Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The right pronounciation..

Ok, to get things staight, my nick name is pronounced "mira" however the spelling may be. hahaha.. I might be spelling it in a different way, or should I say; I spell it "myra" but the pronounciation is still the typical mira. =)

I'd rather be called with a name that has meaning. And mira does have a meaning u know. Shocked? hahaha, it truely does.

But I have always been the person with lots of nicknames. During my school days, a few of my classmates called me "amie" others would call me "mie". The juniours would call me "kakmie" but never mira. But when I went to study in UNIKL, they all called me mira. Some of the boys called me mirah. Weird aint it?

Pn Cordelia from UNIKL calls me myra. I have no idea why. Sometimes Ms Put calls me that too. Its cute and unique, I know.. =)

My siblings call me kakngah but my parents call me Amirah.

So you can imagine how confusing it is when I adress myself to these people. Kejap mira, kejap Amirah, kejap kakngah.. hahaha..

I just cant imagine how it'd be like if they were all gathered under one building. Fuh!

But hey, don't get me wrong.. I'm not complaining. You can call me all of the above. Be my guest =)

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