Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raya di Perantauan

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT,

Eid Mubarak everyone!! Kulluamin wa antum bikhair!

Ok, my first Eid overseas (this excludes the ones we had in UK time kecik2 ok :P), or maybe I should say first Eid far away from my parents. Yeah, thats more accurate I think.

Ingatkan takkan nangis hari raya ni Mak Ayah jauh, rupanye nangis jugak. Isk isk. Time ckp ngan Ayah on the phone, mula laaa air mata mengalir. Sedih sgt. Pastu when Aimi pun nak ckp, Ahmad pun nak cakap.. wahh.. rindu giler ngan semua org!

Nenek pulak ckp lama giler bile time call tu. Semua bende die nak cite. Adoi.. rindu rindu. Nenek cek pulak ckp die sedih sbb kakngah takde time raya ni. Aduh, terharu nye.

So how was it? Hmmm.. I'd have to say.. different.

Its very interesting in a way, but Im not at liberty to tell all just yet coz the day hasnt ended. Currently, we are at home, waiting for ppl who said that they wanted to come ziarah raya. The plan was different, we planned to go to the Eid Festival after Zuhur, but Aliya said maybe pergi malam kot -- coz of the guests -- so boleh la tgk fireworks. Haha.

After Subuh this morning, I was so sleepy (from staying up late to make agar-agar -- thats another story), that I went back into the covers. I finally dragged myself out of bed at 6.30 and went to take a shower. To tell you the truth, I have NEVER taken a shower that early in the morning since Ive stayed here. Usually, I only take a shower in the afternoon. And my GOD, it was FREEZING!

Although I showered with hot/warm water, I was shivering my nose off after wards. YaAllah. Tapi untuk pahala sunat mandi Aidilfitri punye pasal, takpe takpe. Redah je lah.

Dah siap2 tu.. terus pegi masjid. YaAllah.. ramai nye orang!!

The view was so.. different. Selalu if in Malaysia, all we see are baju kurungs, and ppl all in white wearing telekungs. But here.. MashaAllah.. it was like a sea of colours. Mostly ppl wore black, but I have to admit, their jubahs were so BEAUTIFUL! Black, but liplap sana sini, cantik sangat! And bukan jenis yg over2 tau (although ade je yg mcm over, but still..).

And to see all the different kind of people, with different skin colours, different language, different cultures, different cultural clothes, different tudungs. And to think that all these different people were united by kalimah Lailahailallah, but still unique in their own special way. It was very eye opening. Now Im going to see cara solat raya in Malaysia as so dull. Serious.

And their expressions.. they were so happy! Gembira dpt jumpa kawan2, semua congratulate the other for completing their fast. It was an atmosphere of celebration.

I felt like watching a movie, feeling so small in such a large Islamic community. They didnt care what you wore, they didnt care where you're from. You're a Muslim, then you are my sister. Terharu sgt lah tengok diorg2 nih.

We prayed outside -- in the cold if I might add -- coz there were too many people. But Alhamdulillah another great experience.

Oh okey, before I reveal the pictures.. I have to confess something. This Eid I think is the eid yang paling aku bergaya. Hahahhahha.. Well, I have to admit that I dont think I'd wear this fashion in Malaysia -- I dont know.. mungkin tak sesuai kot kat Malaysia.

So being overseas, and most of the Muslimah wear it like this here, Aliya kata "jom". Hahhahahahha. So jangan terkejut with my Eid attire okey :P Just a warning.

Ok, so picture time. Im just uploading the pictures with me in them. Aliya punye family Eid pictures, biar Aliya la upload. Kwang3x. Hehhehe.. Ok, so enjoy!!

Solat raya atas jalanraya. You wont see me anywhere here. I was way way to the right.

Below: My Eid Attire! Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
Hahahhahahha :P

So, how do I look? Hehhehe. Nampak mcm minah arab tak? :P

A picture with makcik from Africa. Tinggi seh! Most of them were tall and thin. Mcm orang Masai. Makcik ni punye anak were both taller than me! Terkejut!

Layth amik gambar raya with MakNgah. I like this picture. Cute! Hehhe

Oh ye, Layth pakai baju melayu florescent purple pinkish. Senang nak spot from afar! Hehhehe. But he was so handsome!

The "twins". Pakai lebih kurang sedondon. One of Aliya's friends thought I was her and smiled to me. I smiled back, but dlm kepala "Nape pmpn ni senyum kat aku? Takpelah, senyum je lah balik. Sedekah". Then suddenly when she saw Aliya beside me she said "Oh my God, I thought she was YOU!" Hahhahaha. Oh come on, we dont even look the same!

Afterwards, we went to 'open house' Kak Intan and Kak Wahyuna. It was in the park. All the good pictures are in other ppl's cameras, so takleh nak upload. Maybe later. Ibu (mak kak intan) masak sedaaaaap! Takde la kempunan when Nenek tahun ni masak lontong, coz Ibu pun masak lontong. Yummy!!

All and all, it has been a great day so far. Ill story mory about the Eid Festival later. Eid Mubarak everyone!


  1. Eid mubarak!!!!!!!! hehehe.. lawo sungguh makngah layth ni!!! eh lenkali pakai je kat malaysia.. dah ramai je org pakai ala-ala arab ni.. n awak mmg sgt sesuai!!

    sedih ek raye overseas? kite pun 1st time ni tak raye ngan parents.. siap raya kat kl je ni.. hahaha.. akak zayd bersalin awal pulak

  2. i wear something like this in Malaysia too. But maybe not the pashmina sebab panas tak tahan.

    it really is something to be with muslimahs of different race and culture. Great experience kan?

  3. btw nak jugak cakap, you loo good in this raya attire Masya Allah. ;)

  4. Ala uswah, awk ade zayd! Tak sama la :P Hehhehe.. Thanks! Haha.. tengok la, kalau berani kite try pakai.

    Kak Lollies: Ye ke? Wah. Aah, pashmina are kinda tebal ek. But sesuai for the cold weather here, so tak rasa panasnye. And thanks! Hehhe.. serious ke ok? Itu pakai main hentam je sbnrnye. Hehhe.

  5. kakmyra! haha. sebenarnya kite pun plan nak pakai pashmina tau mase tak jadi! dah try dh pakai2 kat rumah.tapi takde yg matching ngn jubah laa. terus tak jadi. name pun raye kaaan. :P


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