Sunday, February 13, 2005

The new family members of the SRC

Here is the new line of SRC members for this semester. Well, I know I'm in the picture but its really unfortunate that I wont be able to perform my duties 100%. I love working with these guys. Although rasanye baru dua tiga kali buat activity dgn diorg, I already felt the bond. Really hope everything is going well over there. Since I'm in JB, I wont be able to see what happening. I left the responsibility to my trusty secretary Kirien.

Let me introduce everyone of them =)

The new line of Student Council Members Posted by Hello
From Left to Right: Faizura, Kak Ila, Nana, Me, Izani, Kirien
Bottom: Hafis, Iwan, Arif, Tommy, Megat & Syafiq

Nak tahu jawatan diorg ke? Hmm..

President: Arif
Vice President 1: Me <-- never thought I'd be here someday
Vice President 2: Megat
Honorary Secretary: Kirien
Honorary Treasurer: Kak Ila
EXCO welfare & Accomodation: Faizura
EXCO Liaison & Safety: Tommy
EXCO Religious & Etiquette: Hafis
EXCO Public Relations: Syafiq
EXCO Sports & Recreation: Iwan
EXCO Education & Career: Izani
EXCO Culture & Art: Nana
Good Luck all =). Any problems dont hesitate to call me. I promise I'll always be there to help as best I can. You can count on it.

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