Monday, February 14, 2005

Family at the Office

Monday again. And what does that mean? Work. Hmm..

Nothing interesting really to report from the office. Some days are cool, fun and exciting. Others are just plain miserable. Why? Coz I don’t have anything to do. It’s hard to explain the mood in the office. Depends on the mood of the staff actually. Kalau diorg tgh ceria, then working would be ceria too.

I never did explain the atmosphere here. Well, I have my very own cubicle, which I might add is just temporary.. but till this day is still mine. Hmm.. wonder when I’ll be transferring offices. Anyhow, I’m practically in the same office building as ayah. There are two offices, I’m in the office pentadbiran. Maybe they placed me here to keep an eye on me. Hahahaha.. Yeah, same office as ayah, but we rarely see each other anyway. He’s not usually in the office and even if we bump into each other, buat2 mcm tak kenal.. hehe..

My cubicle is the first cubicle you’d reach if you enter the main door. So, I’ll be the first person anyone ever sees.. and the first person anyone asks questions to as well. Fuh, its real tiring answering questions. Sometimes diorg nih salah office in the first place.

My cubicle consists of all the stationary you can have, a PC which is really slow, and lots and lots of files which I don’t need. Hahha.. the PC in my cubicle is the old version one, terrible btul.. no I mean, lambat btul. So they gave me a laptop for me to do my work. I only use the PC for internet usage. Oh yeah, forgot to mention.. endless internet connection too. =D

My supervisor isn’t really that friendly. I just found out that the other staffs don’t like her too. (And I thought I was the only one..) Talk about coincidence. In the cubicle beside me is a friendly mother of three – kak roha. She is so funny, I always laugh at her many stories. One week I came here and she practically told me all the gossips of the office. Hahaha.. anak boss or not, she doesn’t see me as a threat. The really out going and open minded type I assure you.

The other staff members in the administration office is Kak Fyda, Kak Dayah, Kak Rose, Kak Zac, Pak Lah and Zaidi. All very friendly people. Pak Lah is sort of my immediate supervisor when it comes to publication and designing work, but he doesn’t act like one. Die nih suka sgt sakat org. Cerita ntah pape.. always making everyone laugh. Kak Fyda is a cute, petit and pleasant person. She’s ayah’s PA (Personal Assistant). I love hearing her talk about her family and her experiences.

Kak Dayah is the reserved type. Really hard to see her smile. I mean the sincere smile. Heheh.. but I’ve broken the ice with her. She’s nice once you get to know her. I think she needs to be comfortable with you before she trusts you. Kak Rose, a wise mother and worker. I don’t know how long she’s been working here. She’s the dean’s PA. As I know, she’s the only one yang tak takut ngan dekan yang garang tuh. Fuh. I wonder how she does it.

Kak Zac, pegawai intellectual property. Kak Zac nih kadang2 okey, kadang2 tak. Hehe.. its quite hard to explain. Hmm.. She’s fun when she’s in a good mood. Comical is the word. But die nih very sensitive. Its tough kalau die merajok. Glad I’ve never had that experience with her before.
Who else? In the other office building, what the people call the "bahagian project" office, I know a few staffs as well. Kak Faezah, Kak Fuza, Kak Ija, Kak Lili, Kak Linda, Kak Hani, Kak Noor, Abg Lan, Kak Izra and Kak Zareen. Wah, takkan nak cite pasal semua? =)

Anyhow, Abg Lan tuh reminds me of a juniour in IIM. Everytime he sees me he’ll say "Miraaaaa.." Hahaahah..

Basically, I’m having lots of fun here in RMC. Hope I’ll be learning a lot of things from this experience. I’ve met all sorts of people, from really annoying bosses, to down right sociable workers.

Love ‘em all =)

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