Friday, September 18, 2009

The Final Days of Ramadhan


Hi y'all. Hows everyone doing? I wonder if anyone is even reading this.

Kinda in a somber mood. Ramadhan has come to its final days :( Or should I say "day". Tomorrow will be the last day of Ramadhan, and Im sad to see it come to its end.

There are some who are too joyous when it comes to Aidilfitri. Although we should be happy and celebrate our success in completing a whole month of fasting, we must also knowledge its ending. Before being too caught up in being super doper happy, we should ask ourselves "Will I be able to go thru this again? Will I have another Ramadhan? Or will this be my last?"

We should also ask ourselves, "Did I use this Ramadhan to its advantage?" "Did I do enough ibadah?" "Was I given forgiveness by Allah Ta'ala?" "Did I get to experience Lailatul Qadr?".

But sadly, some of us have this huge sense of relief that its finally over. Some of us will think, "Yes, dah nak raya. Takyah puasa dah. Penat la puasa sampai sebulan". How sad is that?

Its is sad indeed when the only thing someone gets from fasting is the feeling of hunger and thirst. They fast for the sole purpose of it being Ramadhan, or it being a "tradition" or even more alarmingly, "because if I dont, nnt mak aku bising".

YaAllah, please forgive these poor souls, and give them Hidayah. Lead them to the right path.

Allah S.W.T harams the bodies of His servants from the hell fires, who are happy and excited with the coming of Ramadhan. This is also the case to those who's heart feels reluctant of its leaving. We should ask ourselves, are we included in this group?

No one but Allah S.W.T knows what is to happen tomorrow. No one can guarantee that they will be able to wake up tomorrow. No one can vow that they will be alive when they wake up. It is all in the Hands of Allah.

Having said that, we must also take note of how Aidilfitri is a day specifically for those with taqwa after a month of fasting.

Aidilfitri is also a celebration of Iman; for those who truly understand Islam will feel the true joy of this day.

Allah S.W.T made Aidilfirti as a day of happiness and triumph for those with Iman.

Its sort of 2 feelings at once ey? But who said being a Muslim is easy.

Eid Mubarak to all my family and friends. Mak, Ayah, Aliya, Ahmad, Aimi, Aida. And all my extended family.

To my friends, have a great Eid. Although Eid is a celebration, dont overdo it.

Salam Aidilfitri,


  1. betul2. lepas sebulan buat mcm2 amalan (bagi sesape yg buatlah), jgnlah plak semua tu hilang dengan benda2 tak snunuh yg buat masa raya.

  2. yeah..

    and this year, not as good as before...

    giler takde stamina..


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