Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Smiling.. from ear to ear =)

I just realised something today and I feel totally good about myself. Hey, its not a sin to feel good about urself at times u know =). Its good therapy.

Anyway, what I realised is how much a simple smile and a simple hello can do wonders to people. Today is the day I finally understand by what people have been saying all along to me. "Smiling is the best and simplest sedekah you can ever give to someone"

I've always believed that everyday should begin with a smile. No matter how hard it is to get yourself out of bed, no matter how horrible you feel inside. You should smile and thank Allah for letting you live on.

I used to be a real grumpy person. Ask Aliya, she knows.. she called me her "garang Amirah" remember? ehe.. anyway, I learnt the true meaning behind smiling. It really can do wonders. Makes u calm and feel good about yourself when you realise how much your smile means to someone.

I have juniours saying that the thing they like most about me is my smile. And seniours saying they like my company coz I love to smile sincerely. Hey, what can I say? Cant blame me for feeling good about myself right? =)

Its really hard to see me not smiling u know. There was once when I didnt get enough sleep.. biase la, student MM assignment banyak, mane cukup tido.. ehe.. and I was grumpy alrite. Didnt smile all day. And every person that I passed would look at me funny. Why? Becoz usually I'd smile at them. The people who cared enough kept asking if something was wrong. ahahhaha.. still fresh in my mind how hard I laughed each time someone asked me if something was wrong. Goes to show how much a simple smile really means.

The most important thing in a smile is sincerity. People always see a fake one. Remember that.

I always try to smile eventhough inside I dont feel like smiling. Hey, why should you dampen other people's day just by being grumpy? Think about others before yourself. Smile for crying out loud! =)

As I keep saying, and never get tired of saying.. "Smile, for it can brighten a day of a million people"

p/s: cuba kira how many times I mentioned the word smile.. ehe =)

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