnt really understand what they were talking about! They talked too fast! But how they portrayed the love story was so beautiful, I Googled it and found the quotes in the story. And my God, it was superb when I watched it back. Since then, its been one of my favourite movies of all time. I especially love the confrontation scenes between Lizzy and Mr Darcy. Although at a first glance Matthew MacFadyan didnt really fit the role of Mr Darcy, but I grew fond of him after I read the book and again watched the movie. Haha.

But I did stumble upon the 1995 version of P&P on YouTube, with a much handsome Mr Darcy played by Collin Firth. I started watching it yesterday, but I found it rather dull -- except for Collin Firth :P Haha. So I stopped half way. Wouldnt want to ruin my view of P & P. The 2007 version is by far the best so far.

I was still not satisfied, I still needed cheering up. So I found the next movie adaptation of another book, Emma.

This story was rather funny. I think it was intended to be a comedy -- this version anyway. But Ill have to read the book first to really capture the essence of the story.

I found myself laughing at the silly imaginations of the young girls in this story. Being a girl myself, I have to admit, we do get carried away sometimes. Haha. Jeremy Northam as Mr George Knightley was what captured my interest in the story. Haha.. always the heros huh? Not really. I liked his character. And also the romantic storyline of two great friends finally finding out they love each other. Oh.. and as I watched this movie, it reminded me of another movie I rather enjoyed, Clueless. Rupanye mmg they made it based on Emma anyway. Haha. Who knew!

When the movie finished, I was just about to stop, when my eyes saw "Mansfield Park" in the related videos section. Bestnyer!!! Ive never read the story, I didnt even know what it was about.

But it has been famously circulated that all Austen's stories are just wonderful, so I couldnt resist the temptation to continue with my Austen frenzy!

Mansfield Park. What a wonderful and beautiful story! Simply captivating. Sweet and romantic. With of course some shocking twists here and there. But overall, wonderful.

Its starting to become one of my favourites. This movie version anyway. Haha. I found another much recent one, but havent watched it. Nnt la.

I love the intensity of Fanny & Edmund's friendship and how it progresses as they grew up together. Jonny Lee Miller as the ever so charming Edmund. Fanny by Frances O'connor's performance is to be praised too.

Ok, next.

I wanted to watch Persuasion first, but from the summary I read in Wiki, it was said that Northanger Abbey was Gothic so I watched that one first. Im not very fond of anything Gothic. So it was best to put that out of the way. Haha.

It was rather scary. But funny.

Catherine's character was very.. hmm whats the word to use.. eager? Haha. AND she had this wild imagination which was brought up by her wild fascination towards mystery and Gothic books.

She had very vivid day dreams about the stories she reads. And she kept coming up with these ridiculous conclusions. It was hilarious! Haha.

I have to admit, its one of my least favourite stories. But enjoyable nonetheless. It just happens that I love the others much more! :P

Aha.. now comes the eager awaited Persuasion.

The first time I heard about this story (I mean book) was in the movie The Lake House. And since it was the heroin's favourite book, I found myself curious to find what the story was about.

But I didnt know who the author was. Imagine how shocked I was when I found out it was one of Jane Austen's famous stories.

Another beautiful masterpiece. Another one which may become a favourite.

The story of love found, but then love separated by wealth and class, finally found again after nearly 8 years.

They were separated bcoz of the reluctance of Anne's family (bcoz of wealth and position in society) to accept WentWorth's proposal when Anne was 19 years old, breaking his heart in the process. Wentworth was called to service the navy and left with a broken heart & spirit. He was devastated.

But Anne still loved him and still blamed her family for robbing her of her happiness. Anne never accepted anyone else after that. After 8 years, Wentworth (who was now a Captain and had immense wealth) came back, but full of resentment. You can read or watch the movie to find out the rest of the story. Haha. Or you can go read the summary at Wiki :P Hehe.

Last story, Sense and Sensibility.

The only previous version I knew about this movie adaptation was the one with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson.

AND of course Alan Rickman as Colonel Brandon. I didnt find it very entertaining. Especially with the awkward Hugh Grant as Edward Ferrars. Haha.

So I was very pleased to find a newer version! Hehe. Anything would do other than Huge Grant. Haha. I have nothing against him, but he just doesnt fit the role.

This BBC version is much much better. I love it!! Go watch it on YouTube.

And Colonel Brandon.. Yay!! He doesnt look so old! He's supposed to be only 35 in the story. So Alan Rickman really really didnt seem right.

Im still watching. Ive only reached the part where Willaby sends a letter to Marianne stating that he hoped that he didnt convey any wrong feelings about loving her. Ahh..

Ill finish it soon. And then my Austen frenzy will be completed, ready to be repeated again when needed :D

So anyone else an Austen fan? hehe


  1. they say the P&P starring colin firth is more accurate to the story because jane is supposed to be beautiful and elizabeth is plain looking. she's not supposed to be good-looking (read: kiera knightley) and the main attraction of the heroine is her character (thus the whole plot of "prejudice").

    i kinda like the emma thompson S&S hehehe. movie trivia the actor who played willoughby in that movie is actually emma thompson's real husband! haha and 6 of the actors in that movie acted in harry potter films.

  2. haha. BUT have u watched it? Although the dialog might be accurate, but Jane in that version wasnt the least bit 'beautiful' to me. Lizzy was better looking. And they all looked really old. Like in their late 20s.

    Hahaha.. i didnt say i didnt like it. Just that I didnt like Hugh Grant as Edward and Snape as Colonel Brandon. Haha.

    But you should watch the BBC one. BEST! Hehe

  3. i have watched all versions of P&P from black and white, 1995 and 2006. And the Bollywood version hahaha

    Damn BM literature

  4. wah ye ke. Hahahhahahha.. ur crazier than me :P

    Yeah, BM literature is so boring :( Atau mungkin just seen as boring since no one thought of a way to make it interesting.

  5. no.. sebab BM literature tu la i kene watch all those movies!!!! LAGAK WASANGKA - we had to read the translated version but bcoz tak paham, so cikgu suh tengok all the movies

    i only watched P&P kiera knightley voluntarily hahahaha.

  6. kakngah mmg suka ek cerita2 yg theme dia org2 lama...hahaha

  7. "Lagak Wasangka"??! Hahahhahahahahhahahahha.. apesal la nak translate. Peliknye. Same situation bile diorg try translate the HP stories. Wired.

    Aah ahmad, kakngah suka cite lama2. My genre. Hehe. Tp cerita lama2 yg ade perang tak suka. Just romance :P Hehhehe


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