Thursday, February 03, 2005

Small child getting a treat =)

I am so excited today. Hehe.. like a small child waiting for a treat. Tomorrow I’ll be heading off to KL for an MPP (Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar) meeting at the Chancellery Office of UNIKL.

All important documents are already in my hands, just waiting for the time I have to speak up during the meeting.. this is fun! Hahaha.. Havent felt this excited in a long time. Ever had the wonderful feeling of being important and dependable?

At last I’ll be able to catch up with my dearest friends. I’m planning to hang out with Ocha, Ju and Kakaput. Wah.. Can’t wait. I miss them so much. Really miss the laughter. Its too bad Ms Put isn’t gonna be in KL for this weekend. I so much want to see her. She called me the other day about telling me about this meeting I have to go. And when I heard about her stress and work load, I don’t pity myself anymore. Compared to her, my schedule is really in a relaxed mode. Fuh.. Kesian die. Wish I could try and help her out.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I’ll be off on the earliest train to KL. Taking one day off work for the journey itself. Haha.. how fun.

Seems that nothing has changed that much since I left UNIKL for my practical semester. I hope not. =)

Going back to KL will be an exciting and hopefully a wonderful time for me. It will also somehow be painful in a way. It’ll be a step towards a better and brighter future for me. InsyaAllah.

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