Monday, February 07, 2005

Life will always be unfair

Sitting in front of the computer again in the freezing office of mine. Haha.. I just came back from KL yesterday at 9 p.m. Had a TERRIBLE experience in the train. I’ll tell u about it in another post. Anyway.. excluding the terrible experience in the train, my trip to KL was absolutely wonderful.

On Friday I arrived around 330 and straight away went to IIM. I wasn’t planning to go there, but something came up so I went anyway. I met up with all my dearest lecturers. Pn Lily, Pn Yati, Ms Tatty, Ms Sam, Mrs G, Ust Sazali. It was weird walking along the corridor and people recognizing you, but giving you a weird look (as if asking "what are you doing here?") hahaha..

Two people jerit when they saw me. Ocha and Abg zul. Hahahha.. I didnt tell anyone i was coming so they did actually get the shock of their lives. I also got a lot of hugs. But girls only ok. =)

I went to see darling Kakyong and Ms Sam. As I sat in the lecturers room, it finally came to me how I missed those times when we used to just talk and gossip. Well, not gossip really, just long memorable talks. As we talked, I found myself feeling all gooey inside seeing how much care and support the lecturers give their students. They don’t just teach us, they actually care for us as if we are their children or sister. Its just miraculous how beautiful a relationship can become and how close people can get.

I left IIM with a heavy heart. I know I just wished things haven’t changed over there, but people always change. Lots of new things have been happening. The rules are more lenient, but the thing I envy most is they’ve upgraded the computer labs. All new computers, flat screens, whatever the latest Pentiums. Jealousnye..

Saturday I had to go for the meeting. It was kinda fun. But most likely all the others will label me as "poyo" coz I talked a lot. Goes to show how much I miss going to meetings and giving out my opinions. I am also forever grateful for being in IIM coz rupanye, IIM je la yang tak byk problem compared to the others. Well, its not surprising. IIM is the oldest and most matured institute among the others. Hahaha.. But a word to Arif. You broke ur promise. You DID NOT come to the meeting as u said u would. You just wait and see what I’ll do to u if we get the unfortunate chance to meet. I hate people who break promises.

The meeting was formal and all. But as I looked at the other representatives from other branches, how they talk and complain.. my conclusion is, diorg ni manja tahap maximum! What I mean is that since kitorg punye branch ni dah lama, we know how the procedures of the management are. We’ve been thru lots of experience and we’ve learned to be patient. Change does need time. But yang lain ni.. ya Allah.. macam tak reti nak sabar. Tak dpt bende sikit, nak fight. I was so pissed off with their little stupid comments that I told this boy off for being so immature and ignorant. We’ve certainly learned a lot from studying at IIM. Matured to be exact. Terrible la. I kept giving out my opinion until setiap kali semua org nak buat decision, they would always look at me for back up. Kalau mira tak setuju, they’ll change the entire thing. I hope they learned their lesson. Hahahha..

After the meeting, which ended nearly one hour late, I met up with Ocha. Wah.. She’s such a wonderful friend. We talked all day long and waited for Kakaput and Kak Diela. It was really pleasurable and calming. Like I said, we talked all day long. I slept as Ocha’s house that nite.

Sunday. The dreaded day I have to go take the journey back home to lonely-friendless-JB. I met up with Ju, Alan, Alif and Uda. Ocha tagged along. Again, we all just talked. Girls will always be girls =). They were there when I had to board the train. This is the first time they sent me off. I’ve never had the experience before and it was just sad. I hugged them so hard. I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to see them again. Sob.. sob.. Like I said, I am the emotional kinda person. Hehe..

Some of the places I went were full of memories, every corner, every seat, every space. Every where I looked, they’ll always be something to remember either sweet or unpleasant. Well.. life is like that. But it is ironic that the place which holds so much beautiful memories can become the most hateful one because of a single bad one. Oh well..

Summarizing everything that happened in KL, it was wonderful. I’ll just leave it at that.

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