Sunday, February 20, 2005

Amused.. =)

I just got back from a one day trip to KL last nite. Had a wonderful time. As always Alhamdulillah =)

Yesterday was great. Since all the lecturers had to work as preparations for the ISO inspection nextweek, I was granted the pleasure of seeing everyone of them. They we're busy, mind you. With the whole staff room being in a hectic condition. I've never seen IIM that way before. All messy and hectic. ahahha.. When I went into the staffroom, everyone was surprised to see me. Of course la, it was a saturday and I was supposed to be in JB. Ehehhe, I loved Ms Adott's reaction.. "Eh, miraaaaaaaaa.." =)

The reason I came to IIM for the short visit was to see Ms Put. I havent seen her for such a long time, and I missed her hugs. I already knew there was an ALUMNI gathering that day, but I already told everyone I wasnt coming. But surprise, surprise.. there I was, out of the blue. Anyway, for Ms Put's sake, I'd do anything. =)

I just felt briliant that day. A wonderful step to a brighter future. I also had the pleasure of seeing my group of young SRC. Never thought they'd be there. I also found out that, diorg baru je sebut2 my name. Terharunya.. People do remember me.

Hmm.. who did I get to see yesterday, lets see.. Ms Put, Kakyong, Ms Sam, Ms Adott, Ms Gibb, Pn Yati, Ms Shima, Pn Fad, Pn Sayani, Pn Ai, Pn Faridah, Pn Su..etc, AbgZul, Kak Zan, Kak Tun, Kak Ijan, En Kasman. KakPut, KakDiela, Kak Has, Abg Eddy, Kak Farhana (by the way, she's taller than me, can u imagine that?), Kak Zai, Kirien, Fai, Syafiq, Iwan, Tommy, Megat, Izani, Nana. Did I forget anyone? That's all the people I know la, the others are just seniours and super++ seniours that I dont know. Ade yang bawak anak2 lagi. Ehehe.. I also got the chance to hold this really cute baby.. YaAllah, comel sgt.

I didnt actually attend the gathering, just stopped by to help out with a few things. It was still fun. Pity I had to go home so soon. Had a real talk with my juniours. Seems like they're having trouble. Hmm.. Hope they'll learn from their mistakes. Just give me a call if you need any advice okey? =) InsyaAllah I'll always be there for you.

Yesterday was great. Right now I feel inspired, briliant and just amused. Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome. Love ya all to bits. Going to start missing everyone all over again.. sob..sob.. =)

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