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I Don't Wanna Be Like You

Assalamualaikum WRT WBT

I know Im supposed to be doing something else right now, but I've been wanting to blog for quite some time. Since blogging requires actually having an idea what to write about, it's better to write before all the ideas seem insignificant and dated. So here goes.

I accidentally came across a video on youtube today, about a short and sweet speech by Sheikh Said Rageah at a Peace Conference. It really affected me personally. So I would like to share some points of his opening speech during the 2009 Peace Conference. Feel free to search for this video in YouTube. Among the points he mentioned in his 5 minute speech was about how we (as Muslims) should not be the cause of others not wanting to convert to Islam.

He first opened his speech with this ayat:

“And Allah invites to dar al-salaam [the Home of Peace] and guides whom He wills to a straight path.” (Surah Yunus: 25)

Being someone who believes in the day of judgement, of Heaven and Hell, there will come a time in life where these things pop up in our head. We try to imagine how the atmosphere would be, we close our eyes and dream of being in Jannah with everyone we know. We pray to dream of Paradise in our sleep, pray that we'll be able to smell the scent of Jannah when we wake up.

Assuming (and praying) that we have been Muslims all along until the day of Judgement, being dutiful to Allah SWT, following His commands and leaving everything else especially what He forbade us to do, Sheikh Said Rageah asked the audience to imagine how it would be like, lining up to enter Jannah.

But before entering Jannah, you realise that behind you, there is a long long line of people, all of them going other than Paradise. And you realise that the faces in this line are people you have seen before, people that you know. You realise that you know them by names, you've met them, talked to them before. They were your neighbors, your classmates, your friends and family. And each and everyone of them are there with a request from you before you enter Jannah.

So what will these people be asking for? They will have the simple request of asking Allah for Mercy, stating that the reason they have not been practicing Islam, the reason why they have not embraced Islam is because of YOU.

Nauzubillahi Minzalik

Today we don't need more Qurans to be printed, we dont need more interpretations of Hadith. We have enough materials and resources about Islam. And yet the people are not accepting Islam the way they should. Why?

Sheikh Said said that, the main reason this happens is, not because they do not see the beauty of Islam, BUT because they don't want to be like US. Because WE aren't living like Muslims.

In fact, a lot of youths are impressed with the western societies. They wan't to be like them, they want to talk like them, they want to move like them, they want to behave like them.

And when they see us as Muslims, they say "I don't wanna be like you".


Don't become the reason of people not wanting to convert to Islam. It is a fact that people see how great and complete Islam is, how wonderful it is as a way of life. BUT, there are those who will not convert simply because they see how Muslims behave.

I heard this Imam from US speak in the radio IKIM once, about how at first he hated Islam. He didnt see why people wanted to convert to Islam. The reason behind this was because his neighbors who were supposedly Muslims, were drug addicts. They were the gangsters in their neighborhood. And yet they declare themselves as Muslims.

One of the things I personally find surprising and sad is the use of the term "non-practicing Muslims". What on earth is that? People should understand that there is NO such thing as a non-practicing Muslim. If you are not "practicing" Islam, you are NOT a Muslim.

Do not be the reason why people hate Islam. Do NOT give Islam a bad name because of ur actions. BUT, just act as Muslims. Act and live how our Prophet lived.

And always pray that the situation with others blaming you at yaumul akhirah will not happen to you.

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