Saturday, September 12, 2009

Extremely Windy

Ive been here almost 6 weeks. Wau, mcm tak caya pulak. Feels mcm kejap je.

Anyway, Ive been here 6 weeks, and today is the hottest day yet. Haha. Its slowly moving into Spring, and the temperature today is 23 degrees. Hahaha. Doesnt sound that hot ey? Well, I would really call it hot, but its the first time I dont need to wear socks! Haha.

I guess, having had temperatures between 6 to 18 degrees for the 6 weeks, it can be considered a vast change.

BUT.. let me tell you..

For the past couple of days, even though its been bright and sunny, the wind.. YaAllah.. tak terkata kuatnya. Its been extremely windy! Wild! Just wild and caotic.

I went to the park with Layth yesterday. Usually, we stay there for more than an hour, walking about, and Layth playing at the Playground. But yesterday, the wind was so strong, I kept looking at the trees and felt shivers run up my spine. Seram seh. Rasa mcm nak tercabut je pokok2 kat situ. Dah la they were huge!

Layth didnt want to get off the swing until I told him "Layth, jom kite balik. Angin kuat sangat la. MakNgah takut". After I said that, he quickly said "Nak aek car" (Nak naik car) and walked to the car with no argument. Good boy la Layth ni :)

Today pulak, I was outside hanging up my laundry when suddenly gushes of wind came to hit me. YaAllah.. mcm dah nak melayang! Terkejut giler. Hahha. And seram at the same time. Its a good thing its sunny, coz kalau tak, itd be scarier.

But at nights, it is scary. Seriously.

Its dark outside, and all you hear is the wind, rattling ur windows. And you know how the dark makes ur imagination run wild! Haha.

AND.. to make matters worst, this sound reminds me of the multimedia animation from the Pompeii exhibition. SANGAT MENAKUTKAN!!

You get this nagging feeling like there's something bad about to happen. Scary!


  1. uuuu , seramnya~
    tabah2 :D

  2. ape yg tabah?

    hahaha.. mmg menakutkan. Tu sbb pasang nasyid mlm2 time nak tido. Kalau tak, duk dgr bunyi angin je. Seram!


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