Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mira: aggressive?

Me =) Posted by Hello

Hmm.. Is this true? Am I the aggressive type? Hahhaha.. That is so funny.

In sem4, we all learned English Communication Strategies and people are divided into three categories; The Aggressive type, The Assertive type and the Submissive type. So which is which? hehe.. truthfully, Ju is the aggressive one, I'm the assertive one and Fad was always the submissive one. A combination of friends with three different personalities. Yet, we are still the best of friends =).

Why am I bringing up this issue anyway? Hahha.. well, becoz the other day Kak Dayah said something like "padanlah ayah kata mira ni aggressive orangnya". I was so shocked. Ayah said I'm aggressive? hahahahha..

When I asked mak about this, she said "maksudnye you have a mind of your own.." OooOooOoo.. so that was what ayah meant.. I have a mind of my own. If so, then ayah is very true.

I do have a mind of my own. And hardly anyone can change that except me. =)

Assertive. That's the right use of word. I don't demand for something, I ask politely but with a little force. hehe.. that's my way. When I was the Editor in Chief of the UNIKL IIM Student Bulletin, I never demanded people's work on time, I convey it to them in a sweet yet effective way ;).. wanna learn how? hehe.. come ask me urself..

Anyhow.. this is who I am.

Amirah, The Princess of her own Realm =)

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