Friday, September 04, 2009

Layth's pillow

Ok, these pictures are taken due to the request of Abidah, who keeps telling me take a picture if Layth sleeps on me. Hahahha..

As you can see, this is practically how he goes to sleep. No need to dodoi2kan.

When he's sleepy, he just climbs on me, put his head on my shoulder and suddenly get really really heavy after a few minutes.

But Ill have to wait a while before putting him down, kalau tak nnt terjaga balik and the whole process starts all over again. Hahha.

But I really dont mind. Coz its so cute! Hehhehe.

There was one time that he slept on me for 2 whole hours!

I oredi put him down on my bed, but after half an hour, he woke up crying -- with his eyes still closed ok.

I picked him up, but he pushed me away. I put him down, he wanted to be picked up. Last2 tu, I concluded that he might have had a nightmare and dodoikan die ngan selawat.

He stopped crying, and fell back to sleep, but he wouldnt let me go. Sampai la 2 hours, when he woke up. My back was killing me and I had stiff shoulders! But no matter, anything for my favourite nephew (I mean only nephew. For now) Hehhe.

Oklah, I better try to put him down. And yeah, I wrote this with Layth sleeping on my shoulders ok. Terrer tak. Hehehhe.


  1. terra2! and sgt comel!:)

    sampai bila kat sana?

  2. oh padanlah sampai sakit belakang! kite dok ingat die tido atas lap awak! hahahha.. tere lah boleh type jugak! dulu masa hanaa baby, die suke tido camni gak.. tapi mase tu die tak berat lagi, so takdelah kite sakit2.. haha.. layth sgt manje ngan makngahnye ini!!

  3. haha....

    afifah pun sama. tapi atas abi die...goyang2 sikit, kroihhh....

    sekarang, petang2 dah tukar trend...naik motor, tido atas motor..

    hai lah budak kecik...tapi naik motor, satu tangan sudah pegang handle, satu tangan pegang die, tak de lah gambornya, nanti minta tolong ummi afifah amikkan gambar

  4. akakkkkk!!akhirnye,ade mase dtg snih. :P wowowow..comeeell!! igtkan slame ni die terlentang atas riba akak.. haha!nyenyak tuh!zzzz!!

  5. hahaha.. layth mmg manja pun :P

    Uih, camne afifah tido atas motor? Bahayanye!! Hahaha. Amik gambar, nk tgk. Hehe.

    Terlentang? Uih, die dah too big untuk terlentang. Hehhe.


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